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I have very awkward hair.  It is very oily near the roots and gets greasy very quickly, but the ends are very dry and damaged from heat and bleach, as I have ombré hair. I find it very hard to find products that suit both the roots of my hair and the ends.

This range comes beautifully packaged, something that I would definitely expect from a premium brand.  The whole range comes in one box, which is very convenient and it also makes it the perfect gift for someone as it is presented so nicely.  The products themselves come in beautiful pink and purple tubes, which help to distinguish this range from all of Kebelo's other ranges, each targeted for specific problems. Each product is a good size, which ensures that you definitely get your money's worth and you won't be repurchasing them too often if this is your favourite hair care regime (it is certainly mine!).

The shampoo lathers beautifully which means I only need a small amount (about the size of a 50p coin) to clean my whole head.  My hair is about 35 cm past shoulder length so this is almost unheard of! It does such a good job at cleaning, that I can usually get away with doing just 1 shampoo which saves time and product as well.  With the conditioner, I need an even smaller amount which is fantastic. I concentrate it on the ends of my hair and any left over product I lightly run through the roots as well.  I leave the conditioner on for about 2 minutes and rinse, leaving my hair unbelievably soft and silky and so much more manageable when I come to dry it.  I use the mask once a week as a bit of a pampering treatment.  I get my hair damp and then run a very small amount through the lengths of my hair, twist it round and pin it up for about 20 mins whilst I take a bath.  I then rinse it off and shampoo and condition as per usual.  The results of this were so amazing that it was like I had got my hair done in a salon, I really couldn't believe how beautiful my hair was after! It felt so much more nourished and healthy, and looked beautifully shiny and silky.

This is brilliant compared to most other products I've tried.  Other products I have tried that will repair the ends of my hair, tend to add too much moisture to the roots and then make the oil issue a lot more prominent which has effectively made my hair worse because it needs to be washed more often.  These products are the only products catered for dry hair that haven't made my hair more oily which has really helped the condition of my hair.

I received these products on the 6th February and I have used them every 2-3 days since and the mask weekly.  The difference in my hair has been phenomenal! It appears so much healthier and shinier, split ends seem to be less obvious and it feels a lot more soft and silky to the touch.  My hair is quite thin and can be quite straggly and knotty, and I have found that these products, especially the conditioner and the mask have helped to keep my hair more manageable and have also given it a bit more life.

Overall, I definitely recommend this range if you have a hair type that is similar to mine or dryer.  I also think colour treated hair, especially bleach would benefit from these products massively.  I will definitely continue using these and I think that I will probably be repurchasing them in the future, both as gifts for friends and family, and as a treat to myself! Kebelo have really impressed me with these and I will definitely be trying some more of their products in the future.

You can find these products here for a reduced price of £26.96!

Emily xx

I was sent the Kebelo Enriching Range by Everything Cosmetic (http://everythingcosmetic.co.uk) to take part in their Team Trial. If you'd like to trial products sign up to be part of the Everything Cosmetic Review Team. 

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