The Sunday Edit #90

This week has flown by, yet again. I feel like I say this every week but it really is true, time goes by so quickly I just can't keep up! This week has been dance show week as I mentioned last week and it has been amazing as always, I'm so exhausted now but it was totally worth every second! There's nothing like the buzz you get when you're dancing in front of an amazing audience who do nothing but sing your praises, it's the reason I'm still dancing 14 years on from when I first started! Another thing came to an end this weekend, the caravan shuts tomorrow for the winter and we have just got home, which is a bit sad but hopefully the winter will fly by and we will be going back in no time! I have a lot of things planned for this winter so hopefully I'll keep myself occupied so the winter doesn't drag too much. I miss not going away every weekend, I'm so lucky to have a place where I can escape every weekend to just relax after a tough week, not to mention the absolutely lovely people who I've met down there. It's sad saying good bye to them for 5 months but at least we keep in touch.

This week was great up until Saturday when I yet again had to deal with a load of hate from someone who barely knows me, trying to talk me down and saying that I lie about everything and apparently offend them by discussing my life on my Facebook and blah blah blah. Well jokes on them because I have a list of blog post ideas in front of me that it has inspired me to write so if you're reading this (which you probably are because I've blocked you on everything else and this is your only way of seeing what I have to say) I'd just like to thank you because not only has it helped me to change some things in my life and realise that there are a whole bunch of people that I need to get out of my life, but I have a whole bunch of blog content to come out of it! Quite a result if you ask me, but you'll no longer see these little people getting attention from me so this should be the last you ever hear of them.

Onto something a bit more fun, I finally mastered the perfect smoothie recipe this week and it is honestly life changing. My parents bought this huge box of fruit and veg for £15 and had it delivered so I've been trying to help them use it all up and I thought smoothies were the perfect way. The smoothie I made was an iced strawberry and banana one, I was trying to make one similar to the McDonald's ones because they're amazing but I didn't quite manage that, but this one was still good. I may do a blogpost on the recipe if that's something you'd be interested in, something a little different to my usual beauty, fashion and moaning posts. 

Another fabulous thing that happened this week was pay day, and if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that treated myself to a few bits. Having a car and debts means I've had to learn to be careful and sensible with my money and budget at quite a young age which I think is great because I'm fully prepared for adult life. I think I may do a post on budgeting and tips and tricks for managing your money in the near future because I think those of you reading this who are perhaps at Uni or are paying mortgages, loans, car finance etc would find it hopefully of some use.

This week has been relatively lazy which I'm a bit miffed about but also kind of grateful for. Miffed because I had a lot of stuff I wanted to get done this week, I wasn't set any college work so I just wanted to sort out all my paperwork from the previous term, perhaps do a bit of revision and just make sure I'm up to date on everything so I don't feel like I'm being swamped. That didn't happen, nor did all the blogposts that wanted to get done because I have had no motivation where I have been so exhausted. On the bright side, I think a nice relaxing break has done me good so I won't run out of steam before I get to the end of the next term, if I would've worked hard all week I wouldn't have had any break and would've completely had enough by mid-november so perhaps it was a blessing.  I also had a lot of holiday that I hadn't taken at work so I booked the week off which has also been great. I still have two days left to get a few things done, and then I'm back to college AND work on Wednesday all in one day. Wednesdays are such a killer because I'm up at 6:30 to drive to college, then I'm in college until 12:10 and then I have 35 minutes to eat and get to work for my shift at 12:45 and then I work until 8. I always sleep well on a Wednesday night because I'm exhausted from college, work and also dancing on a Tuesday night leaves me aching and tired too! Ah well, such is life. Not complaining though, because without my job, I would have hardly any money, my car wouldn't be on the road and I also wouldn't have the amazing little family who I work with. I'm so lucky to work with such amazing and supportive people, they've really helped me over the past month which was a pretty tough one. I felt so accepted by them when I first started working there and we all just bonded so well.

I'm actually so excited for Halloween tomorrow, I have no plans but Halloween just gets me so excited because deep down I'm still a 7 year old child! My friends, Libby and Rachael are coming round tomorrow so I can do Libby's makeup for her Halloween party tomorrow night so expect some photos of a very cute little Tinkerbell all over my social media tomorrow.

