The Sunday Edit #32

Well this week has been rather eventful, what with Christmas, Boxing day and all that Jazz! The beginning of the week was spent frantically running round picking up last minute christmas presents, wrapping and buying food and getting tables laid all ready for Christmas Day. This weekend has been quite chilled, in onesies watching films and online shopping, purely for the fact I hate shopping in the sales, its just way too hectic for me!

Seeing as I have done a lot of online shopping, I should hopefully have quite a few products turning up at my door on Monday that I can have a little play around with and write about!  I've ordered some bits from theBalm on feel unique, elf, space nk, ebay all sorts! I may feature them in a haul and do first impressions on them all!

As of tomorrow, I will be starting my 2014 favourites posts. As mentioned in my December Favourites, I will be splitting them into categories as there are so many of them, each will be featured in a separate post.  All together, I think there will be around 5 posts so I will be continuing blogmas for the rest of this week, ending Saturday!  I thought this would probably the best way to do it, otherwise I would have a post that is practically a novel and would bore you all.  Huge things like this are easier to stomach in small chunks!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and a lovely christmas!

Emily xx

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