Soap & Glory Haul - Boots Offers

If you follow me on Snapchat, then you will have already been this on my story! Boots are currently doing buy one half price on Soap and Glory, so obviously I took advantage of this! By the way, if you aren't following me on Snapchat, my username is emilyfaye1998 and I post a story every single day!

The first thing I picked up was the Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk which if you are a long time follower of my blog, you'll know was a favourite of mine last Spring until it ran out and I tried other things.  This was reduced to £5, although on the website it does say £8 so I think this is an in store only offer.  Since I tried it, it has been repackaged and you now get more bang for your buck which is fabulous! This cleanser smells amazing, like peaches as the name would suggest and is suitable for all skin types. I find it works a dream and it makes my face feel very clean without feeling dry or stripped which is something that I hate with a lot of other cleansers.

Next I thought I would try the Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water as I have a huge love for cleansing waters.  This is amazing at taking your makeup off, and there is never a scrap left on my face when I use this which is amazing, and I find it difficult to find things that get everything off without the need of another cleanser afterwards. I do always double cleanse, but on days when I'm feeling particularly lazy I can get away with just using this alone. The only thing I hate about this is the smell, it smells like Mint Raita dip if you are familiar with that. The dip is yoghurt with mint and cucumber in which is a rather odd scent for a cleanser, and I have to say I'm not really a fan of it so I just have to hold my nose when I use this. I was quite surprised by this as soap and glory are renowned for their gorgeous smelling products.

This offer is still on at boots, so make sure you go and make the most of it before it's too late! What are your favourite Soap and Glory products?

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #66

This week has been fairly boring really, the weather has been pretty appalling which means we haven't really been out a lot and have spent most of the time stuck in! We have been out for a few walks whilst the rain has gone off and wandered round a few shops just to pass the time really.

The other day I was contacted by a company called Born Pretty which I'm sure you've all heard about, and they are going to be sending me some bits to review for you which is very exciting! It is such affordable stuff so hopefully it will be something that interests you! I've also got all of this weeks posts done and ready to go because I start college on Tuesday and I have no idea how busy I'm going to be! I seem to be extremely organised at the moment and I was thinking ahead!

When do you go back to school/college/uni and what year are you going into? I'm starting my first year at college on Tuesday which is really scary so I'd like to wish good luck to all of you starting new things, and try your best to enjoy it as much as you can! I'm off now to pack up my college stuff, all ready to go for Tuesday! 

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and I'll be back with an exciting offer from boots tomorrow! 

Emily xx


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - Review and Swatches

 Left to Right: Gilded Ganache, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge
 Left to Right: Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Candied Violet, Amaretto
Hazelnut, Creme Brûlée, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Champagne Truffle

As promised, today I will be doing an in depth review on quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread (I am interested to know what the best thing before sliced bread was).  As you would have guessed, this is all about the infamous Chocolate Bar Palette from Too Faced.  I had never tried anything from Too Faced up until I purchased this, and I think it is definitely safe to say that I will be going back for more! I have been seriously impressed by this palette and I have used it every single day since I bought it (ironically I didn't actually use it today, as I am trying out a new palette).  This palette has 16 shades, a variety of mattes, shimmers and glitters and retails for around £39.  It is made from cocoa powder and smells of chocolate which is amazing, and this just adds to the beauty of the palette.  I am going to go through each shade and give you a full description so that you can roughly guess how many appeal to you and whether you think that it is worth buying for you personally!

The first shade is Gilded Ganache which is a deep sparkly brown with olive/khaki and gold reflective glitter.  This shade is extremely pigmented, though I find it to be quite crumbly which often leads to a lot of fall out.  It blends beautifully and would make an amazing glittery smoky eye, however I recommend doing your eye makeup before your face makeup when using this shade!

Next up we have White Chocolate which is matte cream shade.  It is one of the largest shadows in the palette and I would use this as either a highlight or a base colour before I apply shadow, so that any discolouration is covered and won't affect the shades I put on top.  This has a very buttery formula along with all of the other mattes in this palette, and is highly pigmented and blends like an absolute dream.

Next is another matte which goes by the name of Milk Chocolate.  It is a cool toned light brown which looks amazing in the crease for a bit of definition or could be built up for a beautiful cut crease that isn't too out there.  It could also be used as a contour shade (that's if you can find a contour brush that would fit in the pan well) or as an eyebrow colour for those of you blonde bombshells.