I think that's all I have to ramble on about today, let me know what you're doing for halloween and what you're dressing up as! I hope you've had a fabulous half term and hopefully going back this week isn't too painful for you!

Emily xx


The Ultimate Halloween Makeup Inspiration Gallery

Still unsure what sort of costume you want to wear for Halloween? Stuck for ideas on how to do your makeup? Or are you just a lover of Halloween Makeup like me?  Then you've come to the right place! I've compiled a huge collection of some of my favourite Halloween tutorials and looks floating around the internet this year to hopefully help some of you out who are panicking at the last minute!


The Sunday Edit #89

Happy Sunday! I can't believe how fast this week has gone, and I have two say I am pretty glad that it's over and done with. I was in college from Monday to Thursday which wasn't actually that bad, and then I was done for half term! Friday was the first official day of half term, I went to get my nails done with one of my closest friends Charleigh (find her blog here) which you may have already seen on my Instagram which if you don't follow me, you can either click the button in my sidebar or search my username, its_little_em. I went for something plain and understated because this week is my dance show and we can't wear nail varnish so these will be virtually undetectable under the lights.  The quote above pretty much sums up the week to come, I have a few little college bits I want to get done but this week will be spent blogging and dancing, so I will be doing what I love and a lot of it! I'm so excited for this week, I didn't think 15 years later that I would still get so excited about the dance shows, I look forward to this all year. I'm sure you will see plenty of backstage photos all over my social media over the next week so you'll be able to see what I'm up to every night!

I have a lot planned for this week, I have a lot of blogging that I want to get done and I want to make sure that I'm well up to date and prepared because once I go back to college after half term, my workload is going to increase dramatically leading up to Christmas and mock exams. Once I have finished this post, I'm going to make myself a to do list and do a bit of scheduling so I can decide what I'm going to do and when I'm going to do it. I like to take Sunday evenings to have a bit of a chill and also get myself sorted for the week ahead. I'm a bit of a planning freak so I like to write lists and have my week laid out in front of me so I can feel like I'm well prepared. I'm hoping to get a few blog posts up this week because I have so many autumnal inspired posts that I want to do and get up before the season passes. I'm so inspired at the minute so hopefully I'll be churning posts out left right and centre over the next few months!

I stopped to watch Jaclyn Hill's snapchat story and I completely lost my train of thought, so I'm going to wrap this up here and leave you to enjoy what's left of your Sunday Evening! I hope you have a fantastic week, let me know what exciting things you have planned for the week ahead!

Emily xx


Coconut Lane Pay Day Wishlist | October

Coconut Lane is probably by far one of the most beautiful sites I have ever come across. Each and every one of their pieces epitomises an Instagrammers dream, I have never known a company make such a huge range of products that are so aesthetically pleasing.  Being a Coconut Queen is the most amazing privilege, I get the first look at new releases, as well as being able to offer my readers a 20% off discount, along with interacting with a whole bunch of like minded bloggers! As soon as I get paid, I'm hopping straight onto Coconut Lane and picking up some bits that I've had my eye on for a while, so I thought I would share them with you so you can join me in swooning over these pretties. All items are linked in the photo, so if you're interested in purchasing them, just click the photo and use my code: littleem20 at the checkout to receive 20% off your entire order!

This notebook is so cute, especially for someone who loves taking photos for Instagram. It's A5 size fits perfectly in your handbag and is perfect for quickly penning down your blog ideas when they come to you, or making little to do lists for the day!

If you know me on a personal level, then you'll definitely know that I'm partial to a glass of Rosé (or 5). As soon as I saw this I knew that it needed to be mine, if any of my friends are reading this then I think this will be the perfect gift for my birthday (hint, hint).

Homeware is a big weakness of mine, I love picking up little bits and pieces to make my room as Pinterest as possible (I do try). This cushion is every blogger's dream, I seem to have developed a little obsession with marble recently (hence all of my blog/instagram flat lays have a marble background, and my screensaver is also marble). This would look amazing on my bed with my plain white bedding, accompanied by either some monochrome or some pale pink cushions. I can just see it now!

