20 Blogpost Ideas ❤

I thought this would be a good post for new bloggers or anyone struggling with writers block.   These sorts of posts really helped me out when I first started blogging so I hope this will help you too!

1) Favourites - Every week or month, dedicate a post to all the products that you have been loving.  These are always quite popular posts because it is a good way of researching products.
2) Tags - These are a fun way for people to get to know more about you and what you like.  If you see a tag floating around the internet that you like the look of, do it!
3) Spending bans/ give something up - Give something up and write about your experience.  I am currently doing a Spending ban and I will do an update weekly.
4) Wishlists - Write about what you are currently lusting for and why.  I recently did an expensive one and I have done things like Drugstore and Sephore in the past.
5) Tutorials - This can be on absolutely anything. It can be makeup, cooking, DIY and Craft, all sorts! Get creative!
6) Top 5's - You can do this for absolutely anything, for example blushes, eyeshadow palettes, necklaces, shoes absolutely anything! This is also useful for packing because it helps you to be able to narrow it down to the essentials.
7) Hauls - Next time you go shopping, write about what you got, where you got it, how much it was and why you got it.  You can also do huge ones over long periods of time.
8) How to:- Again, this can be on absolutely anything. Hair styles, brush washing, winged liner, whatever you are good at and other people may struggle with.
9) Facts about you- Help your readers to get to know the person behind the blog. This helps to make your blog unique and personal to you.
10) FOTD/MOTD - If you are going somewhere nice or just having a lazy day, write about what is going on your face and what you think of the products.  You can write about so many different looks, 'no makeup' makeup to a glamorous full face!
11) OOTD - Again, if you are going somewhere nice or just having a lazy day, write about your outfit.  You can also write about how you style certain items of clothing and create look books.
12) Collections/Storage - write about a collection of an item, it can be absolutely anything and write about how you store them and why this is useful.  Write about why you collect this item and how it all started.
13) Reviews - Write a review on a product you have been using for a while, whether this be good or bad.  Discuss the pros and cons and state whether you like it or not and why.
14) First Impressions - Write about what you thought about a product on first use.  You can then do a full, in-depth review to see if your opinion has changed.
15) Routines - Whether this be hair, skincare, makeup, morning or night, everyone likes to see how someone else does something.  I personally enjoy these posts because I am nosey and like to see what everyone else does on a regular basis and how other people do things!
16) Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter Essentials - As the seasons change, write about the products or items that you think are essential for that season.  I recently did a Spring Essentials post where I wrote about the makeup products that I always dig out in the Spring.
17) Day in the Life - If you are doing something interesting or are just having a pretty normal day, photograph it and write about it.  These sorts of posts are always good to look back on in the future so you know what you were doing on a particular day and what you enjoyed about it.
18) Tips and Tricks- Write about the little things you do that make something easier, for example, using a spoon makes winged eyeliner easier.
19) Collabs - Get in touch with other bloggers and come together to create a post.  I have recently done 2 with Dalal from itsrainingdaisies and they are really fun to do! It also helps to reach out to new readers.
20) Write about an experience- Write about your experience with something, e.g. surgery to help people in the same situation and give them some advice on how to get through it. Again, this can be about absolutely anything.

I hope this helped and let me know if you used any of these ideas, leave your links because I'd love to read them!

Emily xx

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