On Trial | New Skincare From Avon

When it comes to skincare, Avon is not really a brand that I have taken much notice of.  Back in the summer last year, I fell in love with their pore penetrating black clay mask and I have nearly finished the whole tube.  I was flicking through the catalogue a few weeks ago and some of the skincare products caught my eye, especially those specifically targeted at oily/combination/problematic skin.  After a lot of umming and ahhing and a fair bit of googling, I opted for the balanced+matte white clay mask and the cucumber and green tea moisturiser.  Both products came to the grand total of around £4 which is crazy considering you would struggle to even get one of these for £4 in the likes of boots or superdrug, especially if you are after a good quality product that will show definite improvement in your skin.  I have given these a little whirl, and I have to say, so far so good! I haven't had a proper chance to decipher how I truly feel about them, so after some more use, I will report back!  Avon skincare is definitely something to look at if you want good quality products that are budget-friendly.

What do you think of Avon products?

Emily xx

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