September/October Favourites 🍂

I haven't written a blogpost in the longest time so in that time I have been trying out a whole load of different things and have accumulated quite a few firm favourites. As you'll know if you read my last post, I have recently started a new job so I now work full time as a Paralegal Apprentice so I am now earning quite a lot more than I used to which means I have more funds to treat myself to new things to try and feature on the blog.  I may do a post soon with a little life update and letting you know how I'm getting on in my new job if that's something you would be interested in.

The first favourite is not photographed but was used to take the photographs. At the end of August my iPhone 6S Plus conked out on me (luckily my contract was up so I could get a new phone at any time without it costing an arm and a leg) so I upgraded to the 7 Plus. Whilst I am a little miffed that I didn't wait a few more weeks until the 8 came out, I am still pretty chuffed with this one. The portrait mode is my favourite for taking up close shots with a blurred background and the photos all look so professional, and it's so handy being able to just take photos with my phone so I don't have to lug my huge camera around.

Onto makeup favourites, I have a few products I have been loving that the beauty community have completely lost their sh*t over. First of all we have the MorpheXJaclynHill Palette which is unfortunately out of stock at the minute (I normally tweet every time it comes back in stock so make sure you follow me on Twitter if you are wanting to get your hands on this). The colours as you can see are amazing, you have everything in this palette that you could possibly need and the formula is also out of this world as you would expect from Morphe. This is the only palette I have used since I got it as I can literally create any look with it, and I have also used it to travel as it has everything I could possibly need for whichever look I wanted to create. The packaging and presentation is stunning and the contents are amazing so I would definitely recommend this, and whilst it is a little pricier than your average Morphe palette retailing at £37, it is still an absolute steal for 35 eyeshadows. It works out to be £1.05 per eyeshadow which is insane considering your average Makeup Geek pan is around £6 and the Morphe quality is more than on par with Makeup Geek and you get it all in one sleek palette.

The next favourites seem to be everyones favourites at the minute and this range has taken the world by storm. The Fenty Beauty FoundationPrimer and Killawatt Freestyle Highlighting Duo in Lightning Dust and Fire Crystal have become staples in my makeup collection this month. I also have the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer but I don't feel like I reach for this as much, purely because I work full time and walk for about 15 minutes to my office and with this weather, the hair in lipgloss thing is too much for me to handle so I opt for a more matte stress free lip during the winter months. However, I do really like the formula and the shade is perfect so I can see myself getting a lot more use out of this during the warmer months. The primer is unlike anything I've ever tried before, the texture feels like a rich moisturiser and it glides on to the skin, smoothing everything out and giving your skin a boost of hydration ready for foundation. I wouldn't say the primer was a must with the foundation as the foundation is amazing in itself and I had the foundation for a few weeks before I got the primer, but I would say the primer compliments the foundation beautifully and definitely helps with the finish and longevity of the foundation. I also think I would continue to use this primer with other foundations as it creates the perfect canvas for makeup to sit on top of. The foundation has been a real hit with everyone on the internet with the unique formula and extensive shade range. With 40 shades to choose from you're guaranteed to find your perfect match and the formula is unlike anything I've ever used before. I normally steer clear from matte foundations as I find they just look cakey and cling to all of my dry patches, but this one is completely different. The coverage is amazing and it blends and builds beautifully, and then it sets to an almost matte finish which I like to just give a dusting of powder to and it leaves my skin looking like porcelain but it still looks like skin. It is the most natural looking foundation I have ever tried and I am obsessed with it! Plus the packaging is very luxurious and minimalistic and for £26 I thought this was a bargain for a high-end foundation when you consider that Nars charge around the £35 mark. Lastly we have the highlight which is not served justice in the above photos.  The pigment is insane and it is such a perfect shade on my very pale complexion. One side is more of a natural glow which is more than noticeable but is more of a sheen and the other side is very sparkly and is pretty blinding on the skin. I like to use the more natural one where I would normally highlight and then I take the extra sparkly one just on the very very high points of my cheeks and the tip of my nose for a little bit of extra glow. The pigment is insane and the formula is amazing, very buttery and glides on to the skin and blends out nicely. I also don't feel like the sparkly one is too chunky or glittery either, it's the perfect full-on highlight. These retail at £26 which I think is a bargain for 2 highlights and I think I will be purchasing another shade for when I'm fake tanned too!

Next up we have the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist. My friend Charleigh is a makeup artist (her work is amazing, check out her instagram here) and she had heard that this was a dupe of MAC Fix+ which as you probably know is a little on the pricey side. This was £2.99 so I decided it would be crazy not to give it a go, plus it was on buy one get a second half price so we got them for about £2.25 each. I like this way more than Fix+, it smells of coconuts which is amazing, it is ten times more hydrating on the skin and it leaves my makeup with the most beautiful dewy and flawless finish. I spray it before primer, after primer and then when I've finished my whole face and it's amazing and for £2.99 I can go crazy with it and use as much as I like whereas Fix+ is expensive so I have to be very careful with it so if you are a Fix+ kind of gal then give this little beauty a go.

Another recommendation from Charleigh that has become a firm staple in my makeup collection is the MAC 221 brush which is conveniently out of stock at the moment. Charleigh has 2 of these and I borrowed one whilst we were away together and I became quickly obsessed and used it religiously before I finally caved and bought my own. They are pretty pricey but I haven't been able to find another brush similar for a more affordable price, I am still on the hunt. It's such a universal brush, Charleigh will literally use it for an entire eye look because it's just the perfect size to get a really precise and defined crease and the fluffiness means it does all the blending work for you and is just a dream to use. I will update this post with a link when it is back in stock for anyone who is interested.

Lastly we have a product which I am in the process of writing a whole post on so I won't ramble on about them too much but the Bourjois Rouge Velvet the Lipstick's have been by far my most used lip products over the past few months. I was lucky enough to get sent the entire collection by Influenster in a VoxBox (I will tell you all about Influenster and how it works in my full review) so I have been putting them to the test over the past few months. The formula is unlike no other, they go on like a regular lipstick but dry like a liquid lipstick and don't budge. There are 12 shades in the range so there is plenty to suit everyone but my 3 favourite are 01 Hey Nude!, 10 Magni-Fig (the berry plum color) and 11 Berry Formidable (the deep red). I will do a swatch of every single shade in the collection in a post coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.

That is everything I have been loving over the past few months that I have been MIA. I have started to make more time to work on my blog as I have really been missing it so hopefully I will be able to post a little more regularly! Keep your eyes peeled for some more exciting content very soon!

Emily xx