Glossy Box Unboxing - December 2018 | B E A U T Y

You may have seen from my instastories that I am now a glossy box subscriber and a very proud one too. I signed up last month after I saw that they were putting a Huda Beauty liquid lipstick in the November box. The membership is £10 a month plus about £3 packaging and the value of the products are sooooo much higher than this. You can subscribe to Glossybox here, I would highly recommend it if you love trying out loads of different beauty bits. You can also do surveys on the products in your box which earn you money to be able to spend on Look Fantastic! After reviewing everything in my November box, I had £2.90 to spend on Look Fantastic and it only took me 10 minutes. If you did those over a good few months you would be able to treat yourself to something amazing. Now onto the actual contents of the 'All That Glitters' Christmas Box....

This is a roll on highlighter and is very highly pigmented as you can see above. I haven't used this on my face yet but I have used it on my inner corners and it is stunning. It is essentially just a pigment in a roller ball and you can use it wherever. It is also formulated with all natural ingredients so I assume it is vegan and is also kind to your skin without any chemicals!

I am so in love with this lip colour, I have worn it all weekend since my box arrived yesterday and I am obsessed! This formula is very similar to the Nars Matte lip pencils. The pigment is insane, it glides on smoothly and is also so comfortable to wear. The shade is perfect for this time of year and I can see myself getting so much use out of this

I'm not normally a cream blush kind of gal but on first impressions, this is actually really nice. It's in the shade 'Bali' and is very similar to Nars 'Orgasm'. It's a pink/peach shade with gold shimmer throughout and it is so pretty and dewy. I think I will get a lot of use out of this when I am in Mauritius in January because I can literally just throw it on.

Everyone loves a good shower gel so I was so pleased to see this inside as I know I will obviously get use out of it. Plus it is sparkly and has unicorns all over it so what's not to love. Imperial Leather are a great brand and I have used their stuff for years so I have no doubts that I will get on well with this.

This is the prettiest mask ever, its literally barbie pink with gold glitter. I used it last night and whilst it was extremely painful to peel off because it stuck to my peach fuzz (long overdue a derma plane), my skin felt amazing after. It has rosehip oil which is amazing for your skin in as well as hints of ruby and diamonds according to the website! This would make an amazing stocking filler so I highly recommend this for some extra af pampering.

I haven't had a chance to use this yet but I can always use a good pore strip. The satisfaction of ripping them off and seeng the results is unbeatable. I think this little pack contains a single strip but the price above is for the pack of 12 so you can see that they are fairly pricey. If they are amazing then I'll let you know! They are extremely expensive so I am excited to see if they are actually worth the money.

That is the end of this months Glossy Box unboxing, if you like this kind of thing then I will definitely keep doing these. Do you think Glossy Box is worth the hype?

Emily xx