Boxing Day Traditions

The pug cushion I got for christmas, I literally died!

I always spend Christmas day with my mums family, either at our house or my hans house, so boxing day is when I spend time with my dads side of the family.  Today is my dads mum's birthday so it has become tradition that we all go to her house and spend the day with her on boxing day.  All 19 of us, my dads 3 brothers, their wives and kids and my dads sister and her husband and kids all go to my grandmas for a buffet and more prezzies! All the children get about 5 presents each and everyone drinks lots and we all have lots of fun!!

I was thinking about doing a christmas haul tomorrow, its nothing massively exciting and won't be very big but if you are interested then let me know!

I hope you all had a lovely christmas, let me know what you got up to and let me know what gifts you received this year!

Emily xx

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