Summer Night Outfit Collab ❤

Summer Night Outfit

Summer Night Outfit by emily-rowles featuring lips makeup

This is another collab with Dalal from It's Raining Daisies.  We have both put together different night time outfits that are perfect for the summer!

I think something plain is perfect because it is easy to find jewellery, shoes and other accessories to pair with it.  I have gone with this Black Playsuit from Miss Selfridge as it is flowy so will keep you cool and looks classy and pretty.

I have paired this with some white chunky heels from Office as they are summery and are very fashionable at the moment.  They have a big platform so are easier to walk in and they give an edgier feel to the outfit.

To match the shoes,  I have found this white snakeskin clutch from Jane Norman so it ties in with the shoes.  It is the perfect size to carry the essentials without having to carry a huge bag.

I have decided to add a bit of colour into the look so it is more bright and summery and not completely monochrome.  I think a red lippy like this one from Nyx in the shade Juju and this red polish from Essie in the shade Hip-anema would be perfect.

Last but not least, I have added this chunky gold chain from Jane Norman to jazz up the dress a little bit so it's not completely plain. 

What would be your perfect summer night outfit? Send me a picture and don't forget to check out Dalal's post!

Emily xx

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