My New Favourite Lip Product

Step aside Mac Peach Blossom, there is a new favourite in town! Mac never fail to please me with their lip products and this one is certainly no exception.  Since I received their Boldly Bare Lip Pencil  in the post on Tuesday, it has been used on an every day lipstick and has been paired with various other lip products.  It is a beautiful (blogger cliche incoming) 'My lips but better' colour that can be worn in so many ways! You can overdraw your lips with it, line them and blend it out, fill in your whole lips, wear it under lipstick or over! The possibilities are endless!

Formula wise, the pigmentation is perfect and it lasts all day, even through eating and drinking.  It is slightly drying but I wouldn't expect anything different from a lip liner.  My favourite way to wear it is to slightly overdraw my lips and fill them in, and then layer my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in the shade 'Boy' over the top to give a little bit more moisture into my lips and mask any dry patches that inevitably come from wearing drying lip products on a daily basis!

Overall, this is a fantastic product and I honestly don't think that £12.50 is that much considering how much product you get and the quality of the product.  This will last me a really long time and I am in love with it! Definitely a worthy investment!

What are your favourite lip pencils?

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #45

This week I had my 10 hour Art exam on Wednesday and Thursday which I have been dreading for months.  It actually wasn't too bad, in fact I rather enjoyed it! I can't show you what I created yet as we have been told not to share photos until it has been marked but I will probably post some photos when I share my exam results in August.

We had an inset day Friday so I used that to get some things ready for some upcoming blog posts and watched a ton of 'Once Upon a Time' on Netflix.  I was obsessed with this last year but Amazon Prime only had the first 2 seasons and then took them off so when I heard that you could watch them on Netflix, I started straight away! If you haven't watches Once Upon a Time, I seriously recommend that you do! It is amazing and so cleverly done, I can't stop watching it!  I am determined to finish the all of season 3 and possibly season 4 by the end of the Easter holidays so I'll let you know how I get on with that!

Apart from that, this week has been pretty uneventful and I don't really have a lot to share with you! Next week probably won't be too interesting either as I am in school for 4 days! Oh the joys of exams!  We are going away on Wednesday night so hopefully there may be something interesting to report then!

I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Emily xx


Products I've Been Trying Out - Budget Buys

Over the past month or so I've bought a few new bits and pieces to try, so I thought I would share them with you today and give you a little review of each one as I go along.  These posts have been quite popular before and I haven't done one for a while, so I hope to do them more often.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty // After hearing so many rave reviews of this product, I finally caved and purchased it.  I have to say, I am very impressed! It feels amazing on the skin, so fresh and cooling and it really wakes up my tired skin.  It also helps with soothing blemishes and exfoliating the skin leaving my skin clear and soft.  Also, it is self-preserving so you don't have to keep it in the fridge and it has a lot longer use by date! Definitely a winner from lush this time!

L'oreal Infallible Matte Foundation // I'm still on the fence about this product, loads of people love it but I have to say, I'm not a huge fan.  I purchased this in the hope that it would be somewhat comparable to my Mac Studio Fix Fluid.  It applies beautifully, but it is way too powdery when it sets, clinging to dry patches and accentuating problem areas.  No other products sit right on top, especially creams and everything looks a little patchy and odd.  The lasting power is also not brilliant! After a 6 hour school day, it had broke up around my nose and I was really shiny on my t-zone.  My skin has had so many more dry patches since using this and it as completely sucked the moisture out of it! Some days are worse than others so I don't want to say I completely loathe it, but we haven't really gotten off to a great start!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive/Combination Skin // Seeing as I have long been a fan of the original micellar water, I thought it would be rude not to try their new version for combination/sensitive skin.  Really I find this no different to the original one, apart from being slightly more drying.  I do like this one but I'm slightly disappointed that it didn't work differently for my combination skin and do a slightly better job.

Soap&Glory Super Cat Eyeliner Pen // I was in need of a new liquid liner and this was the first one I went for! I am seriously impressed, it is so easy to apply and I'm left with pretty even and neat wings each time I use this. The shape of the nib means you can create very thin lines and very thick lines which means it would suit anyone.  The formula is very pigmented and black, as well as being very long lasting! An overall fantastic product!