The next is what I would call a neutral pop of colour.  Black Forest Truffle is a deep purple with gold glitter running through it which is colourful without being massively bright and still remaining fairly on the neutral side.  It looks amazing in the outer corner, as a liner that's not quite as harsh as black or a mega dramatic smoky eye.  I find I get a lot of fall out with this one and it's slightly more difficult to blend so it's not one for the lazy, but the shade is so beautiful it makes the extra work worth while!

Another matte is Triple Fudge which is a cool toned dark brown.  It is so dark it's almost black but is nowhere near as harsh and has slight green undertones in some lights.  This again is a very versatile colour, it can be used  as a liner, an outer corner colour, through the crease for a dramatic look or even all over the lid for a dark matte smokey eye. I also think that this would be brilliant if you have very dark brows to add some subtle definition or built up to create a very strong brow look.  This is very pigmented again so a light hand is necessary to ensure you don't go overboard!

Moving down a row, quite possibly my favourite shade in this palette is Salted Caramel.  It is a warm matte peachy shade which is probably the best transition shade I have ever used in my entire life. I am a huge fan of warm eyeshadow looks so I pretty much use this every single day with whatever eyeshadow I am wearing.  I blend this through my upper crease with a sigma E25 and it makes my eyeshadow look perfectly blended with minimal effort.  Again, the formula of this is fabulous and I'm slightly gutted that this isn't sold separately because I can see myself going through this fairly quickly! If you know of any similar shades that I can buy singley in the UK, then do let me know!

A more 'Every Day' shade is Marzipan which is a champagney shade with more pinky/peachy tones.  This is a shimmery shade which is highly pigmented and leaves almost a wet look to the lids. It is easily bendable and looks beautiful for a natural, every day look. I would wear this with a pinky lip and really glowy skin in the summer, it would look beautiful! I think you could also use this as a face highlight too!

Another matte shade is Semi Sweet which is a warm, mid toned brown. It's the perfect crease/outer corner shade to add some definition to any warm toned eye look, and would also look amazing all over the lid and blended out, just worn alone.  This is again a very versatile colour with a highly pigmented, buttery formula which blends amazingly.

The last matte shade in this palette is Strawberry Bon Bon which is a very strange shade, and one that I haven't used.  From swatches, I can tell that it shares the same formula as all the other mattes which is good, but the colour is difficult to use in my opinion.  It is a very pale, yet bright blue toned pink which would make an amazing blush (again if you can find a brush that fits in the pan) but I am still unsure how to wear this on my eyes, so if you know of any ways to wear this then let me know!

Another purple glitter is Candied Violet which is a vibrant violet as the name would suggest, with a fuchsia glitter running through it.  I find that this shade is best used wet to really get the most pigment out of it because I find this one a little less pigmented than the rest as you can see in the swatch.  This one is also slightly more difficult to blend so requires more work, but again this is a beautiful shade when used right and is a fab pop of colour!

Next up is Amaretto which is a very warm, deep shimmery brick red.  This has mental pigmentation and a little bit really does go a long way! I wore this last week as a deep warm smokey eye and it looked amazing! I have hazel eyes and it really brought out the green in them so this would look amazing on anyone with green eyes, it really makes them stand out.

Now onto the last row, the first shade is Hazelnut which is your typical bronze shimmer.  It is a very similar shade to the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze if you are familiar with that.  This is a very metallic shade with hints of gold which looks amazing on all skintones, and can be used to create so many different looks from your natural every day looks to something very dramatic for a night out.

Another golden colour is Creme Brûlée which is a cool toned shimmery gold.  I find this to be a very wearable gold and it looks so beautiful in the summer with a lovely golden glow.  This has quite bronzey undertones and looks amazing on most skin tones, which again is very versatile and can create a wide range of looks so for me, it is a staple.  Everyone should have a good gold!

The next is Haute Chocolate which is very similar in tone to Hazelnut, just a bit lighter and more golden. This paired with Creme Brûlée is beautiful!  It is a cool toned dark ashy brown shimmer which again is very versatile and would work with most skin tones.  In some lights it looks like is has a slight olive sheen which makes it quite unique.

