My Driving Experience - Learning to Drive, Tests and Getting your First Car! AD

If you're learning to drive, thinking about learning to drive, approaching your 17th birthday or just plain curious, then sit tight because I'm about to give you a (fairly long) post giving you as much detail as I can about what you can expect when learning to drive, taking your theory test, taking your practical test and getting your first car!


The Sunday Edit #83

Happy Sunday! This week has been pretty chilled, but a lot of exciting things have happened! As you will have seen in Friday's post, I am working on a project with 30 other bloggers called GRLPOWR, where we host chats, support each other and do everything we can to spread positivity and help us all to grow and better our blogs. We have a Blog, Twitter and Instagram set up so make sure you follow those, you can find the links on my Twitter and in my post from Friday!

I've also had a lot exciting packages arrive this week, so expect some exciting things coming up very soon! My blog has grown such a lot over the last week as well as all of my social media, so thank you to all of you who have joined in my little online space! It's very rewarding to see that people are appreciating my work and enjoy the content I put out, I set this little blog up as something I could do in my spare time, I didn't even expect to get 1 reader so I am genuinely shocked by the amount of people who follow me and read every single post of mine! A huge thank you to all of you, hopefully I'll be able to hold a giveaway in the future so that I can give something back to all of you loyal readers!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and let me know what you will be getting up to over the bank holiday weekend, I'd love to know! I'm currently away in my caravan so I am chilling as much as I can, bracing myself for going back to college on 5th September! Let me know what you'll be up to in September, whether you're still in school, going to college or perhaps you're off to Uni or starting a new job, I'd love to know!

Emily xx

The Ultimate Concealer Low Down with Into the Gloss

You might've guessed, todays post is all about concealers. I picked a whole range of concealers from my collection and thought I would give you the low down on each one, the pros, the cons and the best way to use them. I worked on this post with intothegloss.com which is an absolutely amazing beauty website that I have been reading for quite a while. They share some amazing articles and posts that provide you with everything you need to know about hair, skin, nails, makeup and health.

We will start with the most expensive one of the bunch, the infamous MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I have mine in the shade NC20 which is a little dark, but I can work with it. I don't actually use this as a concealer (I like to break the rules), I actually use it as an eye primer. Now you may think I'm mad, but this actually does the job much better than any proper eye primer that I have tried. This has anti-crease technology in, which means your eyeshadow won't crease all day and it dries matte which helps to keep eyelid oils at bay and ensures your eyeshadow stays in one piece. It also claims to last for 15 hours, meaning your eyeshadow is really not going anywhere until you take it off. I find the pump applys a bit too much, so if I am really careful I can just about get half a pump which will cover both eyelids from lashline to browbone, and then I set it with either a translucent powder os a cream coloured eyeshadow so that anything I put on top of it then blends beautifully.

Next up we have one that requires no explanation, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer has been a cult product ever since I have been into Makeup. Its crazy coverage, its longevity and its fabulous blendability has rightfully earned it it's title as most people's favourite concealer of all time. It's an all round great concealer, you can use it to highlight under the eyes, as an eyelid primer or to cover up those pesky blemishes. Plus, coming in at £4.19, it's an absolute bargain not to be sniffed at!

If you want radiant and sheer coverage, then the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer is the one for you. The coverage is light to medium, but easily blendable and looks radiant once applied. It is very hydrating which is a must for anyone who gets slightly drier around the eye area, and helps keep you looking youthful without looking too caked up or overdone. I have the lightest shade, extra fair but I do still find this to be a little dark on me and a little cool toned for me, but if you like a more cool toned concealer and aren't as pale as me, then this is a fabulous one to go for!

Onto a slightly more unique formula, the Nyx HD Concealer Wand is a moussey consistency that packs in a whole lot of coverage. Designed to be photogenic, it really brightens and covers flawlessly, whilst blending to the point that you wouldn't even know it was there. It's perfect for events where you'll be constantly plagued with flash photography, as your skin wont appear bright light, and you'll also look completely flawless.

Next up we have possibly my favourite concealer, the much underrated Essence Stay All Day 16 Hour Concealer. This one has it all, it's hydrating, long-lasting, super-blendable, brightening and has a whole lot of coverage. I have gone through about 4 of these and I just can't get enough, I will certainly be repurchasing this one again, and being the cheapest one of the bunch at £2.50, it really is one to look out for.