 There is a definite marble theme going on in this post! Coconut Lane have the most stunning phone cases, this one no exception. This candy floss coloured marble would look so perfect on my rose gold phone, as well as keeping it well protected! You honestly need to check out their phone case range, they have the most stunning designs!
 Having a matching phone and laptop would just be the most aesthetically pleasing thing ever. Their macbook skins are honestly to die for, I've also got my eye on the ones that are painted to look like glitter, I may have to collect them all!
 On the days where my macbook is on its travels with me, I like to put a more sturdier clip on case on to protect it a little bit more when it's inside my laptop sleeve. Obviously, this one is marble so it's an absolute necessity. I find it very difficult to find pretty laptop cases as they're mainly just aimed at being practical, but Coconut Lane have considered practicality and style so you're gadgets will be looking just as good as you!
 Anything rose gold has got Emily written all over it. I spotted this beauty whilst perusing their huge range of stunning jewellery pieces and clicked on it straight away! I have a rose gold Michael Kors Bangle and I think this would be the perfect companion for it. It's such a simple piece but it looks so much more expensive than it is, and is such a beautiful piece to add to your jewellery collection.
Last but not least, we have this very sassy and very fabulous wall art. Again, the marble background is right up my street, but I love the #girlboss quote. I would definitely consider myself a girl boss and I would love this to be put on my desk with my other 2 wall arts from Coconut Lane as a whole bunch of motivational quotes whilst I'm working.

Let me know what's on your wish list for Coconut Lane, and if you want to save some of your hard earned cash, then don't forget to use my discount code 'littleem20' to get 20% off your order!

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #88

This week has been a little rough as you will probably have seen from my post that went up late Monday night. The fall out from that has been pretty big, but it's time to move on from that now, onwards and upwards! Besides from that, this week hasn't been too busy, I haven't had a huge amount of college work to do and seeing as I only actually wrote one post myself this week, the others were guest posts, I haven't had a lot of blog work to do either. I only worked one shift Wednesday so I've had a little bit of time to myself to just think. I've been spending that time gathering my thoughts, getting inspiration for my blog and just mulling over things.

Whilst I've been deep in thought this week, I realised I wasn't happy with my blog, so my aim over the next month or so is to have a little revamp. I'm not sure I want to commit to rebranding just yet, I feel like it'll be difficult to create a new twitter under a new name for my blog, change my blog name and so forth, although the is something I would really like to do. I set up my blog about 3 years ago, and alot has changed since then. 14 year old me wasn't one for thinking hard about an amazing blog title that epitomised me and my blog, so Emily Faye's Little World has been what I'm stuck with. Rebranding may happen some time in the new year if I'm brave enough, but for now I think I'm thinking of ways I can improve my blog and make it the best that I can. I've been doing some research and some experimenting into upping my photography game because to be fair, I think it's pretty weak at the moment. I also want to post some more unique posts, and vary my content a bit more. I feel like a lot of my posts are samey and boring, and no different from what you would find on any other beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog. I want mine to be more unique and stand out more, and be recognised for being special in it's own right without being compared to all the other millions of blogs like mine across the internet. I also feel like I need a theme change, my theme is pretty pants if I'm going to be honest. I'm not that much of a whizz with html, as much as I'm trying to learn so my theme is literally just a blogger theme that I've 'pimped up' if you will. I'm looking on etsy and trying to find a theme that suits me, and one that I can tweak a little bit to make it my own. I feel like now that I'm earning more money, both through my new job and making a tiny bit from time to time through blogging, I'd like to invest a little more in it. I'm looking into photo props, some more photography equipment and I'm very tempted to save up some money and invest in an iMac so that I can really up my blogging game and make it into something that I'm even more proud of.