The last dark shade is Cherry Cordial, which is a deep matte plum shade with subtle pink glitter running through it.  I love this is a liner, and I find that this is a lot easier to blend than the other glittery shares, possibly because it appears to have less glitter in it.  It also means there is less fall out, though there still is some so I would still recommend doing your eyes first. When using this as a liner, I like to spray my brush with setting spray so it glides on like a liquid.

Last but not least is Champagne Truffle which is a light frosty pearly pink shade.  It is very shimmery and is a beautiful highlight shade, whether this is on the eyes or on the cheeks which I've found works just as well! It can also be used all over the lid, and is perfect to throw on every day to add a lovely glow to the lids!

Well that was a long one, I hope I didn't bore any of you and you found this useful! I will be doing a look book type of thing with this palette in the near future if that is something you are interested in, I have a few put together but I'm still working on it. If you have this palette, send me photos of looks you have done so I can try them out!

Emily xx


Dupe Alert - Rimmel and Yves Saint Laurent

These are so similar I forgot which swatch was which......should've written it down!

The second I laid eyes on the YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 'Le Orange' I immediately thought of a Rimmel offering that I already have in my collection.  The product in question being the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'In Love with Ginger'. Obviously, being a typical beauty blogger I had to compare swatches and formulas and write an in-depth post on the similarities for you!

To cut a long story short, they are pretty much exactly the same! The colour is pretty much identical as you can see from the swatches above (I can't even tell them apart!).  The formula's are also fairly similar! They are both quite slippery because they are so moisturising, which means neither are particularly long lasting on the lips and can be quite high maintenance.  I find the YSL one is slightly more of a satin finish and does last slightly longer but for the price difference, its really nothing to speak of. The both glide on smoothly and keep your lips hydrated, whilst also packing in a huge amount of pigment to leave you a beautifully bold statement lip that looks good all year round, especially summer!

If you have any other ysl dupes, then do let me know so I can check them out!

Emily xx


My Blogging Process - How I Create a Blog Post

 It's an absolute miracle that I am currently able to get this post up! It took an hour and a half for the photos to upload to Blogger, and it is a day late but better late than never hey?! This post is something slightly different for you, and is aimed towards my fellow bloggers, or any of my readers that I have been considering starting up their own blog. I thought I would do an in depth post on what goes on behind the scenes if you like, and show you the process I go through to put up content for you. Hopefully it will be useful in deciding whether blogging is for you, or give some of you bloggers some tips on how to make things easy for yourself when it comes to running a blog.

 Firstly I like to set everything up ready to go so I have everything I need around me.  I am away at the moment so this is not my usual set up, but I have all the same things with me.  I like to have my notepad and my organiser so I know exactly what I'm doing, and then obviously my laptop is an essential, how else am I supposed to write it?! I also like to have tea and biscuits to keep me going, and sometimes I will keep the products that I am talking about nearby for reference.  For example, if I am talking about a palette, I will keep it nearby to refer to the shades in there, and anything that has a specific colour I'll refer to whilst coming up with an accurate description that is relatively easy for you to understand.

 Next up is photos! I have a sticky back plastic roll from wilkinson that I use to take photos on, which is how I get the marble background.  I have half of the roll at home stuck to a fold up table for when I'm at home, and then I have another small piece that I leave in my caravan for if I need to take photos down here. It was around £5 and you get a good few metres so it is definitely worth checking out! Definitely cheaper than a real marble worktop! I usually lay it out on a table by a window so I get as much natural light in as possible, and take my photos on my iPhone 6 because my camera has had a bit of a BF (if you know what this means, I salute you!). I then upload them to my laptop and edit them a bit on iPhoto. I don't usually do a lot to them, I just crop them and then alter the sharpness and exposure. It's fairly straight forward but if you would like a more in depth post on photography then just let me know.
Then I upload all of my photos into a new blogpost on Blogger! If you use blogger, then you will know that sometimes this is easier said than done! I then usually do any research that I need to do and find the links to products so that it is all ready to go as I'm writing.  I then write it and if I am not publishing that day, I will schedule the post for the right day and publish so that it will go up as and when I need it to (this can also sometimes be hit and miss, I usually have to check that they've gone up because sometimes they don't).  Once a post has gone up, I will share it to my social media (linked on the page in my navigation bar) so that all of you lovely people know when to go and have a read!