The last liquid concealer is the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer, which I actually don't use as a concealer (I think you could probably tell that by the shade of it)! If you would've read my monthly favourites which you can find here, you will know that I use the shade Toast to contour. This is so much more blendable than a cream contour and is much more forgiving, so if you aren't so skilled with cream products but love the look of cream contour, try a concealer that is a few shades darker than your skin tone, you might be surprised! This particular one has a nifty little brush which applies just the right amount of product (unless you squeeze the tube too much and then you just end up in a hot mess) and is perfect for fitting right under your cheekbones, down the sides of your nose and is even handy for contouring under your lips if you want them to look extra pouty.

Now the next two are cream concealers, and I would say they are both relatively similar but not quite. Both the Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer and the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint are very thick in consistency but melt into the skin, have absolutely insane coverage and blend perfectly with the warmth of your fingers. However, I would say the Rimmel one is slightly more greasy in texture compared to the Seventeen one which is a little drier, but they are both brilliant at covering dark spots and blemishes, and also as an eye primer! If you have really veiny eyelids, suffer from dark spots or blemishes then this one is the one for you! The only thing I will say is they can look a little cakey under the eyes, and if you have problems with concealer creasing then these may be ones to steer clear of.

If you would like to delve even deeper into the world of concealers, you can find the post that Into The Gloss have created here. They have talked about the absolute best concealers from Benefit, Nars, Makeup Forever, Kevyn Aucoin, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Dior and many more, and have sorted them into categories. If you are after a specific kind of concealer, then this article is certainly the one for you, so pop over for a little read!

What are your favourite concealers?

Emily xx



If you follow me on Twitter you will have probably seen this photo and this hashtag popping up rather a lot over the past couple of days. GRLPOWRCHAT is a Blogger Community run by me and a bunch of other lovely bloggers, where we host chats, support each other, help other bloggers and help send out a positive message to our followers. We also have an Instagram page here where we repost all of your beautiful pictures as well as keeping you up to date on what we are all up to! You can use the #GRLPOWR to be featured on either Instagram or Twitter, and during our chats you can use the hashtag #GRLPOWRCHAT.

Our schedule for Twitter chats is as follows;

Tuesday 9pm onwards
Thursday 8pm onwards
Sunday ALL DAY

Tuesday's and Thursday's chats will be hosted by a different admin each chat and will be on a different topic each time. We are all taking it in turns to host a chat and I will be hosting out second chat on Thursday 1st September so make sure you stick it in your diary and come and have a natter with me! On Sunday we are doing what we have called 'Supportive Sunday' which is an all day chat where you can send us questions/problems and the 3 admins in charge on that particular day will do their best to help and advise you with anything you may need. If you have any questions or want any more information, don't hesitate to contact me or contact us through the GRLPOWRCHAT accounts where either me or one of the other ladies will reply to you as soon as possible!

Here’s the GRLPOWR Admins/Members, be sure to check out their blogs and follow them! :
Chanté ( @chantenna ) : chantenna.blogspot.com
Em ( @ohfab ) : ohfab.co.uk
I can't wait to see some of you joining in with this amazing new project, be sure to let me know what you think about it!
Emily xx


My Top 10 Makeup Brushes

I ran a little poll on Twitter to see what you wanted to see from me today and it was a very close between this and a post on my experience learning to drive and getting my car. The results were 56% of votes for my top 10 brushes and 44% for my driving post so it was very close, but this one was the clear winner nonetheless!

Tools are a vital part of our beauty routines. Our favourite products would be nothing without the tools that allow them to do their job, so I thought I would shine the spotlight on them today and show some appreciation for my favourite brushes.


First up is the cheapest of the bunch, the Makeup Revolution F104 is a big old fluffy brush that is quite slim, making it the perfect brush for applying bronzer in the exact places where you want it and blending it seamlessly. You could also use this for powder, this brush has multiple uses and the quality of it is outstanding for a budget brand. Plus, its rose gold and who doesn't love something thats rose gold?!

Up next is the Real Techniques Blush Brush which has been one of my favourite brushes for a good few years. Its big fluffy head means that anything that you apply blends out beautifully, as well as having a slightly tapered end to get it in just the right place! This is also a brush that can be used for multiple things, I have used this for both bronzer and blusher, and I think I have even used it for powder when I haven't had a clean powder brush!

This post features a lot os Real Techniques brushes as they are simply fantastic, and the Buffing Brush is certainly no exception. This brush is perfect for making sure that foundation is blended flawlessly into the skin, and I have also been using it for powder recently as it's flat top really helps me to press the powder into the skin to make sure that my foundation is going to be sticking around all day!

The Real Techniques Contour Brush is a firm favourite with a lot of people, it is the perfect size for really carving out your cheekbones and it can also be used for concealer or setting under the eyes. I couldn't be without this brush, out of all of the brushes I have used for contouring, this one is definitely my favourite.

