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I feel like the pandemic has encourages people to try new things and I certainly was no exception to this. In fact, taking the plunge into something new made 2020 such a big year for me and one little moment of boredom has led to something amazing.

Let's rewind to April 2020.......

I'm working full time from home and other than working I have nothing to occupy myself with. College is on hold as they had not prepared for the pandemic and I am stuck in my house. One morning, I was up waiting for 9am to come around and I was mindlessly scrolling through social media as one does when there is nothing better to do. I came across an ad for the Body Shop at Home. I had seen this before and I had always been tempting but never thought I had the time to do it. As I was stuck in my house with nothing better to do I decided to put in an enquiry. I then got working and completely forgot all about it. 

I got a text in the evening from Rachael, who is now my manager and is a Diamond President with the Body Shop at Home. She is an amazing leader and mentor and she text me to touch base following my enquiry. After some conversation, she added me into a facebook group so I could watch a video on how the business worked and I was sold immediately.

I ordered my kit, as pictured below and I was away. I set up my little facebook group and started adding my friends and family in. To be honest, I joined for the kit as it was only £49.00 and worth £225.00 and to get some discount on things for myself.

The kit was amazing and I got to try so many new products and share them with my little group. Slowly, orders started coming in and I was cashing in 25% of all of those orders which was becoming a nice little earner. I never intended to do more than just sell some products for some extra money but as I got into the swing of things I got more and more into it. It was something to help me pass the time and gave me something to distract myself from the mess of the world.

In May, I managed to sell £1,700.00 worth of products which was absolutely crazy for me, and I bagged myself £675.00 in commission plus bonuses. I also gained over £500.00 worth of freebies in my first month and the freebies kept coming. I then started having people want to join the Body Shop at Home as they had seen how much fun I was having and that it could be a nice little side hustle to earn some extra money.

Fast forward to today, and I have 10 team members and I am almost an Area Manager which will see me earn a monthly wage on top of my commission which is going to be amazing as I start saving for the future (house deposits are ridiculous nowadays and I want to move out before I am 40 lol).

So what does the role involve?

- Testing and playing with lots of amazing products - this is my favourite bit as you all know I love testing out new products and having a play!

- Producing Social Media Content - I was familiar with this anyway as I have always been on and off blogging and very active on Instagram. I have a private Facebook Group as well as an Instagram specifically dedicated to my business, however you can run it however you like. I post on my personal socials too so it's entirely up to you how you run it.

- Process orders - the Body Shop at Home website is so easy to use. You can direct ship straight to your customers or have them all delivered to you and deliver yourself. I am direct shipping where possible at the moment due to the pandemic!

- Lots of Free products - I get loads of freebies just from making sales and I now have drawers and drawers of goodies! We get rewarded every month with freebies and orders of a certain amount will get you free spends AND 70% off your own products.

- 25%-30% commission - this is on all sales, including those things you buy for yourself. It is a standard rate of 25% commission and this can then be topped up with bonuses once you hit a certain level.

- Career Plan - There is a career plan to climb if you wish and you can make the a full time job.

It is honestly the best thing I ever did, not only having something to do which I love but also having that little bit of extra money to help with saving and also for some treats every now and again! I work full time and I am also studying to be a solicitor at the same time so it is very flexible and you can just work it around whatever you do, when it suits you. You get out what you put in so the more work you do, the more rewards you are going to see.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, I would love to mentor and help you get on your way to having loads of fun playing with new products and earning some extra money too. If you would like some further information, please email me on emily.rowles@hotmail.co.uk or DM me on one of my socials which are linked at the top of my blog.

If you want to get signed up straight away then you can do so here.

We have loads of amazing facebook groups to help you with content ideas and getting you off the ground so you will have support from myself and my amazing team every step of the way.

I'd love to welcome some of you to my team and to help you make the most of the time stuck in the house.

Emily xx


My Top 5 Body Shop Products | B E A U T Y


If you follow me on social media you will know that I have been a Body Shop at Home Consultant since the end of April this year. This means that I earn money from promoting and selling products from the Body Shop all from the comfort of my own home! 

I will be doing a post all about my job with the Body Shop and how you can also get involved, however today I am talking about my Top 5 Products out of the many that I have tried from The Body Shop (trust when I say I have tried ALOT).


First on my list is the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. This mask aims to draw out impurities and excess oils from the skin as well as exfoliating the skin to leave a clean and fresh glow. This mask also contains tea tree oil which is perfect if you suffer from breakouts and the charcoal helps to clear clogged pores.