I'm also trying to figure out a more accurate and efficient way to organise my blog. I have so many different schedules, notebooks and diaries that have no order or theme to them at all, I just chuck my ideas down wherever I can and then end up forgetting them and never putting them into practice. I also want to be more efficient with my time management, juggling 3 A-levels, a part time job and trying to maintain a blog and a bunch of social media accounts is very the consuming, but I feel like I waste so much time. I come home from college and can't be bothered to do anything so I just lie in bed and do nothing, then I have a mad rush on a Sunday trying to get my Sunday Post up and get all my college work done, and my blog suffers for the rest of the week because of it. I need to have some sort of chart and timetable where I have a list of stuff that needs to be done and a layout of my days, so I can see exactly where I have some spare time and then dedicate that time slot to a certain thing, whether that's college work or blogging.  I do find it hard to timetable blogging because if I'm not inspired or in the mood, you can really tell that from my writing, but any time I get like that I can just put my energy into something else. So if I say 'Monday night I'm going to dedicate 2 hours to writing a blog post' but I get to Monday night and I'm not feeling it, I can just use that time to do something else, like if I have an essay to write or a worksheet to do, I'll do that then and try and switch my blogging to a different time when I would've been doing that homework. You feel me?

I need to stop rambling because I have a bunch of things I want to do tonight. I want to tidy my bedroom because it looks like a bomb has hit it and it's bothering me sooooo much. Then after I've done that I'm going to have a nice bath and a chill and if I'm feeling up to it, I might draft a few blogposts.

I'm fed up of being unhappy with so many things in my life, so I'm making some changes, starting from today. No one else is going to help my happiness, I need to take matters into my own hands and do something about it. I hope you've all had an amazing week, and I hope you don't my little ramble, my brain is in overdrive at the moment!

Emily xx


Guest Post | 10 Things That Get Me Into the Halloween Spirit


Hello little pumpkins!! I'm Amy and I'm guest posting today YAY. I thought I'd share a Halloween themed post considering it is nearly October. Where has this year gone please? Anyway, I blog at www.lifeofamy.co.uk about Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, Beauty. Basically, a little bit of everything I love.

Personally, Halloween is something that I have loved since I was a child. Becoming an adult hasn't ever really changed that. Some might say that Halloween is only for children but I completely disagree. I love throwing or attending Halloween parties. They are so fun! Last night I ordered my Halloween costume and I'm eagerly awaiting the post man now. It actually inspired me to write a post about the things that get me so excited for Halloween.
1.Free sweets - Not that I go out trick or treating at my age but my niece and nephews do and it's my right as an Auntie to "share" some of their sweets.. That is my motto anyway
2.Watching Hocus Pocus - This is my all-time favourite Halloween film, I literally re-watch this film every year. It doesn't get old for me - it's my Halloween tradition to watch this.

 3.Yankee Candles - I love the Halloween collection at Yankee Candle. My favourite of theirs for Halloween is "Witches Brew". It gets me SO excited. It's amazing how smells can remind of you certain things. The Yankee candle Halloween collection always gives me MAJOR autumn/Halloween vibes. I love that.

 4.All the Decorations - There is so many cute yet spooky decorations you can get these days. It's amazing. When I was a child - it was good old bin bags and artificial webbing. I just love buying new Halloween décor, it's something I enjoy each year.

 5.Carving pumpkins - I actually missed out on carving a pumpkin last year because the stores had sold out but I am going to get mine early this year! I'm not the best at carving but it is SO fun.

 6.Themed Halloween Posts - The blogging community is so creative which means come Halloween, we get some seriously amazing posts. Whether it is decoration, fashion, food or costume ideas; we get some amazing inspiration. After all - bloggers are so creative so that is expected!

 7. Parties - If I have a party to look forward to for Halloween, it definitely gets me into the spirit of things. I don't like the thought of being at home in my PJ's dishing out candy all night while trying to watch Netflix or something. Boring. I want to be where the action is so I can get my Halloween on and dress up!

 8. The Makeup - I love how you can really experiment with makeup looks for Halloween. My new favourite is trying out spooky makeup looks that I've spotted on Instagram. I always end up going as a Vampire though. If I could be any mystical creature, I would be a Vampire. A good Vampire though - The Cullen kind.

 9.Anything Vampire Related - I'm not going to lie here, I do have a soft spot for anything vampire related. As you may already know, I'm slightly obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Halloween is just an excuse for me to pretend that I am one.