The penultimate gem from Real Techniques is their Setting Brush which I managed to grab in the boxing day sale on feel unique a few years back. This brush is perfect for setting in those hard to reach areas like around the nose and under the eyes, as well as being absolutely perfect for applying highlight precisely where you want it!

Last up for Face we have a relatively new addition to my collection, the Morphe M501 was mentioned in my previous favourites post and became a favourite of mine almost instantly. Its tapered end means I can pack on highlighter in precisely the right place without getting it everywhere, and this brush is also an absolute bargain for the quality!


The last Real Techniques pick is the Base Shadow Brush which is a definite staple in my collection. Its flat side makes it perfect for packing colour onto the lid, its thin tip fits perfectly into the crease and its pointed tip is perfect for getting right into the outer V. You can also use this brush for buffing in concealer around your nose or under your eyes as it is the perfect size and shape! It's just a shame they don't sell this separately because I barely get any use out of the other brushes in the eye set!

Onto slightly more pricey offerings, the Sigma E30 Pencil was definitely the one thing I was missing in my eye collection and I don't know where I would be without it! It's perfect for applying darker colours very precisely into the outer corner as well as smoking out my lower lash line. If you don't own a pencil brush then you certainly need one, trust me it'll change your life!

Another one from Sigma, the E40 Tapered Blending Brush has been hailed a necessity by so many makeup artists and Youtubers, and I can totally see why! This brush is perfect for getting a transition colour thats blended to perfection, as well as being extremely handy for going back round the edges of your eyeshadow once your masterpiece is finished so that all harsh lines are a thing of the past and you're looking like the goddess of blended fleekness.

Lastly, we have possible the most luxurious and attractive brush. The Zoeva 223 Petite Eye Blender is certainly one that looks very at home displayed on your dressing table, its blush pink handle and rose gold ferrel really is a sight for sore eyes! The brush itself is actually fabulous too, its bristles are beautifully soft, and this dense brush is perfect for getting right in that inner corner to make sure that your highlight pops! I don't use this brush for its intended purpose because I like to break the rules, which pretty much sums up my attitude towards makeup!

That concludes my top 10 brushes, which brushes would be in your top 10?

Emily xx


Worth The Hype? | The Eye Edit

 Welcome to the second instalment of 'Worth the Hype?'. This is almost a week late because I have been struck down with the most horrendous stomach migraine all week and I have literally not been able to move to publish a post! Today is a low down on all things eyes.

First up we have some cream eyeshadows that everyone and their mother seems to love. The most expensive of the duo is the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot. I have the shades Bare Study, which is a very light shimmery golden shade, and Lets Skate which is a baby pink with golden glitter running through it. These are beautiful products, you get a fair amount of product for your money in very sturdy and classic glass jars with black lids. The formula of these is beautiful, the warmth of your finger melts the very creamy product and they glide and blend on to your lids effortlessly. These can be worn alone or as a base for other shadows, as their crease proof formula acts as a brilliant primer to keep your other shadows lasting all day long. As expected of MAC, the shade range of these is impeccable and you're guaranteed to find something to suit your eyelids needs! If you're on a bit more of a budget, the Maybelline Color Tattoo's are the ones for you.  The formula of these are almost identical for under a third of the price. I find that these last slightly longer on the lids, however the shade range isn't quite as extensive as the MAC ones, however it does seem to be growing.  Both of these products have lived up to their hype, and I will definitely be purchasing more shades in the future.

There are many hyped up eyeshadow palettes within the beauty community, and when I was going through my stash I realised that I seem to be easily-influenced and have the majority of them! I decided to pick two that I think are very deserving of their hype. First up is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette which is possibly one of the most unique formulas I have ever come across. I wrote a full review on this beauty here where I gave you the lowdown of each individual shade so be sure to have a nose at that. The smell of these cocoa-powder infused shadows is simply divine, and the buttery and dreamy formula is simply to die for. The shades in here are beautiful and it provides you with a great variety to create a plethora of different looks, so it is perfect for all occasions. I have also used shades in this to contour and highlight, as well as finding a blush too so it really is a fantastic product.  It is a little on the pricey side, £39 seems a lot to part with for 16 little eyeshadows, but I can assure you the hype is justified and it is worth your pennies! Secondly, we have the much coveted Morphe 35O Palette. This is the perfect palette for the Autumn and Winter, the shades of these are unlike no other and I think this is actually extremely affordable for the quality of the shadows and the quantity of them! 35 eyeshadows for £21.75 is an absolute steal, no wonder this baby sold out in record time after Jaclyn Hill introduced it to us on her Snap Chat for the first time when it was released. If you can manage to get your hands on this gem, then do it! (I'm such an enabler).