I hope you have found this useful, if you have any requests for blogging related posts, then let me know and I will try my best to get those up for you! Always happy to help!

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #65

This week I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog which I explained all about in Friday’s post (if you haven’t read that, check it out because it’s an exciting one!).  My wifi where I am away at the moment is pretty apalling, and with all the wet weather we have been having, everyone and their mother has been trying to use it! This has made it extremely slow and almost impossible to post anything (hence why my Sunday post is going up on a Monday!).  As soon as I have been getting small bits of wifi, Ive been uploading photos like a mofo into the posts so that I can copy and paste the writing in ASAP! I have had to write up all my posts in word documents and then paste them into blogger as soon as I have wifi to post them! It’s been such a nightmare, its a shame I was ill last week because I would have had everything done in advance, but I suppose thats just life!

Anyways, I have a question for you lovely people. As you know, I will be starting college next Tuesday (I am bricking it) so that means I have bought one hell of a lot of stationary! My question is, are you interested in seeing a haul? Would that be useful to you, or would you prefer for me to stick to my usual beauty babble? Let me know because I have photos taken ready if that is something you care about! The rest of this week I will be picking up my last few bits and bobs and trying to make the most of my last week of freedom before I am completely stripped of it next week!

If you know of anything that is a must have for college, please let me know so that I can be sure to get everything I will need this week, any help will be much appreciated! I will leave you to enjoy your Monday Evening whilst I do my utmost to upload the post that I would have had up today, if not you can look out for that one tomorrow! I’m hoping it will be a useful one for all of you fellow bloggers, it is an in depth look at how I create a blog post and all the steps and preparation that I do for one blog post! It may give some of my readers that are wanting to start a blog, an insight into what goes on behind the scenes! Hopefully it will help you decide if blogging is for you before you start, and give you some ideas as to what you can do to make your life as easy as possible!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and aren’t too miserable about this bad weather!

Emily xx


My GCSE Results - August 2015

I apologise for my absence the past few days, but any of you that have collected results in previous years will understand that it is a very stressful time! I also had to enrol at college which I found quite stressful too but thankfully that is all over and done with now!

Anyway, my results! As you will have seen on social media, I got 6 A's and 3 B's! I was slightly disappointed as I had worked tirelessly for an A* in maths which is so annoying! However, each time I say i am disappointed I get a load of stick from my mother, so I will keep my mouth shut and lump it!

Thank you for sticking by me the past year through all these stressful times!

Emily xx


Kiss Cosmetics Mini Kisstick* | Review

If by some miracle you have missed this on social media over the past month, allow me to fill you in! Kiss Cosmetics have just launched their new mini lip products, their aim was for people to be able to try before they buy the full size which I think is brilliant. They do a mini size in pretty much every lip product they have and each mini costs £2. Kiss Cosmetics is a sister brand for NYX so I already knew that there was a good chance that I would enjoy some of their products!

I have the Mini Kisstick in 'Lady in Red'* which is a shade that was carefully selected by the Kiss Cosmetics team to compliment every skin tone.  It is a deep red with fairly neutral undertones which as previously mentioned, would compliment every complexion.  The size of this is pretty good actually, it takes up barely any room wherever you choose to store it, but you do get a decent amount of product.  If you used this every day it would last you  good 6 months, so I would say if you wore this sort of colour occasionally you could stretch it out to a least a year!

The formula is of a high quality too, especially when you consider the price as I would certainly class Kiss Cosmetics as a drugstore brand. The size of this makes application an absolute breeze, the tiny bullet allows you to be as precise as possible with your application which limits the need for a lipliner.  The finish of this is similar to a Mac Cremesheen, but I would say it is slightly less glossy.  It is more of a very dull shine, it is not matte by any means.  The lasting power is fairly good, it'll last a good 4 hours without eating and drinking before it starts to fade away. The only thing I have noticed is that it does fade to leave a line around the outside of your lips, but you can blend in the edges to create a stain which will stay on the lips considerably longer.  I also haven't noticed any bleeding or feathering with this, which means I don't have to use lip liner which takes an extra step out of my morning routine which is fab for when I'm in a rush but still want to look glam!

