The Body Shop at Home - My Story | B U S I N E S S


I feel like the pandemic has encourages people to try new things and I certainly was no exception to this. In fact, taking the plunge into something new made 2020 such a big year for me and one little moment of boredom has led to something amazing.

Let's rewind to April 2020.......

I'm working full time from home and other than working I have nothing to occupy myself with. College is on hold as they had not prepared for the pandemic and I am stuck in my house. One morning, I was up waiting for 9am to come around and I was mindlessly scrolling through social media as one does when there is nothing better to do. I came across an ad for the Body Shop at Home. I had seen this before and I had always been tempting but never thought I had the time to do it. As I was stuck in my house with nothing better to do I decided to put in an enquiry. I then got working and completely forgot all about it. 

I got a text in the evening from Rachael, who is now my manager and is a Diamond President with the Body Shop at Home. She is an amazing leader and mentor and she text me to touch base following my enquiry. After some conversation, she added me into a facebook group so I could watch a video on how the business worked and I was sold immediately.

I ordered my kit, as pictured below and I was away. I set up my little facebook group and started adding my friends and family in. To be honest, I joined for the kit as it was only £49.00 and worth £225.00 and to get some discount on things for myself.

The kit was amazing and I got to try so many new products and share them with my little group. Slowly, orders started coming in and I was cashing in 25% of all of those orders which was becoming a nice little earner. I never intended to do more than just sell some products for some extra money but as I got into the swing of things I got more and more into it. It was something to help me pass the time and gave me something to distract myself from the mess of the world.

In May, I managed to sell £1,700.00 worth of products which was absolutely crazy for me, and I bagged myself £675.00 in commission plus bonuses. I also gained over £500.00 worth of freebies in my first month and the freebies kept coming. I then started having people want to join the Body Shop at Home as they had seen how much fun I was having and that it could be a nice little side hustle to earn some extra money.

Fast forward to today, and I have 10 team members and I am almost an Area Manager which will see me earn a monthly wage on top of my commission which is going to be amazing as I start saving for the future (house deposits are ridiculous nowadays and I want to move out before I am 40 lol).

So what does the role involve?

- Testing and playing with lots of amazing products - this is my favourite bit as you all know I love testing out new products and having a play!

- Producing Social Media Content - I was familiar with this anyway as I have always been on and off blogging and very active on Instagram. I have a private Facebook Group as well as an Instagram specifically dedicated to my business, however you can run it however you like. I post on my personal socials too so it's entirely up to you how you run it.

- Process orders - the Body Shop at Home website is so easy to use. You can direct ship straight to your customers or have them all delivered to you and deliver yourself. I am direct shipping where possible at the moment due to the pandemic!

- Lots of Free products - I get loads of freebies just from making sales and I now have drawers and drawers of goodies! We get rewarded every month with freebies and orders of a certain amount will get you free spends AND 70% off your own products.

- 25%-30% commission - this is on all sales, including those things you buy for yourself. It is a standard rate of 25% commission and this can then be topped up with bonuses once you hit a certain level.

- Career Plan - There is a career plan to climb if you wish and you can make the a full time job.

It is honestly the best thing I ever did, not only having something to do which I love but also having that little bit of extra money to help with saving and also for some treats every now and again! I work full time and I am also studying to be a solicitor at the same time so it is very flexible and you can just work it around whatever you do, when it suits you. You get out what you put in so the more work you do, the more rewards you are going to see.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, I would love to mentor and help you get on your way to having loads of fun playing with new products and earning some extra money too. If you would like some further information, please email me on emily.rowles@hotmail.co.uk or DM me on one of my socials which are linked at the top of my blog.

If you want to get signed up straight away then you can do so here.

We have loads of amazing facebook groups to help you with content ideas and getting you off the ground so you will have support from myself and my amazing team every step of the way.

I'd love to welcome some of you to my team and to help you make the most of the time stuck in the house.

Emily xx