 10.Lush - Last but not least, the Halloween collection at Lush. When the collection hits you know Halloween is only around the corner! I was actually invited to a Lush event this time around and I LOVED it. You can see what I got up to over on my blog.
Lush Halloween Bath bombs 2016
Thank you for reading - If you liked this post, please check out my blog! Thank you to the lovely Emily for letting me ramble on her blog. It has been a pleasure! I'll leave my social media accounts below, come and chat to me - I'd love to be blogger buddies.
P.S - Let me know if you have any Halloween traditions.
Happy NEARLY Halloween xo



Guest Post | Why do I blog so much about the topics of Mental Health and English Literature??

Hello, darlings! Thank you so much to Emily for giving me this opportunity to do a guest post on this blog. My chosen topic for this particular Guest post is based around why I blog about the topics that I do.

For those who have read my blog, (There will be a link to it at the end of this post), you will be aware that the two main topics that I write about are my passion for the topic of mental health, as well as my love for English Literature. Of course, like many bloggers, I talk about other general topics, but these two are the ones I am most passionate about.

Both are very personal to me and have a massive influence in my life. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, which tends to make life rather complicated on an everyday basis. I also know a large number of people who suffer from a range of mental health issues….so, as you have all probably figured out by now, mental health is a big influence of my blog. Additionally, I absolutely adore English Literature and have done since a very early age. Again, it a large influence in my blog and my everyday life. I hope to start a BA Hons English Literature degree next year (September 2017) and hope to either go into teaching or a similar English Literature based career.

My main goal in life is to help others and help to make large changes in the world through both mental health and English Lit. It is so important to give yourself goals to achieve. It does not matter if they are small. It does not matter if they are big. Every goal a person makes is important and a step to making a difference in your own life and other lives. Believe in yourself! I guess that is why I decided to start blogging. To open the doors to start achieving my goals and aspirations. In the modern day, we come across so much negativity in the world, yet we do not take the time to celebrate the positive factors that surround us every day, as we are so overwhelmed by the negative. Blogging about topics I am passionate about allows me to keep in the mind frame that even though there are extremely tough days, there are always opportunities to make things a more positive and enlightening experience for myself, as well as other people!

I hope you enjoyed this (hopefully) motivating post. Please feel free to check my blog out, comment and follow. Thank you once again to Emily! You are a star!!
Much love,

Rhi. X

Blog: https://rhiannaelizabethblog.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rhianna.levi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LittleRhiRhi_
Instagram: helltoreality98


I Feel Inadequate

I've been racking my brains for about half an hour trying to think of some sort of inspirational photo and catchy title for this post, but I decided to just keep it simple and straight to the point. If that's not good enough or makes me a bad blogger for not having some sort of interest-worthy photo and genius title that seems like it's straight from the works of Shakespeare, then this pretty much epitomises what this entire post is about.

My old history teacher used to tell me that at the beginning of a piece of writing, you should get straight to the point of your argument at the beginning and then waffle afterwards, so here it is. I feel like I'm not good enough. I am an Atelphobic. So there you have it, I basically just feel rubbish about myself and life in general. If I was a decent person, would my closest friends bad mouth me behind my back and put me down? Would people walk past me in college and deliberately aim disgusting comments towards me purely because of the way I'm dressed and the way I look? If I was good enough, would I be really struggling with college work and despising every minute I spend in the place? Would I constantly be scared of little things, stupid things, like speaking to people, buying things in a shop, going out or just simply going to work? The answer in my head to all of these questions is a big fat no.

