Tips for Blogging on a Budget ❤

Blogging is a hobby that can become quite costly, especially in the beauty industry when there is a new product out every two seconds and bloggers rush to be one of the first to review it!  If you are like me and are still at school and don't have regular income, or you just don't want to spend a lot of money on your blog, hopefully this post will help you!
  1. Review products that you already own - there is no need to go out and spend loads of money on new products when you already have some!  You can take any product that you have used enough to give your full opinion on and write a review about it!
  2. Enter giveaways - You stand as much chance as anyone else does at winning and then you have the chance of winning new products to try and review.  This is a good way of getting products and not having to spend a penny!
  3. Get free samples - I have recently discovered a new app called 'Sampleyes' where they put together the best free samples from so many different companies so you can try lots of new products for free.  When you are next at your favourite makeup counter or just browsing the internet, see how many samples you get.  This is another great way of getting products without having to spend anything.
  4. Wishlists - You can put together a wish list of products you are lusting for and write up a post describing the product and explaining why you want it.  These sorts of posts are quite popular because it seems us beauty bloggers are extremely nosey and love to know what everyone wants!
  5. Top 5's - You can make top 5's from products you already have and love.  This doesn't just have to be for makeup, you can do this for nail polish, skincare, haircare, fashion, all sorts! The list is endless.
Obviously there are so many more but these are the ones that help me the most and I hope they will help you out too!

Emily xx

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