The Sunday Edit #40

This week was the school holidays, and even though I was in school for 3 days, I took full advantage of some more spare time and caught up on as much work as I could.  Yesterday was a pleasant day so I took lots of blog pictures and typed up some posts, meaning I have about 8 posts done and ready to go which then gives me some more time over the coming weeks for school work.  I am nearly up to date with science and history, completely on top of maths and about to start on English literature and Business. I have my art exam in 5 weeks so I have a lot of work to do with that as well which is quite a lot of pressure, but I'm not hugely bothered about Art as to me, its not really that important. Obviously I want to get a good grade but its not the be all and end all and it certainly isn't going to affect my career. I don't know many lawyers that have had an A* in art as part of their job requirements so it is no longer a priority.

Yesterday I went to Dick Lovett with my mum because she had to have an MOT done on her Mini.  After taking full advantage of the free wifi and coffee machine, they gave us a lift to the local shopping centre where we ambled around a bit, looked at some bits and pieces and bought Krispy Kreme donuts! We then came back and I was very excited to have received my Love Me Beauty box which will be featured in a post next week once I have had a chance to give all of the products a whirl. What I especially love about this box, is not only can you choose your products so you know you aren't wasting money, but you don't have to subscribe to anything! You can buy just a one off box and you aren't tied to the monthly subscription like you would be with glossy box or birch box. We then went out to a few shops and then I came back and did some hardcore blogging!

Today I will be having a relatively lazy day, doing a bit of work here and there and doing some bits and bobs.  I do love Sundays, I very rarely go out and I always feel strangely productive so I tend to get a lot of stuff done and feeling accomplished!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and have a lovely weekend!

Emily xx

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