P.S. Love Your Nails Nail Polish Twist Pot // I had always been intrigued by these twisty pots, so when I saw this one for £1 in Primark, I couldn't resist.  This makes it so easy to remove nail polish, just a quick dip and twist and you have blank nails! I find this so much quicker than regular nail polish remover and I will definitely be stocking up on these so I have one at hand all the time!

If you have tried any of these products, let me know our thoughts! I'm always interested to see how products work differently for other people!

Have a lovely weekend!

Emily xx


My New Palette Storage

I have been on a hunt for some good palette storage for a while now.  They had previously been stood precariously on the top of my muji storage and I was beginning to tire of the huge crashes every 5 minutes as one inevitably fell off.  I've had hinges broke, shadows cracked and plastic shattered so I decided enough was enough!

Enter the Heart Collection Letter Storer from Dunelm! This caught my eye on my recent trip to Dunelm and I straight away knew it would be perfect for storing my palettes where I can fit them all in and they are easy to get to. The simple white wood with the beautiful heart compliments my bedroom perfectly and looks lovely sat on my dressing table with the rest of my makeup.

If you are in need of some palette storage, letter sorters are definitely the way to go and home shops such as Dunelm have some beautiful ones! Honestly, us beauty bloggers can find a makeup-related use for any old rubbish!

How do you store your palettes/makeup?

Emily xx


Sharing The Love - March 2015

I have gotten so many new readers to my blog recently, so I thought what better time to start this series, which I am calling 'sharing the love'.  In this post, I will give all of my avid readers who constantly comment on my blog and give me lots of support, a little shout out and share some information about their blogs with you. I will be doing these monthly so that I have chance to find new people to feature!

The first person who deserves a special mention is my friend Charleigh.  We did a collab last week and I really enjoyed working with her and she is a very close friend of mine.  She is an amazingly talented aspiring makeup artist and her work is phenomenal.  She reviews her favourite products and does step-by-step tutorials of her masterpieces.  You can find her over at theglossytruth.blogspot.com and make sure you give her a follow!

Meet Dalal! She has been a reader of my blog for around a year now and we did a collaboration last spring. She is a genuinely lovely girl and her personality is portrayed throughout her blog.  She always leaves comments on my blogposts with words of encouragement and it humbles me that I have so many readers that are still around after almost a year!  Her blog is mainly based around beauty and fashion with some lifestyle thrown in now and again, similar to mine. You can find her over at monochromedaisies.blogspot.com.

Next up is a fellow Emily! Emily has been leaving comments on my blog for a couple of months now and she always writes such lovely things and seems so enthusiastic about my posts.  She is a really lovely girl and she has a really interesting blog centred mainly around beauty and lifestyle and she has recently been doing some really lovely DIY projects! She has a really lovely blog which you can find at emilysbeautythoughts.blogspot.com.
Last but not least, we have Megan! I started chatting to Megan on twitter around christmas time and we have been following each others blogs ever since! She always reads my posts and sometimes comments something lovely and seems genuinely interested in what I have to say.  I absolutely love her blog, she always has some really informative reviews and interviews other bloggers/youtubers via email which is very interesting to read.  You can find Megan over at theperksofmeg.blogspot.com.

That is it for this months 'sharing the love' post! Each of these lovely ladies have their social media linked in their blogs so make sure you check them out and give them a follow! If you would like to be featured in next month's 'sharing the love', then be sure to follow me and make sure you leave regular comments relevant to my posts and pop your blog links in as well! I always follow everyone who leaves a blog link through bloglovin' and I always have a read so make yourself known to me!  I like to be able to support some of you as a thank you for supporting me!

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #44

This post is up a little later than usual today as I was up and out early for a bit of retail therapy and I have been bogged down in artwork! My exam is Wednesday and Thursday which I am really not looking forward to, but my final piece ideas are coming together and I only have a few bits and pieces to finish off. I finish on Thursday for 2 weeks (well kind of, I have to go in for 4 days for revision sessions which Im not too pleased about) so I will have plenty of time to catch up on revision and get plenty of blogposts ready for when my exams start at the beginning of May.

