What's in my Handbag? - July 2014

My last 'What's in my Handbag?' was one of my most popular posts so I thought I would do an updated one seeing as you are all so nosey!
My bag is from Primark and it is the perfect size and is great for summer.  It has short straps and a long strap so you can carry it in the crook of your arm, on your shoulder or over your head.

The first thing I have is my purse which I got from a little bag shop in Minehead last Summer.  It is the perfect size and the floral print matches my room.

Next I have my Baylis and Harding Makeup Bag.  In here I keep powder, oil blotting sheets, a nail file, hand cream, hair bands, curvy grips and plasters.  It is the perfect size to keep all the essentials in and it looks really classy and sophisticated.

Next I have my iPod touch in a Cath Kidston Pouch.  I very rarely use it but it is good for if my phone battery is running low and I want to listen to some music if I'm out.  I also have my iPad Mini because I can write and publish posts from here if I have wi-fi and I can use it at other peoples houses without having to lug my macbook around with me.

I also have my Diary because I like to write things down if I make appointments so I can't forget! I always jot down ideas in the notes page on the bag if I get any blogpost inspiration while I'm out and about.

I also have my iPhone 4S because I could not live without my phone!  It goes everywhere with me and is such a handy thing to have.  I can do everything on here and it is soooo useful, I couldn't be without it.

I also have some sunglasses so I am prepared for the unexpected moment when the sun decides to show its face here in the UK!

Last but not least, I have the lip colour that I am wearing that day, today was Mac's Peach Blossom which is my favourite lipstick ever!

It wasn't that much different to last time, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

Emily xx

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