Spending Ban Update #1

As most of you probably know from previous posts, I started a 30 day spending ban on the 1st June.  I did this because I have so much makeup and so many beauty products currently in use, I just wanted to use them up and enjoy them instead of rushing through them or only using half of them and wasting them because I have bought something new to try.  Also, we are now officially in Summer and the Summer holidays are fast approaching so I want to save some money so I can treat myself on holiday!

I will be doing weekly updates, letting you know how I am getting on and giving you a few tips for saving money. I may do a whole post about blogging on a budget as this is something I have had to do ever since I started blogging and a lot of bloggers struggle with this.  I may even do a list of 20-50 blog post ideas to help out newer bloggers or anyone struggling from writers block like me!

If there is anything you would like to see on my blog or know of anything to include in these posts, be sure to let me know via the comments or social media!

Let me know if you are currently doing a spending ban and how you are getting on!

Emily xx

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