The last of the eyeshadows are of course from Makeup Geek! These are known as some of the best budget shadows on the market, used by makeup artists and beauty gurus worldwide, they certainly caused a stir when big Youtubers such as Jaclyn Hill expressed their love for them. I have a full post on these beauties here. I have since got 2 more shades, and I am definitely up for getting more, I can't have a half empty z palette for much longer! The matte shades are phenomonal, which is rare in a budget brand. They are insanely pigmented and buttery, and I have never known shadows blend so well. The shimmers are no different, they are insanely beautiful and are a must for any makeup lover. They also have an insanely fabulous shade range, they have absolutely everything! Next on my list to try is the foiled eyeshadows, they look phenomonal!

The liquid liner that stood out to me as a very popular product was the Soap and Glory Supercat Liner Pen. It's thin tip makes it a breeze to use, and its carbon black and intensely pigmented formula means you have the perfect wings all day long. It doesn't crack or smudge throughout the day so your fleekiness won't be short lived! This liner is an absolute bargain as well, at £6.00 this is a much cheaper alternative to the much loved Stila stay all day liquid liner!

Last but not least, we have two mascaras that really float my boat. First up is the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara which was massively hyped up when it launched around 2 years ago. This mascara is one of my firm favourites, it makes my lashes look crazy long, it doesn't clump, separates them beautifully and lasts a decent amount of time without smudging or flaking. This mascara is definitely worthy of holy grail status, along with the next and last product which is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara which I would say is a pretty close dupe! The only difference I would say is that the brush on the Maybelline one is a lot more chunky even though it is a very similar shape! I also find that the Maybelline one is slightly thicker in formula and can get a little on the clumpy side when it starts to dry out. This is definitely a great one if you're interested in Roller Lash but you're on a budget, and these two are definitely worth the hype!

Pop back Friday for my final instalment of 'Worth the hype?' where we will be talking all things lips! Which hyped up eye products have you tried, and are they worthy of their hype or not? I'd love to know!

Emily xx


Worth The Hype? | The Face Edit

I'll first start off by apologising for the slightly different photos, I've been experimenting a little so just ignore the shabby lighting, I think I've fixed it now for future posts! Also going to apologise for the lateness of this post, I scheduled this the other day and it just disappeared, I checked it earlier to see if there were any comments to reply to and it wasn't on my blog, nor was it in my list of posts on blogger so I starting again from scratch! Me and technology just really aren't getting on at the minute. Anyway, welcome to the first post in 'Worth the Hype?' week, today we are talking all things face!

Starting off with primer, probably one of the most infamous primers is the Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm. The beauty world went crazy over this when NikkieTutorials first introduced it to us, and naturally I had to jump on the bandwagon.  I just use a tiny drop of this, and its gel like consistency works into the skin smoothly, hydrating and preparing the skin for foundation. My foundation definitely lasts a little longer when I've used this and foundation goes on and sits on the skin so nicely with this underneath. You do smell like a man for a little bit but its not too bad! So the question is..... is the Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm worth the hype? The answer is a big fat YES!

Next up is foundation, and I think the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation has been a cult favourite for a hot minute. I have a love/hate relationship with this product, my main peeve being that it is the complete opposite of what its name leads you to believe. For me, it is very full coverage and quite matte and drying, which is nothing like the lightweight and radiant product that the name suggests. Some of my friends who love this agree with me, but I was just a little disappointed that it wasn't what I expected. I have the shade 'Siberia' which is the lightest shade because I'm pale af, and I find this is a little yellow in undertone and after a bit of research, they all seem to be quite yellow toned which makes it look a bit weird on me as I am a bit more pinky toned. I do tend to mix this foundation with something more pink to neutralise it and that usually does the trick. Sometimes I use this foundation and I love it, it looks flawless, has a beautiful finish and wears really nicely. However, other times I use it and it clings to dry patches, looks cakey and patchy, won't blend and no other products blend nicely on top of it. I think it all depends on what mood my skin is in, how I prep my face and what other products I use with it. So, is NARS Sheer Glow worth the hype? For me, I think it's very overrated but I know so many people who really love this so I think it is definitely down to the individual, I definitely recommend getting a sample of this so you can try before you buy.

Now onto concealer, the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty community. It's been predominantly used for contouring, hence why mine is in the shade Toast which is evidently a lot darker than my complexion. The formula of this is fabulous, it's high coverage, blends seamlessly and sets nicely so it doesn't slip and slide throughout the day. You have a good few minutes to blend but once its blended it doesn't feel too tacky and sets nicely to a satin finish. I've heard it compared to the NARS radiant creamy concealer which I haven't actually tried so I can't comment, but I've heard great things about it. This comes in at only £5 which is an absolute bargain, especially since the NARS one is about £22. So, is the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer worth the hype? It's a definite yes from me!