I've been out and about today, had a snoop around Dunelm and bought a few home bits, then went to Matalan and boots to get my friends birthday present! I also had a really good tidy up in my room because it looked like a bomb had hit it and it was getting on my nerves, so I put work on hold so I could sort it out before I completely lost it! Now everything is tidy, I feel much happier and I can get on with everything a lot easier!

I think that is all I have to say today, its been a pretty run-of-the-mill week, nothing exciting to report!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and I will be back tomorrow with some more beauty posts!

Emily xx


Kim Kardashian Tutorial - Simple Eyes and Red Lips | Collab!

Sorry there wasn't a post up Wednesday, I have had the flu all week and have been drowning in revision as I've had 2 exams! Enough excuses, today I am back with a very exciting collaboration with my friend Charleigh who blogs over at The Glossy Truth.  We were talking and decided we would love to collaborate to do a step by step guide of a celebrity makeup look.  After a lot of debating, Charleigh suggested Kim Kardashian as her makeup is always FLAWLESS!  After one hell of a lot of pinteresting and umming and ahhing over photos, I decided to go with this one as I feel it is something that I am probably more likely to wear and recreate on myself. I really love the simplicity of the look and the sophisticated element that the red lip gives the whole look.  Due to rubbish British weather, none of the pictures I took of this makeup on myself showed up at all and you couldn't really see what I had done, so today I will talk you through what I did and the products I used.

First off, I started with my base.  I used the Benefit Porefessional to provide an even canvas for my makeup to sit on, and then I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to ensure a flawless finish. The satin finish of this foundation is perfect for achieving the kind of base that Kim is wearing in this look. To recreate that famous Kardashian Contour and Highlight, I used the Garnier Anti-dark Circles Roller and the Makeup Revolution Blush Stick in Matte Malibu.  I find these blend really nicely to give me a sculpted, yet not overdone look.  I then lightly set my t-zone with my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and set under my eyes with the Elf HD Under Eye Setting Powder to maintain the highlight that we have just created. To finish off the base, I skipped blush and just dusted my cheeks with the Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer in Golden Days to enhance the bronzey glow that Kim has got going on in this picture, and then finished my dusting a small amount of theBalm Mary Lou Manizer on the tops of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and across my cupids bow.  Then for eyebrows, I gave them a quick run through with a spoolie and then lightly filled in sparce areas with powder from the Elf Eyebrow Kit in Dark and then set them with the gel.
For eyes, I used my Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study as a base and then used a few warm browns from my Makeup Revolution Awesome 100 Eyeshadow Collection to define my crease and outer corner.  Then I created a very thin line and a slight wing with the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen for a bit of definition to the eye. To complete the eyes, I went in with a generous amount of the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara followed by some of the Tanya Burr Individual Lashes to create that fluttery, wispy look that Kim has gone for.
Last but not least, lips! The star of the show, the Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Light it Up was a must for this look, it is almost identical to the shade Kim is wearing and is my all time favourite red lip, as mentioned here.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if this is something you would like to see more of! Don't forget to follow Charleigh's blog, and check out her post which has also gone up today!
Which celebrities do you think have the best makeup?

Emily xx


Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Vs. Urban Decay Naked 3

 Urban Decay Naked 3
Makeup Revolution Iconic 3

I won the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette in a  giveaway a while a go, and soon realised that it was pretty much an exact dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 for a fraction of the price! All the shades are identical apart from the dupe of 'Dust' from the Naked 3, Makeup Revolution have formulated it to be shimmery rather than glittery which I actually prefer and find a lot easier to wear.  

The Urban Decay shadows are a lot more soft and buttery which make them highly pigmented, but also mean that you get a great deal of fall out.  Although the Makeup Revolution alternative is evidently not quite as pigmented, the shadows are slightly harder in texture which means that you get less fall out and overall, get a cleaner and more of a fuss free application. 

