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I recently discovered a website called 'iHerb' which is an American website that stock makeup and health related products. Their products are at a greatly discounted rate, I picked these 2 items up for only £13.97 which is a fraction of the price I would have paid for them if I had bought them in the UK. I only ordered 2 things as a trial to see how good the service was, but I definitely will make another order soon! Postage was amazing too, I paid £4 roughly to get it shipped from the US and I was told it would take 10 days and arrive on the 27th April, when in fact it came on the 25th so I was very pleased about that!

The first product is the Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes which I think the everyone owns apart from me! I have been lusting over them for a while, but have been reluctant to part with approximately £22 when I love my eBay brushes so much! When I saw these for $17.99 which works out about £11.87, I couldn't resist snapping them up! As you can see from the picture, I have been using them for a while now and I am very impressed with them. They serve a multitude of purposes and are a staple in my collection of beauty related tools.

The second product that I bought was the Elf Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky.  If you would have read my favourites post, you would have read that I have been obsessed with baked/glowy blushes recently.  When I looked up some swatches of this online, it didn't look like anything I owned and there was definitely a gap in my collection that this has certainly filled.  If you would like to see this blush in more detail, there will be a post going up about it on Monday so keep your eyes peeled for that one! 

I definitely recommend checking out iHerb, I have linked it above and I will also put my referral link in my 'Affiliate Links' page which is in the tab above.  If you have any product recommendations, do let me know as I would love to make another order! 

Emily xx

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