Next up, we have the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder which has been a favourite of mine ever since I started wearing makeup. This powder does it all, sets your makeup and locks it in place all day as well as blurring pores and imperfections and giving your foundation a helping hand in making your skin look flawless without looking like your caked in makeup. This powder works all of this magic without adding any extra coverage so if full coverage isn't really your thing, then this won't add coverage where its unwanted.  I have gone through probably about 6 of these which doesn't sound like a lot but this does last an awful long time, you do get a lot of product in the pan and you don't need to cake on a huge amount every time. This is an absolute steal for £3.99 and this is 100% worth the hype.

Onto Bronzer, the Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna has been a staple in the beauty lover's makeup bag for as long as I can remember. The hype seems to have died down a little bit now, but a few years ago this was all anyone ever talked about, and rightly so.  If you're pale and looking for a high end bronzer that'll suit your skin and make you look like a bronzed goddess, then this is the one for you.  It has very finely milled gold glitter in it which adds a beautiful golden glow to the skin, and bronzes up the skin as well as sculpting and defining, meaning theres no need for a contour with this! It blends onto the skin beautifully and you do get a good sized product, mine has lasted me about 2 years which is very good going, I have just hit pan and there is still plenty of product left. The only thing that would stop me repurchasing it is the pretty hefty price tag, I paid £27 for this when I got this but it has now gone up to £28 which means its not the most budget friendly product, but it deserves all of the hype that it gets!

For blush, I picked out the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso which stood out to me as a very well recognised and loved product for beauty lovers all over the world. This beautiful peachy glow is something most makeup-overs dream about, it suits pretty much every skin tone and looks so natural and pretty on the cheeks, I just can't speak highly enough of it. It finishes off any makeup look beautifully and I use it almost on the daily. If you can get your hands on this then I would definitely recommend you grab it, I think it is definitely worthy of its hype.

Now for highlight! Highlight is my absolute favourite makeup product, so naturally as soon as I see people raving about a highlight I have to get it without asking any questions, hence why I am featuring four in this post!
First up is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle which is one of MAC's best sellers.  This used to be one of my absolute favourites but it just doesn't float my boat any more. I feel like it lacks pigment and can be a little chunky for my liking. I think since I've really delved into the world of highlighters I have found so many more amazing products that I can't help but compare it to, so it no longer seems like the best thing, there are so many more affordable products that put this one to shame, and although this used to be a firm favourite of mine, I can't help but say that this is no longer worth the hype.
Next up we have TheBalm Mary Loumanizer which is again, loved by many including me. This is the perfect light golden colour that works a dream on pale skin and adds a beautiful radiant glow without a chunk of glitter in sight. It's buttery and intensely pigmented formula glides onto the skin and blends like a dream. This pigmentation is absolutely insane so you do have to use a light hand if you're not all about the mega intense highlight, a little goes a very long way! This has definitely lived up to its hype!
Onto the kits, first up to bat is the Sleek Solstice Palette which is a fairly new addition to my collection. Good quality drugstore highlights are few and far between, so when the beauty community discovered this gem, it was shouted from the rooftops and it soon sold out pretty quickly. I managed to get my hands on it in boots, there were 2 left so I grabbed two, one for me and one for my friend who was also dying to get in on the action. This palette contains 4 beautiful shades, 3 powders and one cream. I'm not a huge fan of the cream because I find its a little dark for my skin, but as you can see the other 3 powders are to die for! The formula is a little more chunky and less buttery than Mary Lou, but the insane pigmentation is definitely evident and it blends onto the skin beautifully, catching the light and being very noticeable and making the skin look almost wet (but in the good way). These also double up as amazing eyeshadows, and anything multi-use is definitely a must if you're travelling or on a budget. At £9.99, this is definitely a much cheaper alternative to the product I'm moving onto next. Another product that is definitely worth the hype!
Last but not least, I've picked out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam as being a much coveted product. The world went crazy for these when they were launched and I think they are out of stock almost everywhere in the UK. This again has 4 shades, these ones are considerably larger than the pans in the sleek palette. These have a beautifully buttery formula, and they really do pack a punch. They really do give you a beautiful glow and blend seamlessly to ensure you get the perfect application every time. These also double up as fabulous eyeshadows so again, they're perfect for travelling. The only downside to this palette is that two of the shades are quite dark so I only really get use out of two of them which feels like a bit of a waste, but I plan to use them as either eyeshadows or blushes once I'm feeling a little braver! If you can manage to get hold of this and don't mind paying the slightly ridiculous price tag of £39.99, you'll see that this does in fact live up to its hype!