 Both sets of shadows blend seamlessly and are a dream to work with, which is surprising for such a budget brand! They even have decent matte's which is extremely rare for a drugstore brand so a big pat on the back to makeup revolution, I am impressed.

I did a look a few weeks ago (should've taken a photo, damn) where I did one eye using shadows from the Naked 3 and the other from the makeup revolution palette, and you honestly couldn't tell the difference.  I went out with it on and everything, you honestly wouldn't have known that they were completely different shadows that come in at very different prices.

I would definitely recommend checking out the Makeup Revolution dupes if you're on a tight budget, they are certainly more cost effective and almost as good as the Urban Decay ones for £33 cheaper.  It really isn't to be sniffed at!

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #43

I wasn't sure what photo to use today, so here is a pug with converse!

This week has been pretty hectic, with my art exam about a week a way and an english exam on thursday, I've been pretty busy with school work!

It feels quite weird sat here writing a post, the past 3 weeks have all been scheduled posts so I could focus on school work so I am very out of touch with this whole blogging malarkey! This week has been amazing for my blog, I have had nearly 30 more followers join me this week which to me is a lot!  Hello to all of you newbies, thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

The next few weeks will be mostly scheduled posts so I have time for catching up on all my school work, I hope you bear with me at this busy time and when exams are over, I'll have so much more time to do the things that I love! Hopefully I will be able to start daily blogging when all of the exams are done which will be a new challenge for me and hopefully you will enjoy it!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and I would like to thank you for all of your support!

Emily xx


A Match Made in Mascara Heaven?

Layering mascaras has never really been my thing, I have always found it to make my lashes too clumpy and two spidery so I tend to steer clear of it.  I can't remember where I heard it, but I heard that 'Roller Lash' and 'They're Real' go brilliantly together so I thought I would give it a go, after all, they are 2 of my favourite mascaras so why not use them together?! I was stunned with the amount of length and volume I got when I layered these, my mum even accused me of having false lashes on! I curled my lashes and applied one generous coat of Roller lash and before it dried, I added a generous layer of they're real and my lashes looked phenomonal.  Not only did they look amazing, but they held a curl all day and nothing flaked underneath my eyes!  This has really opened up a can of worms now, and all you're gonna here me go on about is which mascaras I have been layering recently! It has definitely encouraged me to try layering products more often, creating my own custom formulas and seeing which products work well together and which don't! It has also spurred me to mix foundations as you saw in a post last week!

Which mascaras/products do you like using together?

Emily xx


Benefit High Beam Dupe? 17 Skin WOW 3 Way Highlighter

 Left - Highbeam Right - Skinwow Highlighter (unblended)

I had been after the L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer for a while, up until I stumbled across the 17 version in boots for slightly cheaper and decided to give it a go.  This is a multi-purpose product and can either be used as a primer, mixed with foundation or as a liquid highlight on top of foundation.  It wasn't until I got home that I realised it looked very similar to Benefit's High Beam so I thought I would give you a little comparison.

As you can see from the swatches above, the 17 one possesses a lot more pigmentation than the benefit one. Texture wise, they are both pretty similar but perhaps the 17 version is slightly thicker in consistency.  I like that you have more blending time with the 17 one, as I have found that high beam dries before I have a chance to blend it which can make using it a bit of a nightmare.  C

Colour wise, I would say that High Beam is slightly more pink and the 17 one is definitely more gold/silver which makes it a lot more wearable and versatile for all skin tones. The 17 one is definitely more hygienic as it has a pump rather than a brush, not that it bothers me too much but I know some people take things like that quite seriously so it is definitely worth bearing in mind. The only issue I have with the pump is that it dispenses far too much product and I end up being quite wasteful when using it but it's not massively expensive meaning it is not the be all and end all.

If I had to choose between the two, I definitely think I would go for the 17 one, not only for the price, but for the fact that I use it a lot more than I have ever used high beam and I definitely think it is a product that will serve many purposes.

Have you tried this product?