I got this mask in my starter kit when I started at the Body Shop at Home and I have been through 3 of them. I use this mask twice a week and I can't be without it. It reduces the appearance of pores and keeps my skin clear whilst also giving it a lovely glow. It has been so handy with combatting maskne in recent months and my makeup applies so smoothly over the top.

If you have oily skin and suffer from impurities then this is the mask for you, it has absolutely saved my skin over the past few months. This mask is £18 RRP but if purchased through me is just £16.00!


Next up are the Liquid Peels which are essentially exfoliants but they are much more gentle than your traditional scrub exfoliant. These are much better if you have sensitive skin and I find that they are much more effective than a scrub. The Gel to peel formula when massaged into dry skin lifts away dead skin cells, dirt and impurities and bunches them up into little balls you can just wipe straight off. They make your skin feel so soft and supple and leave an amazing smooth glow.

They come in 3 of our ranges so you can always fine one to suit your skin:

- Drops of Youth - infused with 3 plant stem cells to help combat and prevent signs of ageing. Amazing for tired and dry skin.
- Vitamin C - to help provide dull skin with a healthy radiant glow.
- Drops of Light - helps to brighten and reduce discolouration.

These come in 2 sizes, 145 ml which is RRP £18.50 but is £16.65 with me and the 100 ml which is RRP £16.00 and is £14.40 with me.

This is a must have product for everyone and if you don't already have one then you absolutely need one!


Moving onto makeup, I have been pleasantly surprised by the eyeshadow palettes that the Body Shop has to offer! I got these for free as a perk of being a consultant and if you have read my blog for a while you will know I love my high end eyeshadow palettes and I am very picky with formulas.

These shadows are absolutely amazing and I haven't touched another palette since I got them. They're easy to build and blend and the pigmentation is insane. I have some pictures of the swatches and also some looks I have done on my Instagram and I have also done lots of videos using them in my Facebook Group.

There are 3 palettes available:

- 'Own your Naturals' - 12 neutral shades
- 'Paint in Colour' - 12 shades with a mix of neutrals and brights
- 'Bold as Nature' - 12 seasonal limited edition shades

These palettes retail for £15.00 each but they are just £13.50 with me. A steal, right?


This product is THE best product from the Body Shop hands down! The Camomile Cleansing Butter is an absolute makeup destroyer and is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive. Ditch the makeup wipes and get yourself one of these because I promise you will become obsessed. This melts away even the toughest of makeup and impurities and leaves your skin squeaky clean. It also works for contact lens wearers!

Just massage a 50p piece sized blob into dry skin and massage in and your makeup will wipe straight off! I will forever swear by this stuff and I go through them one after the other!

These come in 2 sizes, a 90ml which retails for £11.00 and a 20ml travel size which retails for £5.00. Both of them are 10% off when ordered through me.

Last but not least we have the Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I got this in my starter kit when I started and I didn't really think I would enjoy it. As someone who wears very stubborn waterproof mascara, the word 'gentle' in the title does not seem like it is going to shift anything!

I was so pleasantly surprised by this, in one sweep it gets rid of every last trace of eye makeup. I have eyelash extensions 90% of the time too so this is perfect at getting around them without ruining my lashes which I can't do with the cleansing butter.

This retails for £7.50 but is of course discounted through me for just £6.75.

That concludes my top 5 and if you would like to purchase any of the products mentioned or you would like a catalogue, please let me know! You can join my facebook group here and follow my body shop instagram page here.

Emily xx



So it's been a little while since I posted anything on here (December 2018 to be exact) but what else is there to do when in quarantine?! I've resurrected the blog for a little while to keep myself busy during evenings and weekends when I'm not working in my day job or my other new exciting adventure.

I'm bringing it back with something that everyone is going mad over at the moment for obvious reasons - loungewear. Femme Luxe were kind enough to gift me some pieces from their loungewear collection to try and I can confirm I have literally lived in these since they were delivered a few weeks ago.

This one above is the Harlee Tulle Mesh Cream Loungewear Set. This one is so boujie I love it, it's loungewear but it looks so dressed up as well. This one is made from a very thin knit and I definitely think you could wear the top with some leather leggings to dress it up because it looks so smart. The only thing I would say with this set is that the leggings are a little see-through so I probably wouldn't wear them out of the house but this one is perfect for lazing around in and also perfect for the gram. You can also get this set in black if that's more your style.

This set is Asia Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set in the colour 'Sage'. I already had this set but in black and I can confirm I have lived and died in it so when I saw that they had it in loads of other colours I knew I needed. I chose this colour as I have a bag very similar to it from Primark and I have been trying to get an outfit to match for ages. This will forever be one of my favourite sets from Femme Luxe, it's so comfy and so flattering and there is a colour to suit everyones taste! I get so many compliments on this set (even though Lewis says I look like Yoda). If you are going to get one set from this post, then this is the one you need. I put a pic on my insta story a few weeks back and 4 people messaged me asking for the link!