If you're still reading at this point, a big pat on the back for you because this was an unintentionally long and ramble post! Which hyped up face products have you tried, and were they worth the hype or not? Let me know your thoughts!

Emily xx


The Sunday Edit #82 - Liquid Lip Week Winner

This week has been fairly chilled, not a lot has gone on to speak of! We have been away all week, so we have been to a few places shopping, chilled in the sun and just lounged around really. We are coming home today (well I'm leaving early by myself actually) because I am meeting some friends at the Balloon Fiesta which is a huge event in Bristol where I live, where you might've guessed, there is hot air balloons! It happens every year but I haven't been since I was really little because we have always been away over the weekend in august when it takes place. I'm quite excited to go, but a little apprehensive because I know it'll be packed, people have come from all over the world just to see it! Another exciting thing that happened this week is that I won a giveaway from the lovely Kat who runs thekatspaws.com. I won 3 limited edition baby lips so I am very excited for them to arrive so I can play with them!

You may have noticed that the last post in my little series on liquid lipsticks went up this morning, which means it is time to announce the winner. The Winner is.......................................................................... COLOURED RAINE! This one trumps all of the rest with both the formula and the shade range! The only downside would be the price, but I definitely think they are worth investing in. Have you enjoyed this little series? I've had no comments on any of my posts and no one as given me any feedback yet, so I am intrigued to know what you thought of it and whether you would like me to do something similar in the future. On the blog this week we have 'Worth the hype?' week. This is going to be 3 posts split into different categories (because I ended up including a lot of products) of products that have been massively hyped up, and whether I think that the hype was justified. If all goes to plan, Monday's post should be on face products, Wednesday's is all about eyes and Friday's should focus on lips! I am quite excited about the posts this week, I am always intrigued to see whether people think a product lives up to its hype or not, so hopefully you will enjoy it too!

I think that's all I have for you this week! I hope you've all had a lovely week, let me know what you've been up to!

Emily xx

Liquid Lip Week | Day #5 | Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Paint

Apologies for the late posting of this, this post was due up Friday but there's been a problem with the wifi, so I got half way through it and the wifi crashed so it wouldn't save and I lost all of my work! This is my second and hopefully last attempt at introducing you to the Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Paint's.

I purchased these a few months ago along with the Violet Voss ones which I wrote about here. These are probably the most similar in formula to the Kylie Lip Kit than any of the liquid lipsticks I have written about last week, as I mentioned in my July Favourites here. They are quite runny in consistency, and glide onto the lips beautifully, packing on an astonishing amount of pigment with just one swipe. These dry right down to a transfer-proof matte, and feel very light on the lips, almost like you aren't wearing anything! With just one thin layer, these are very comfortable to wear and unless you apply too much, they won't flake throughout the day. These last about 6 hours without excessive food and drinking before they start to fade from the inside of your lips. These liquid lip paints have a very small doe-foot applicator, making application slightly easier and you can get a much more precise coating.

I'd say the packaging of these is plain and simple which is nice, but in my opinion they look a little cheap and maybe a little bit childish with the pink plastic lids, especially considering they're £15 each. However, they're great to liven up your makeup bag if most of your makeup has black packaging, and I know a lot of people who love this sort of thing!

The shade range of these are the best yet, they offer everything from blues to pinks, lilacs to reds, nudes to browns, everything you could possibly wish for! I have 2 shades, 24seven and Mars but I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. If you aren't willing to shell out £15 for Mars, you can see that I have found a dupe which is the NYX liquid suede which I posted about here. The only differences between the two is that the Coloured Raine one is slightly longer lasting and a little less pink toned than the NYX one.

Overall, these are definitely a favourite of mine! You can expect to see more of these on my blog in the future, I definitely want to collect them all!

Which shade should I go for next?

Emily xx


Liquid Lip Week | Day #4 | NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

Welcome to day 4 of Liquid lip week! The penultimate post in this little series is going to be all about the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick.

The formula of this is fairly similar to the Kylie lip kit, which you can read more about here and here, except I find this is a little thicker in consistency, almost a little bit moussey in texture. It's fairly large yet tapered doe-foot applicator ensures a quick, somewhat easy and even application so that even without a lip liner you should be able to apply it pretty precisely. This product glides on and feels silky smooth on the lips before it dries down to a completely matte and transfer-proof finish. It feels very lightweight and comfortable on the lips, and doesn't flake off which is a definite hit for me. This lasts about 5ish hours if you're not eating and drinking too much, but if you're eating and drinking or you're the type of person to lick your lips often, then you can expect this to last around 2-3 hours before it starts to wear off from the inside of your lips outwards.