You're probably wondering where all of these questions stemmed from, so let me expand on that for you. Question 1, If I was a decent person, would some of my closest friends say vile things about my behind my back and deliberately slag me off and then lick my bum (for want of a better expression)?. This is the most recent occurrence out of all of the situations touched on above. Now I'm not naming names because they know who they are and the damage they've done, but I'm more than happy to share some quotes from them. 'She isolates herself in her car on a lunch time because she's thinks she's better than us' actually, the reason I isolate myself in my car is because I'd much rather be out there on my own listening to my music and enjoying my own company, than spending an entire lunch time sat with a bunch of people who are tearing me down and finding things to slag me off about behind my back. Surely you would feel the same? 'She's clearly lying about her job, she wouldn't know work if it came up and bit her on the ass' this one really made me laugh, because in my head I'm trying to understand why I would 1) lie about having a job, and 2) why would I drive all the way to work, dressed in clothes from the shop I work in that I have to wear for uniform (which isn't cheap btw) and buy myself a very realistic looking badge, to elaborate this amazing lie about having a job? I did have a good chuckle about that. 'She's such a liar, as if she bought her own car, obviously daddy paid for that' well let me tell you my friend, daddy certainly did not pay for my car, nor did mummy. Emily paid for her car, my dad did kindly donate £500 towards my deposit which is amazingly kind of him, but he did not buy my car at all. So many of my friends had cars bought for them by their parents, which I think is amazing, but just because I have a very nice brand new car, I'm constantly under scrutiny because apparently my parents must have bought it for me which is supposedly a crime. I am proud of myself, I saved up all of the money by myself, with no help from anyone else, and I bought the car of my dreams with my own money. If you don't believe me, then I'm quite happy to show you the documentation, I have nothing to hide. Just to reiterate, I have no problem with people who's parents bought them a car, in fact, I'm pleased for you. What I'm not happy about is that fact that people assume my parents bought me my car because 'there's no way she could afford that herself because she doesn't know what work is' and think ill of me for it. Jealousy is the only reason I can think of for this. 'She's rich and snobby' so because I dress nicely, do my makeup nicely and have a nice car, this is what some of the people closest to me assume about me. Well I can assure you, I'm not rich, and if you knew me well enough, then you would know that I'm not a snob, I never treat myself as above anyone else and I would bend over backwards for absolutely anyone. That's just a few quotes, I have many more that I'm more than happy to divulge if I continue to be treated like a mug. 

Secondly, the question of 'if I was a decent person, would people walk round college and deliberately aim disgusting comments at me just because of the way I'm dressed and the way I look?' This is another thing I've apparently lied about, but I can't seem to find a reason why I would lie about something so pathetic and ridiculous. Apparently, I do it for attention, but I hate drawing attention to myself so I have no idea where that came from. The first comment I had was from a first year (who had been in the college 2 days might I add) 'Eww why the f*** is she wearing wedges, this is a f****** college, who the f*** does she think she is?' Sorry little person, didn't realise it was a crime to care about my appearance and dress in something a little more put together than the likes of your tracksuit and air max that you seem to be sporting. The other was from two girls whom I've never laid eyes on in my life, one girl pointed at me and said to her friend 'eww I really don't like her, I think she's ugly, she's not pretty at all'. Numero uno, who the hell do you think you are making comments about my appearance like that when you don't know me, to be quite frank, you're disgusting. Numero dos, if you are thinking these vile thoughts, keep them to yourself and don't purposely make other people feel uncomfortable about the way they look just because you're incapable of keeping your big mouth shut. Not to mention the plethora of dirty looks I get on a daily basis, people looking me up and down with their judging eyes, staring right into me and making me feel uncomfortable and unworthy.

Thirdly, I work so so hard on everything I do. I am studying three A-levels, working a part time job and trying to run my own business (which again, I apparently lie about because 'there's no way she's making any money off her rubbishy little website'). I work extremely hard on everything I do and I feel like I get nothing out of it. No one ever praises me on how hard I work at college, apart from getting paid, I get no reward from my job, and very few people ever give me gratitude for the hard work I put into my blog. I've started to give up and lose all motivation. If I try my best and work hard, but get nothing out of it and instead just get picked apart and put down for everything I do, what's the point of even trying? I've given up on college work because half of my teachers don't ever bother to look at it or mark it, I've given up on everything. The thing I love doing most, my blog, has suffered so much over the last month because I've lost all motivation and feel like whatever I do isn't going to be good enough, so what's the point? I feel like I'm not happy with any content that goes up on my blog because with no motivation or inspiration, I've got no hope of putting out amazing content that I'm pleased with and that people actually want to read. I feel like I'm not happy with anything I do, because it's never good enough. I go to college, go to work, do all of my college work, but it's still wrong if I don't keep my room tidy, or put my washing out, or unload the dishwasher. It doesn't matter that I've done a whole bunch of amazing things that day, it matters more that I haven't done something insignificant. I feel like I'm defined by the little things that I haven't done or not done right, not by the amazing things that I have done and have achieved. I feel like they don't matter.