Finally we have the Ella Dusky Pink High Neck Set which is quite thick and knitted and perfect for the winter time. I absolutely love anything pink and a pink set was the one thing that was lacking from my loungewear collection. I have to say that this one is great if you have a very cold house because I know that when I am working from home I am literally freezing all day long regardless of the outside temperature. This set with my fluffy slippers is the absolute dream. This one fits really nicely and is also nice and stretchy if you're a bit chunkier (like me). There is plenty of room in this for some excessive quarantine snacking.

I have literally worn these constantly on rotation for the past few weeks and I will happily be purchasing some more (especially Asia in every single colour) over the course of the lockdown.

If you have any other loungewear recommendations then please let me know because I always need more especially with everything going on at the moment.

Check out Femme Luxe Finery for the nicest fashion pieces at amazing prices!

Emily xx


Glossy Box Unboxing - December 2018 | B E A U T Y

You may have seen from my instastories that I am now a glossy box subscriber and a very proud one too. I signed up last month after I saw that they were putting a Huda Beauty liquid lipstick in the November box. The membership is £10 a month plus about £3 packaging and the value of the products are sooooo much higher than this. You can subscribe to Glossybox here, I would highly recommend it if you love trying out loads of different beauty bits. You can also do surveys on the products in your box which earn you money to be able to spend on Look Fantastic! After reviewing everything in my November box, I had £2.90 to spend on Look Fantastic and it only took me 10 minutes. If you did those over a good few months you would be able to treat yourself to something amazing. Now onto the actual contents of the 'All That Glitters' Christmas Box....

This is a roll on highlighter and is very highly pigmented as you can see above. I haven't used this on my face yet but I have used it on my inner corners and it is stunning. It is essentially just a pigment in a roller ball and you can use it wherever. It is also formulated with all natural ingredients so I assume it is vegan and is also kind to your skin without any chemicals!

I am so in love with this lip colour, I have worn it all weekend since my box arrived yesterday and I am obsessed! This formula is very similar to the Nars Matte lip pencils. The pigment is insane, it glides on smoothly and is also so comfortable to wear. The shade is perfect for this time of year and I can see myself getting so much use out of this

I'm not normally a cream blush kind of gal but on first impressions, this is actually really nice. It's in the shade 'Bali' and is very similar to Nars 'Orgasm'. It's a pink/peach shade with gold shimmer throughout and it is so pretty and dewy. I think I will get a lot of use out of this when I am in Mauritius in January because I can literally just throw it on.

Everyone loves a good shower gel so I was so pleased to see this inside as I know I will obviously get use out of it. Plus it is sparkly and has unicorns all over it so what's not to love. Imperial Leather are a great brand and I have used their stuff for years so I have no doubts that I will get on well with this.

This is the prettiest mask ever, its literally barbie pink with gold glitter. I used it last night and whilst it was extremely painful to peel off because it stuck to my peach fuzz (long overdue a derma plane), my skin felt amazing after. It has rosehip oil which is amazing for your skin in as well as hints of ruby and diamonds according to the website! This would make an amazing stocking filler so I highly recommend this for some extra af pampering.

I haven't had a chance to use this yet but I can always use a good pore strip. The satisfaction of ripping them off and seeng the results is unbeatable. I think this little pack contains a single strip but the price above is for the pack of 12 so you can see that they are fairly pricey. If they are amazing then I'll let you know! They are extremely expensive so I am excited to see if they are actually worth the money.

That is the end of this months Glossy Box unboxing, if you like this kind of thing then I will definitely keep doing these. Do you think Glossy Box is worth the hype?

Emily xx


New In October | B E A U T Y

I wanted to do a monthly favourites but to be fair, I have bought so many things in the past month or so I haven't really had chance to give them all a good go and be able to pick out favourites. I thought it would be much more fitting to give you a brief little review on all of my new in bits and bobs and who knows, they may potentially end up in a favourites post in the future. Annoyingly, I don't have any swatches of the products mentioned however they are all linked so you can have a good look at them on the website.