Overall, I think these are brilliant products and such a brilliant concept! Kiss Cosmetics are definitely a brand to look at if you're a fan of budget makeup, and they have a fantastic range of fun and quirky shades to suit everyone's taste. You can currently get a free mini if you purchase one of their colour switch products, they always have some fab offers so make sure you are following their social media so that you don't miss them! Twitter : @KissCosmeticsUK Instagram : @kisscosmeticsuk

What is your favourite product/shade from their range?

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #64

How cute is this?! - New Look - £4.99

I shall apologise for my social media absence this week, I've been quite poorly unfortunately.  I missed all of my blogger chats and was unable to do any of the work that I had planned to do before I went away which is really disappointing! I managed to finish my college work that is due on Thursday yesterday so I just have all of my blogposts to do which I am sure I can manage, at least I enjoy that a lot more than writing about the differences between the UK and Greek economy!

This week has been pretty rough, I haven't really eaten, have barely slept and have just felt pretty lousy! Luckily the doctor had me covered and the drugs seem to be kicking in so I am feeling a lot better now and I am certainly glad to be out of the house! All of this week's blogposts have been pre-written which was lucky for all of us! At least I'm on the mend now and I can get back to normal!

I have nothing interesting to report of this week, but next week I have results day on Thursday to pick up my GCSE results! I'm slightly nervous but there is no point worrying about it seeing as there is nothing I can do about it now! What's done is done so I shouldn't worry about it too much. I also have enrolment at college on the same day so Thursday shall be busy, but I think the rest of the week shall be pretty chilled so I can catch up with everything that I didn't do last week.

That is all for today, I have an exciting lipstick post for you tomorrow so make sure you come back for that! I hope you have all had a better week than me, and are enjoying your summer holidays so far, we are half way through now!

Emily xx


Clothing Haul - The Final Haul (for a while anyways!)

 New Look - £8

 Market Stall (originally from Quiz I believe) - £2

 Primark - £7 (though they are a little snug so I have to exchange them for a bigger size, just won't accept that my bum is bigger than originally anticipated!)

 Market Stall - £6 (there are plenty of similar jackets to this in the likes of Select, Primark, New Look and Topshop)

New Look - £4 (in kids section so ideal for my fellow midgets)

 Primark - £8 (ignore the blue bottom, I wore this with dark jeans and the dye came out.  That was a bad move but my mum is convinced it will wash out!)

 Primark - £5
 Primark - £4

Select - £12.99 

New Look - £8

Seeing as this is a pretty photo heavy post and all of my hauls this past fortnight have been fairly rambly, I thought I would just tell you where each piece is from and give you the price.  Reviewing clothes is not really something I am very good at and all this fashion blogging is fairly new to me so I will just leave you to enjoy the pretty pictures! A lot of this is only available in store so unfortunately I am unable to link it, however I am sure you will find them easily enough in store if you are quick! If you have any of these pieces or have any style tips, then feel free to leave me a comment, tweet me or tag me in instagram photos! You could also send me pins on pinterest, I'll leave the link to my profile in my social media page for you if you want to give me a follow!

Emily xx


Drugstore Haul - Boots and Superdrug

So many new things have been released in the Drugstore recently, and with my boots advantage card, I couldn't help but take advantage of that and pick up a few bits.  All of these items are from boots apart from the Eyeshadow crayon from Gosh which was from Superdrug so without further ado, let me introduce you to the new additions to my quickly growing collection!

Firstly I got some lashes because I have been obsessed with false lashes for about a year now, I just can't get enough of them and I find they finish a look perfectly! My recent favourites have been the Ardell Demi Wispies, however I find that sometimes they are a bit much especially on a daily basis so I wanted something similar just a bit more natural and wearable. Enter the Eyelure Lengthening No035 Lashes. They are similar to the demi wispies, just a lot less thick and voluminous and not quite as long or winged out at the corners.  They only needed the tiniest bit trimmed off and they last all day without the corners popping off so these shall definitely be repurchased. I also love the new eyelure packaging where they show you what the lashes actually look like when worn which is very useful!

Next up is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer.  This is a fairly new release from Rimmel and I was hoping that this would be a cheaper alternative for the Boi-ing concealer by Benefit which seems to be growing on me.  I'm not sure about this one to be honest, I find that it doesn't blend in, it just awkwardly sits on the skin and looks cakey, as though i have just plopped it on and left it! No matter how much I press it, it just doesn't melt into the skin like I wanted it to and the only way to blend it in is to buff and then I lose the coverage! I will play around with this one a bit more and report back, I'm just not sold.

