The Sunday Edit #41

My Mac Lipstick Drawing

This week has again been pretty hectic! I have 3 mock exams next week and a real exam the week after so I am up to my eyes with revision.  On top of that, my art exam is in less than 4 weeks so I am working endlessly to finish my project before the exam because once the exam rolls around, all work has to be handed in and we aren't allowed to touch it again!

This weekend has been non-stop working! I have managed to complete a few more pieces in my art book and I am trying to learn my english speech for my speaking and listening exam, as well as going over the whole of biology and maths for my mocks next week! I am also trying to get on top of History because that is one of my main areas of weakness so I think its safe to say that I am a very busy bee at the moment!

I already have one blog post written up for this week and I will do my best to get the other 2 written tonight. I can't guarantee there will be 3 posts up this week because I am just so busy, but as I said, I will try my very best to get as much content up for you as I can.  Unfortunately, school has to come first and if it means my blog has to suffer, sadly thats just how it will have to be! Once my art exam is over at the end of march, I will have a bit more time to get everything ready on my blog for when exam season starts, trust me, I have everything planned!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and I hope you can stick with me through this busy season!

Emily xx

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