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If someone were to ask me what my favourite eyeshadow formula, I would straight away say cream without even thinking about it. I love the lack of effort needed for application, the longevity, the finish, everything about them really.  I have to admit, it is hard for me to find cream shadows that I like and it is rare that I find a product that I'm completely in love with. The three lines I will be discussing today are the creme de la creme in my book and out of all the cream shadows I have tried (trust me, there have been a fair few), these have been the only ones that have really stood out for me and certainly get the most use.

Starting off with one of my favourite drugstore products, the Maybelline Color Tattoos have been cult products ever since their release a few years ago.  The formula is beautifully creamy and pigmented, gliding on to the lid smoothly and blending seamlessly.  You can create so many different looks with these, a quick wash of colour blended with a fluffy brush, or you can combine various shades to create a multitude of looks.  The best thing about it is, once they have set, your eyes will be looking fabulous all day long.

Another even cheaper offering comes from elf.  The Elf Smudge Pots are arguably my favourite cream eyeshadows to date! The pigmentation is phenomonal and the formula is not to dissimilar to the Mac Paint Pots.  A little bit certainly goes a long way and I find that one swipe is plenty to slap all over the lid and blend through the crease with a synthetic brush.  I use both of these shades together to create the perfect every day smokey eye and I use them a lot.  I will definitely be purchasing more shades in the future, elf have a fantastic range of colours on offer.

Moving on to the pricier side of things, the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows are perfect if you are looking to treat yourself to a slightly more expensive alternative.  These have an ever so slightly drier texture to the two mentioned previously, but I find this does add to the longevity of the wear.  The only downside to this is that they would possibly dry out more quickly, but if you use it a lot then that shouldn't be any reason not to splurge.  The shades aren't quite as pigmented as the ones mentioned before but are easily buildable.  I find this better in a way because it means I can have a subtle wash of colour or something a little bolder if I'm feeling brave enough or want something a little more dramatic.

The last formula is middle-of-the-road-ish when we are talking prices. The Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pots aren't as expensive as the Benefit ones, yet are by no means considered drugstore, they sit somewhere in the middle. As mentioned previously they have a very similar formula to the elf smudge pots if you love these but would like a cheaper alternative.  They share the same wet, slightly greasy texture that creates a beautiful wet look to your eyeshadows.  These come in a bigger size than the elf ones, so if you plan on using it daily, the Mac ones will last you a lot longer.

What are your favourite cream shadows? What is your favourite eyeshadow formulation?

Emily xx

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