The colour range of this is fantastic, they have your neutrals and your reds, as well as some really whacky colours like a violet, an orange and even a grey! I have the shade soft spoken which is definitely a kylie kind of shade, I would definitely say if Mac whirl was a little more pinky toned, it would be a pretty good dupe for this!

These beauties retail for £6.50 in boots, which is an amazing price for such a high quality product! NYX have got some really fabulous products in their range, this is just one of the many so I definitely recommend having a browse on the boots website or hunting for them in a store near you. The soft matte lip creams were also a hit for me last year, so be sure to check those out too!

What are your favourite products from NYX? I've got my eye on their loose powder for baking, may pop out and pick that up tomorrow!

Emily xx


Liquid Lip Week | Day #3 | Violet Voss Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Welcome to Day 3 of liquid lip week! Today I'm giving you the lowdown on the Violet Voss Matte Liquid Lipsticks. Violet Voss are a brand that I hadn't heard that much about, I was first made aware of them when I saw the Holy Grail palette constantly popping up in my Instagram feed, and then I noticed them whilst browsing beauty bay and picked up two of their liquid lipsticks on a whim.

Formula-wise, these are almost identical to the sleek ones which I wrote about yesterday here. They're relatively thick in formula, very pigmented and opaque, a tiny bit drying and can be a little flaky from time to time if you apply to thick of a coat. These wear off in exactly the same way as the sleek ones, from the centre of the lips outwards and leaving a line around the edge, so if you go out wearing one of these (especially in a dark shade) make sure you bring it with you for touch ups. Trust me, I learnt that the hard way! The applicators on these are relatively long (similar to that on the shade 'petal' from Sleek) but these are a little thicker and more spongey and bendy, so they are a little easier to use than the sleek ones, but using a lip liner is essential for a precise application with these as the applicator is on the large side. The shade range of these is very good, although they all seem to be pinky toned which I know doesn't appeal to everyone but if that's something you're in to, violet voss have plenty on offer to you!

I would say I prefer these a little more to the sleek ones, purely for the fact these last a little longer, the packaging is a little more chic and they're just a touch less drying. However, for the price, I think the sleek ones are definitely a much more affordable alternative. These are beautiful lipsticks and I definitely think I will get a lot of use out of these more into the autumn time as these are beautiful autumn/winter shades!

Which other bits from Violet voss would you recommend I try? I've got my eye on some of their glitters and lashes!

Emily xx

Liquid Lip Week | Day #2 | Sleek Matte Me Lip Gloss

Welcome to Day 3 of Liquid Lip Week! The stars of todays show are the Sleek Matte Me Lip Gloss' which I didn't really know a lot about until I saw them in boots whilst perusing the sleek stand. The only thing I had heard was from the lovely sophdoesnails who used the shade 'petal' in a video and I can't remember whether it was Sophie or Shaaanxo who said that the shade 'birthday suit' was a dupe for Candy K by Kylie Jenner but I am yet to put that to the test!

The formula of these are mostly pigmented but I find each shade differs (this is a common trait among most makeup products). The shades velvet slippers and shabby chic are very pigmented and opaque and really only require one coat, Velvet slippers requiring a slightly thicker coat than shabby chic. Petal, as you can probably tell from the swatch is very sheer and goes on extremely patchy. I tried this with two coats and it just felt way too thick and like my lips were shrivelling up so this isn't a shade I get a lot of use out of on its own. However, I bought a lip liner from sleek (which is actually fab) which matches perfectly, so if I line and fill in my lips first and then apply one thin coat of petal, it works a lot better.  The formula is quite thick in consistency, not watery and runny like the Kylie one. They do dry down completely matte, they don't transfer at all once they are completely dry. It does feel comfortable to wear, sometimes I get a bit of flaking if I rub my lips together or apply too much, but I never feel like its a massive problem. The longevity isn't bad, but I find after about 5 hours they've worn off from the inside of my lips outwards, leaving a weird looking line round the edge of my lips which can be a little annoying. If I am eating, drinking and talking, then I usually need to retouch after about 2 hours which is a little inconvenient if I'm out, but I'll allow it because these colours are beautiful! The applicators on shabby chic and velvet slippers are very small and allow a precise application, however the applicator on petal is completely different! It's really long which makes application even more difficult, I'm not sure if petal is maybe in old packaging as I did buy them in different boots stores.

Apart from petal being a little bit iffy, these are a really great drugstore alternative to some of the more expensive liquid lipsticks. I would recommend shabby chic and velvet slippers to anyone, but petal does require a lot of extra effort but it is a beautiful shade if you are willing to experiment with it and find a way to wear it that works.

