The Sunday Edit #38

Another hectic week swiftly draws to a close.  I can't believe how fast the weeks are going, I only have 60 school days left before I leave which is really quite scary!

This week has been the usual, hard work all the time! Yesterday I spent all day getting all my homework done, the odd bit of Science and History Revision and I did a piece of Art that needed to be finished otherwise I will be shot on Monday! Today is going to be rather quiet actually, I don't really have anything to do! It seems to be a beautifully sunny day so I may take some photos and get a few posts written up and just ponder about a bit really! Me and my friend have been obsessively watching Misfits on Netflix and she is about 2 seasons ahead of me so I might do some binge-watching today to try my utmost to catch up with her! She keeps giving me spoilers so I want to catch up so that she can't ruin it for me any more!

On Friday I received a package from Kebelo, which I will admit is not a brand that I've heard of so after a bit of googling I discovered that this is a somewhat premium hair brand.  The lovely people at Everything Cosmetic invited me to join their team trial so I will be reviewing these products on their website.  They sent me the enriching range which is specifically aimed at women with dry, coarse, colour treated hair.  This set includes a shampoo, conditioner and a deep treatment mask which will all be reviewed on my blog as well as the Everything Cosmetic website.

I have one week left of school before we have a week off for half term which I am quite looking forward to! I have to go in on the Monday to do a History Controlled assessment because I missed an A by 0.8 marks so I am going to chuck a few extras in and try and boost that up a bit. The rest of the week shall be used to catch up with myself because the huge amount of work has overwhelmed me and no matter how much I do, I always seem to be behind! This term has been mental so I am really looking forward to a week off to just chill and recover from the trauma!

I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Emily xx

p.s, I just realised I used an obscene amount of exclamation marks in that, apologies!

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