Starting with makeup, the world and it's mother has been trying the new Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Foundation. I have mine in the shade F6 which is a little light for me when I am fake tanned, it is a better shade for when my tan is almost worn off but not quite when I'm at my palest. This foundation isn't playing around, the coverage is intenseeeeee. I like the applicator, it makes it so easy to apply and also minimise waste. I find with foundations that need to be squeezed out onto my hand always seem to have a lot of wastage whereas with this you can apply the right amount straight away. It is basically like a giant version of the concealer, the formula is very similar and the applicator is almost identical. I would say that this foundation was not one for dry skin, I find it clings a little to any dry patches and it also dries quite matte. I would say it is ideal for oily skin as this foundation completely stays put. In conjunction with this foundation, I also have the Revolution Conceal and Define Supersize Concealer. This has been a firm favourite of mine for a long time and I have repurchased this about 4 times. I am so glad they finally have a giant one, I went through the small ones soon quickly so this is a god send.

Sticking with face, I have recently been obsessed with the Revolution X Imogenaion Highlight to the Moon Palette and I have been using the banana shade called 'My Gyal' to carve out my contour but I have hit pan and to my knowledge these shades aren't sold separately. I needed a replacement and thought I would give the Revolution Luxury Banana Baking Powder a whirl. I have only been using this for about a week but I do really like this. I find translucent powders are too light for under my contour, especially when I'm fake tanned which I am 99.9% of the time. The formula of this is really great, it glides on smoothly with my beauty blender and blends away like a dream. I don't find it looks cakey on the skin at all and if you have a yellow toned complexion you could definitely get away with it as an all-over face powder. If you are paler, Revolution do a few other loose powders that may be a bit better suited to you. Just a little fun fact, this product was actually shortlisted for the 2017 Pure Beauty Awards.

Another addition to my collection is the Doll Beauty Pretty Little Glow Highlight. When I went to London, I treated myself to the Doll Beauty Highlight in 'Like a Diamond' and I instantly fell in love with it. The formula is insane, the pigmentation is beyond words and the glow you get is just stunning. I thought I would try another one from their range and this particular one is exclusive to pretty little thing and is the perfect rose gold shade. I wouldn't recommend this if you are really pale but if you have a medium to dark skin tone then this would be beautiful on you. I can really only use this when I am fake tanned and it looks stunning on your collar bones and shoulders too. I also love this as a subtle blush topper as it has that pinky undertone. I can see doll beauty highlights becoming a holy grail product and I keep finding myself mooching through the website and making wish lists.

Onto eyes, I treated myself to the Peaches and Cream Loose Eyeshadow Pigment in 'Gatsby'. I haven't swatched this as I am currently creating a little look book using this pigment to show how stunning it is and the variety of ways that you can wear this. The formula of these are so beautiful, they're buttery soft and require just the tiniest amount of product to achieve the desired effect. My friend Charleigh who is a makeup artist has used this pigment on me so many times and she absolutely loves it so I had to have it in my collection too. Peaches and Cream are such an affordable brand and I used to have their lashes in my kit when I was freelancing, I would highly recommend any of their products and they are also now available on Pretty Little Thing. Next on my list to try is their glosses as Charleigh also swears by these.

I also got the P.Louise Base Shade 0.5 which is a firm favourite amongst so many people. I haven't really had the chance to have a proper play with this yet but I will keep you updated and let you know my verdict once I have given it a proper go.

Finally for makeup, I completely ran out of liquid eyeliner so I thought I would give the Revolution Renaissance Flick Eyeliner a go. I again haven't really had a chance to give this a proper go but I have played with it and I find it is so easy to use due to the shape of the pen and the thin and flexible nib. In regards to formulation, I can tell you it is jet black and dries down very matte but I haven't really had much of an opportunity to test the longevity and wear of it. Only time will tell but I have a good feeling about this product.

Lastly I have a little bit of skincare from Pixi BeautyPixi is a brand I have been dying to try for a while and when I was in London, I went into the shop on Carnaby Street. I bought a little set of minis for travelling and my skin seemed to really like the products. They then launched in Boots at the beginning of October and they had some introductory offers so I thought I would expand my little collection. I was running low on fix plus so I thought I would give the Makeup Fixing Mist a go. It is quite a strong mist so you have to be a bit careful it doesn't squirt everywhere and drench your face. I haven't paid much attention to the longevity of my makeup but I need to experiment with it a little bit more to be able to give you a final verdict. I also picked up the Glow Tonic which was in my little minis set and my skin seemed to love it so I thought I would try the full size. This is a cult favourite in the beauty community and it has definitely not disappointed me, my skin has never been so clear and radiant and the only thing I have changed in my routine is this! I would highly recommend this, and the links I have used in this post get you £5 off the Pixi website for if you fancy treating yourself. They have some lovely Christmas sets so you can treat someone special for a little bit less!

This post is very Revolution heavy as they have just been killing the makeup game recently but I can assure you there are no affiliate links or sponsors in this post.

What bits have you added to your collection this month? I need inspiration for my Christmas list!

Emily xx