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I can't believe that no one ever talks about these.  The Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Creams are my favourite lip products at the moment, I have been wearing them non stop!  I have the shades cotton candy, which is like a bubblegum pink and fairy cake, which is like an orangey red.  They are both perfect for every day bold lips throughout the summer.
Left to right: Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake

First off, they smell absolutely amazing, like buttercream and cake.  They taste really nice as well (not that I eat them but you know what I mean!).  They feel like velvet on the lips and are really moisturising and don't cling to dry flaky patches.  They dry quite quickly to a matte texture, similar to the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets and all the other liquid to matte lipsticks out there at the moment.  The pigmentation is amazing and with one sweep, you have an amazing coverage and colour payoff.  They are really long wearing and I find I only really need to touch up once throughout the day as they fade.  They are extremely cheap as well, only £2.99 each so they are practically a steal.

The only problems I have is they have a limited colour range.  There are only 4 shades in this collection and these were the only two that I liked.  They also have a nude which washed me out really badly and a chocolate brown which just didn't really appeal to me.  They can be a little drying after a while and tend to leave my lips feeling a bit dry and chapped but its nothing that a bit of lip scrub and lip balm can't fix.  They also don't wear off evenly, they tend to leave a line round the outside of your lips and a bare patch in the middle so you will have to touch this up if you are going to be wearing them for long periods of time.  The last thing is that they are quite difficult to get off and require a good makeup remover because they stain your lips and sit in fine lines.

Overall, I love these and for £2.99, I am willing to overlook the very few bad points.  I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants bright lips that aren't too bright and would like to experiment with matte lip colours.

What is your opinion on these?

Emily xx

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