How I Spot Clean my Brushes ❤

Cleaning my brushes is not something I'm very good at and never have been.  They are lucky if they get washed even once a month which is awful but to be fair, how many beauty bloggers, you tubers and makeup lovers can honestly say that they clean every single one of their brushes regularly? Very few I should think! I have started getting better and tend to deep clean them fortnightly and just spot clean in between.

To spot clean, I use the Mac Brush Cleanser.  This is an absolute bargain, at just £10 for 235 ml / 7.9 US fl oz.  I put a small amount of this onto a cotton pad, swirl my brush around on it and voila! The brush comes out absolutely spotless, dries instantly and stays soft!

I love this because it cleanses your brush hairs so they will last longer and work better and also will prevent build up of germs and makeup which can cause break outs in between deep cleans.

It is also good for eyeshadow brushes as you can spot clean your brush after every use if you are going to be using lots of different colours and don't want them to mix.

I still recommend you deep clean them because this is not guaranteed to get everything off of your brush and there may still be some bacteria and makeup grime left on there, even if its not visible, but this will get rid of the worst part.  I recommend doing this every 2-3 days and deep cleaning once a fortnight to improve hygiene and makeup application!

I hope this helped all you brush cleaning loathers and let me know what you think of the Mac brush cleanser!

Emily xx

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