YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick Number 7

Okay so this has to be one of the most attractive lipsticks ever (hence the infinite number of pictures).  I could take photos of this lipstick all day long and not get bored, it is painfully photogenic. Enough about how much of a crush I have on this lipstick (a bit sad actually...), what is it actually like?

Well it's pretty special! Don't even get me started on the packaging, I think you already know my feelings on that. I think it is worth the ridiculous £25 just to use a decoration! YSL really know what's hot when it comes to packaging.  I bought this after seeing Becca Rose wear it loads and I featured it in my Monday Makeup Inspiration a few weeks ago.  It is such a beautiful cool toned baby pink that is actually not as scary as it looks in the tube! I put a small amount on and then pat it in with my finger and it looks so natural and pretty! I have also used this as a blush as well, taking a small amount on my finger and patting it into the apples of my cheeks.  The formula is quite rich and moisturising and gives a finish that is neither shiny nor matte, I would say it is similar to a satin but maybe a little more creamy.  It is insanely pigmented and is quite long-lasting provided its patted in.  The bad thing I would say about it is that after a while, it will go patchy and weird if it hasn't been patted in and is not really one of those swipe and go lipsticks.

Overall, I think this is a beautiful product and worth every penny! I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this in the Spring and Summer months.

Emily xx

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