Emily xx


The Long Wearing Foundation Duo

I briefly mentioned my foundation mixing habits in my February Favourites and promised I would do a whole post on which foundations I like to mix and why.  Enter the Long Wearing Duo. The L'oreal True Match and the Rimmel Lasting Finish are 2 of my favourite foundations and one day, I randomly decided to mix the two together, for the lolz. I was astonished with the results and I was immediately hooked on the look they give me when worn together.  Not only does my foundation last all day without looking oily and cakey, but it gives me a beautifully natural and radiant look whilst making sure that any imperfections are kept out of sight. I simply put a pump of each on the back of my hand, mix them together with my finger, dollop them all over my face and blend in with any brush that I feel like using on that particular day, et voila, job done! Mixing foundations is the perfect way to get your desired look and being able to take advantage of all of the positives of your foundation. If you have oily/combination/problematic skin like mine, I definitely recommend giving these 2 a go, either on their own or mixed like mine.

Which foundations do you think work well together?

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #42

This post is up slightly later due to lack of wifi and being up and out very early! This week as been pretty uneventful, a few exams and loads of revision, nothing much to speak of!

The other day, I got back in touch with my old friend Charleigh who I used to go dancing with many moons ago! She too is obsessed with makeup and has a blog, so I thought I would share a few pictures of her work with you and give you something new to read on a Sunday night! Her blog is called the glossy truth and you can find it here!

I would love it if you could check out her blog, and be sure to leave a comment on one of her posts letting her know that Emily sent you!

I am sorry for the short post, I have been seriously pushed for time today!

Emily xx


Love Me Beauty Box | Unboxing and Review

Love Me Beauty is a rather new concept that I was introduced to by Becca Rose. It is a monthly subscription box where you can pick your items yourself! This ensures that you don't waste your money on products you don't like and aren't taking a gamble each month on whether you are going to be pleased with what you are given. Once you sign up, you have to go through a questionnaire and based on your answers, they will create a boutique of products specially catered for you which you then choose from to put in your box.  As well as this, you are not tied to a subscription! You can buy a one off box to see if you like it before you commit to one of their subscription packages.  A one off box costs £10, but you can use the discount code BB50 to get 50% off.

I was pleased with the products I picked. I have to admit, I am quite fussy which put a harsh limit on the products available in my boutique and I didn't have a great selection to choose from, but the products I did opt for have certainly been winners.

Organic Surge Deep Cleansing Face Mask // This is essentially just a clay mask.  It helps to lift out impurities and keep skin clear, as well as balancing out oils.  I have only used this once so I will report back when I have used it enough to notice results.

Organic Surge Skin Perfection Face Polish // This is quite a chunky exfloliator, but I don't find it to be massively abrasive at all.  It gently lifts away dead skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion without irritating the skin or stripping it of its natural oils.

Monu Micro Exfoliant // I find this to be a very harsh scrub. The particles are very small and finely milled but it really does get deep down into your skin and do some hardcore exfoliating! The smell is horrible in my opinion, which puts me off of using it regularly along with the fact that it leaves my skin feeling quite sore. Nevertheless, I shall persevere and see what results I can gain from this product.

Mirabella Lipstick - Fever // Mirabella is a brand which specialises in mineral makeup, which I haven't really tried before! This lipstick is a true red with pink undertones which makes it a little harder to wear because it is a lot more vibrant. The formula is quite glossy and moisturising which means it doesnt stay on for an awfully long time.  What I will say though, is that it wears off evenly to a stain which means that you don't end up with weird patches or lines on your lips, just a pink stain which looks deliberate.

Nails Inc Upper Cheyne Row // This seems to be a shade that has not yet launched with nails inc because I can't find it anywhere other than Love Me Beauty.  I will do a full review and swatches on this polish in due course, but it is a very pretty baby pink colour with a hint of lilac. The formula is very glossy and long lasting. I currently have this on my toes and I absolutely love it!

Will you be giving this box a go?