Have you tried these? What other shades do I need to pick up?

Emily xx


Liquid Lip Week | Day #1 | Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color

Welcome to Day 1 of liquid lip week! Now before I jump into rambling about these beauties, I thought I would give you a little introduction to what this week is going to consist of. To cut a long story short, I am obsessed with matte liquid lipsticks, so I thought I would do a review on a different liquid lip every day for a week, and then at the end of the week give you a little round up and tell you which one is the 'winner' if you like, the best of the bunch.

As you can see by the title, today we are kickstarting liquid lip week with the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color's which are a fairly recent launch from Revlon. This line has 7 shades, 3 of which I own and 4 of which I am aiming to own! It's not the most extensive colour range and a lot of them are fairly similar, however, the shades that are on offer suit me down to the ground.  The shades are all amazingly pigmented as you can see from the swatches above, and I can guarantee you there is at least 1 shade to suit everyone. The packaging looks very chic, with the rather expensive-looking frosted glass bottle and the simple silver lid. The doe-foot applicator is a little on the large side so I'd recommend using a lip liner to make application that little bit easier and precise.

The formula of these is quite a unique one compared to the majority of liquid lipsticks I have tried. I find these don't really dry down like your average liquid lipstick, they stay tacky and feel just like a regular lipstick, but they give the appearance of a liquid lipstick because they look matte (after a good 10 minutes of drying time that is). They first apply like a lip lacquer and have a similar texture to a gloss, but then dry matte which did take me a while to get used to, because to me thats a little weird! They are extremely long lasting and I find I can go a good 5 hours of eating and drinking before needing a touch up, however, these are NOT transfer proof. This doesn't dry down to a point where you can wipe your lips and nothing comes of. This transfers just like a regular lipstick, meaning glasses, cups and straws will be covered in this stuff. However, this is probably one of the best liquid lipsticks that the drugstore has to offer and probably one of the cheapest options on the market. These are great for anyone who hates the feeling of wearing a liquid lipstick but loves the look of them, as they look like a liquid lipstick but feel very comfortable to wear.

Overall, these are a fabulous starting point for someone eager to dive into the world of liquid lipsticks and I would definitely consider purchasing some more shades!

Have you tried these? if so, what do you think?

Emily xx

The Sunday Edit #81

At long last, a Sunday Post! I think the last time I did a Sunday post was just after Christmas so it's been a while.

This week has been quite a busy one! I met up with some really good friends of mine, Meg and Charleigh on Monday and spent an entire day with them, just chatting and eating Mexican food which was fab! Tuesday I spent all day working on bloggy things, and I went to see Finding Dory with my best friend Evie after dancing, which was absolutely amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I am so glad that I wasn't disappointed. On Wednesday I did a spot of shopping in the morning, and then another friend of mine, Chloe, came round to film a video with me for her youtube channel which you can find here, which will be up Wednesday next week as well as the blog she did when she spent the day with me which should be up the Wednesday after. Go and subscribe to Chloe so you will see our video once she has uploaded it, and go and leave some comments and let her know that I sent you! Then on Thursday, I went into Town with Meg and Charleigh to do some makeup shopping, and we had some amazing burgers in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and had a really lovely day! Then Friday I spent most of the day doing even more bloggy things, so you all have a lot of exciting things to look forward to! Yesterday I did a little more shopping, and I also went and got henna done for the very first time which was so exciting. I have been wanting it done for so long and I finally found a lady to do it. You can see a photo of it on my instagram which is linked in the little button at the top of my blog, or you can just search up my username 'its_little_em'.

For anyone wondering, the amazing pieces of wall art in the above photo are from Coconut Lane which are an amazing site that sell everything you can possibly imagine! Wall art, stationary, homeware, sunglasses, socks, jewellery, phone and laptop cases and so much more! So many beautiful girly designs, you can definitely rely on them to have something to suit your taste. I absolutely love their sassy quotes, and I think they will look amazing all around my room. You can use my discount code 'littleem20' to get 20% off your order, so treat yourself to some of their amazing goodies. I have my eye on some of their amazing sunglasses, I particularly like the Luxe Marble Tropez Sunglasses which you can see on the stunning Melia May in the photo below! *Inserts all of the heart eyed emojis* Click the photo to see her Instagram (it's so beautiful!) and be sure to check out her blog!

If you would like to keep up to date with what I'm up to on a daily basis, be sure to follow me on snapchat! My username is emilyfaye1998, and make sure you leave a comment letting me know what your username is so I can add you back!

What have you been up to this week and have you enjoyed it? I would love to know!

Emily xx