I feel like nothing good about me matters.  It's no secret that my blog earns me money which effectively makes this my very own little business. Not many 17 year olds can say they have their own little business, regardless of how small it is. I think that is a huge achievement. I also work hard to earn money to run my car and pay for everything I want and need so I can be completely self-sufficient. I then work hard at college too, so that I can get my qualifications and secure a bright future for me, so that hopefully one day I'll be doing very well financially and be able to support my family.  I am nice to everyone I meet, I would do anything for anyone. All I want is for everyone to be happy, my happiness can wait. I won't begin to work on my own happiness until I know that everyone around me is content, that's just my nature. But all of this doesn't matter, because apparently dressing nicely, having a nice car and doing my own thing makes me a bad person.

I look in the mirror and I'm constantly comparing myself to others. I don't have amazing skin, I don't have that model like figure, my hair doesn't look like something off the Toni&Guy display boards in boots. I am far from what I think is perfect, although to be honest if someone asked me what my idea of perfection was I wouldn't be able to give an answer because I don't know what I would say. I compare myself to my friends and colleagues, and I feel like I'm nothing compared to them. I feel meh. Now for the big conclusion, to finish off this little outburst quite nicely (I say little, I'm pretty sure this is one of my longest posts).

I am sick of feeling like this and being treated like I'm a bad person and I'm worth nothing to anyone. So a big fat middle finger to those who have done me wrong, your opinion's are invalid and I couldn't give a bigger f*** what you think of me. Whatever I do will never be good enough, so I'm gonna stop trying to be perfect because I know I never will be in your eyes. This post wasn't for all of you to take pity on me, nor was I intending to seek for attention. I just needed to get some stuff of my chest, and I feel as though this is my only outlet where I can say how I really feel without getting hugely judged for it. 

I hope you are all having a lovely evening, and if you made it to the end of this post then you're a real trooper!

Just remember what Jessie J said in a song a couple of years back - it's ok not to be ok.

Peace and love,

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #87

Well, it looks as though I disappeared again! However, I do have a very valid reason! As I may have mentioned a few weeks ago, I started a new job on 21st September which I work for alongside college. My life seems to be a constant cycle of work and college, and any spare time I do have is spent trying to catch up on college work which has forced me to neglect my blog, and my GRLPOWR gang which I feel so guilty about. I shouldn't feel guilty because there has been absolutely nothing I could do to improve the situation, thats the way it has to be.  I am back temporarily, I have managed to just about catch up on everything and find some time to give my blog some love again, but I daresay I'll disappear temporarily again soon. However, the October half term is quickly approaching so I will hopefully have plenty more time to give my blog the attention and love that it deserves. Thank you so much for bearing with me, I'm so grateful that my blog has continued to grow, even when I have been absent. It shows me that my readers are accepting of the fact that life gets in the way of what you want to do some times, and they support me no matter how many times I seem to fall off the planet completely. For that, I'll forever owe you my gratitude.

This week I'm working a lot, and going to college a lot so theres no change there! I have some very exciting guest posts going up this week from two lovely ladies, one is a personal post from a lovely girl called Rhianna, and the other is a really exciting Halloween-themed post from Amy. I am so excited for you to read them, and hopefully be able to give them both some lovely feedback! Hopefully, if I can really knuckle down in any spare time I have, I should be able to get some proper posts up next week! I have really missed putting out my own content that I am enthusiastic about, I have so many ideas flying round my head at the moment that I'm so excited to put into practice for you over the next few months. I am always so inspired during the Autumn, everything about it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and makes me so happy!

Thank you again for sticking by me, hopefully soon I'll be able to give something back to you all! (hinting at a giveaway) ;). I hope you've had the most amazing September, and I hope you have a fabulous week!

Emily xx