Emily xx


February Favourites 2015

I wish time could stop for just a week so I can catch up with myself! March has arrived which means there is only 2 months until exams start! The pressure is on and its safe to say, I'm feeling rather stressed at the moment! I don't have a huge amount of favourites this month, I haven't really bought anything new so it is really just a shop my stash this month apart from the odd one or two things.  I haven't had time to try new things this month so I have been sticking to what I know and rediscovering old favourites.

China Glaze Sunset Sail // It's very rare that I have a nail polish favourite in my favourites so this is quite a new feature this month.  I am not allowed to wear nail polish to school so I never really have time to find new favourites.  I have been stretching the rules slightly this month and I have been wearing this polish pretty much all month.  I have had this for about 2 years now and never really paid it much attention.  It is the perfect everyday shade, and it goes with pretty much everything! It lasts about 5 days without too much noticeable chipping which is brilliant considering my nails take quite a beating throughout the week. China Glaze is definitely a brand to check out if you are on a budget.

NYX Blush - Peach // This is an old favourite of mine that I bought back in the Summer.  I have been opting for blushes that are a little bit more pink this month, I'm not sure why, maybe I'm trying to tempt spring to come along a little bit faster. This blush is definitely not peach as the name would suggest, it is definitely more pink and adds a really pretty pop of colour to the cheeks.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation // When I bought this back in the summer, I wasn't totally convinced that it was worth the hype. I wrote a review on it here when I first got it, and I loved it then but completely went off it.  After a while, I found the shade was too dark, it wouldn't blend and was too thick.  After my Mac Studio Fix Fluid ran out a few weeks ago, I decided to give this another go. I fell in love with it straight away, I don't know what has changed my mind but I am really impressed with this now.  The finish is quite dewy which is very rare for a foundation that is supposed to last.  It has phenomenal coverage and works well either on its own or mixed with loreal true match (a whole post on foundation mixing coming soon). It lasts all day without any patchiness or oiliness and I will definitely continue to use it.  I am currently trying out the new Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation so we will see how the 2 compare.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - Heather Shimmer // I wrote a whole post on this lipstick here when the whole Kylie Jenner Lip thing was the talk of the town.  This is incredibly similar to the shades she wears and I seem to have been wearing it an awful lot this month. I fake tanned last week and it complimented a tan so nicely, it would be great for summer as well as winter and is a very versatile shade.  The formula is highly moisturising, and although its not very long lasting, it is easy to throw on when you're out and about.

Michael Kors Watch // I was saving up for ages and ages before I finally got this back at the beginning of the month! It hasn't left my wrist all month and I am in love with it, it is such a classy watch and the silver makes it look sophisticated and expensive.  This compliments the rest of my jewellery a lot better than my gold watch did and it looks perfect paired with anything. I have received so many compliments on it and I definitely think Michael Kors is worth the splurge.

That is everything that I have to share with you this month, hopefully next month will be a lot more exciting!

Emily xx


Bargain Alert - No7 Deals

Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink, Eyeshadow, Skin illuminator

I was in boots with my mum the other day, and whilst I was hunting for the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection so I could have a quick look, my mum was in her usual place over at the No7 Counter.  Ever since she got her foundation and lipstick matched at the No7 counter, she seems to have developed quite an interest in their products. I went over to have a look myself and the lady told us that all mascaras are now £10 and you get a free gift with every mascara purchase.  My mum was in need of a new mascara so didn't take much tempting! The lady steered her towards the Lash Impact Mascara so she took that along with a little box of goodies! Inside the box, we received a miniature lip crayon in the shade Delicate Pink, the Exceptional Definition Mascara, and Eyeshadow which unfortunately doesn't have a shade name (such a shame because I would have bought it in full size!) and a skin illuminator. My mum said that the lash impact doesn't give her any length and just gives subtle volume, so she has been layering it the the exceptional definition to add that extra bit of oomph. She has also been mixing in the illuminator with her foundation to give her a little bit of glow and she has used the eyeshadow all over her lid and just blended it out.  She is holding off until the summer to use the lip crayon, I have had a little dabble thought and it seems like something I may have to take ownership of! Overall, she is pleased with her products and I think this is an amazing bargain from No7!

Have you been making the most of their fab offers?

Emily xx