A lot of people seem to love the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Kit so I thought I would give it a go.  I really like the Barry M one but this seems a lot more travel friendly being a lot smaller and coming with a mirror and brush in the little compact. Again, I'm not sure about this! I find it to lack pigmentation and give a natural look, which I suppose is good, but I only contour if I'm going for a dramatic look so to me I suppose it's pointless. It does work amazing for minimal makeup days, but I find it to be an unnecessary extra step that I wouldn't normally have done.  I have tried building it up which works, but to get it to the level I want takes a lot of building which I find to be time consuming and because I'm lazy, it all is just too much effort! If you like very natural looking definition then this may be one to try for you. As I'm writing this, I'm realising that maybe I should have bought the darker one as that may have worked better for me, I may have a look next time I'm in boots!

I also picked up one of the newest releases from Collection which is the Speedy Blush Stick and I opted for the shade 'Tickled Pink'.  This was a Becca Rose enabled purchase after she talked about it in one of her recent videos (i can't think for the life of me what it was, it was probably even a month ago now thinking about it). It has enough pigment that it shows up, but not too much that it looks stupid which I like. The formula is very silky, and it really is so quick to use! I do a swipe on the apple of my cheek and then blend back towards my hairline with my fingers and voila! If you prefer slightly more noticeable colour on your cheeks then they are easily build able.  They leave a beautiful dewy glow to the cheeks and last a very long time, and for the price of £2.99, you can't go wrong. There are 2 other shades of this product so hopefully everyone can find a shade to suit them.

The one product I got from Superdrug was the GOSH Forever Eye Shadow Crayon in Silver Rose.  This is a brand that I am new to but I have heard quite a bit about it so I have high hopes for this product. I saw Gabby from Velvet ghost use this in a tutorial a while ago and it looked STUNNING! She literally swiped it onto her lids and I just sat gazing at my laptop in awe of all its beauty.  I'm yet to actually try this on my eyes, but from swatching it I think it is going to be good.  It provides a sheer wash of colour when blended out but can be built up to create a bright look.  The shade is silver with a hint if taupe which is unlike any eyeshadow that I own and would create a pretty immense smoky eye with dark side from the Naked 3. I can just see it now.....

The only repurchase in this entire haul is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, except this time I am trying the waterproof version as I expected it to be better.  Unfortunately it's not. It doesn't last and smudges under my eyes terribly, and it seems to be much thicker and harder to apply than the original. I am yet to test it in water to see if it is actually waterproof but I think from now on I will stick to the original!

Yet another new release is the Rimmel Nude Collection.  I looked at the whole range and the only shade and product that I felt compelled to buy was the Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade 45.  It is a slightly deeper nude with pink undertones and really is the perfect 'My lips but better' shade. I would imagine that this would work well on most skinniness and from what I can tell so far, the formula is pretty darn good.  It's not at all drying on the lips and leaves a semi-glossy finish on the lips which lasts a decent amount of time. Though it looks quite dark in the bullet, it is easily comparable to creme cup from mac when on the lips and has a slight iridescent sheen which is very flattering.

A very exciting purchase for me was the Fuse Gelnamel Na No Way Starter Kit.  I have been wanting to try gel nails for a while, and my mum always gets hers done so we decided to go halves on this so that we can both save a bit of money and do it ourselves.  We opted for this colour as it is a colour that we both wear regularly so we would be sure to use it. It seems pretty straight forward and from what I can tell, works fairly well. Obviously I am new to this but I will do a thorough post on at home manicures in the future if that is something that you would be interested in!

Last but not least I grabbed the Natural Collection Blush in the shade 'Pink Cloud'.  It was part of an offer I got on my boots app, I think you gained 100 points when you bought a natural collection product so I was definitely willing to give it a go! I am so impressed with this, it is very pigmented and blends like a dream as well as being fairly long lasting! The colour is a light neutral pink shade which would look perfect on pale skin and is something that would look good with pretty much any makeup look all year round. I will definitely be trying more from this range in the future as I am so impressed with this product.

That concludes my penultimate haul, come back on Friday for my final one which will be all about the clothing and shoes that I have purchased recently!  Let me know what you think of these products or which you are most excited to try!

Emily xx