Tutorial: Snow Man Nail Art

I used to be absolutely obsessed with nail art, but when the whole makeup malarkey came along, it took a back seat.  I was thinking about festive posts whilst clearing out my nail drawer and it came to me that I could create some festive nail art designs that are easy enough for anyone to do!  I will first start by apologising for the lighting in these pictures, I live in England and it's we're in the middle of winter so it is what it is unfortunately.
All you will need is:- 
A background colour of your choice - for this I used Barry M Gelly Polish in 'Passionfruit'
A white nail polish for the snow and the snowman's body 
A black nail polish for his eyes, mouth, buttons and arms
An orange polish for his carrot nose
A colour of your choice for his scarf - I used a blue nail art striper
As far as tools go, I used proper nail art dotting tools and stripers, however if you don't have these, you can use lots of different things that you find around your house.  For a DIY dotting tool, you could use the end of a bobby pin or a sewing pin with a ball on the end stuck into the end of a pencil with a rubber .  For stripers you can use old eyeliner brushes or just trim the bristles off of a regular nail polish brush to make it thinner and easier to work with.  Although this is a very easy design, it is very time consuming because there are quite a few layers that need to be left to dry in between steps so make sure you are patient and have plenty of time to spare.
Start by applying base coat if you are painting your natural nails and allow to dry.  Next, apply 2/3 coats of your base colour depending on the opacity of the polish you are using and allow to completely dry before you move on.
Using a dotting tool or whichever tool you are happy using, use plenty of white polish and slow dabbing motions to create a large oval shape at the base of the nail.  This will be the snowman's body.

Next do the exact same thing above this, just make sure that this shape is more circular and is a lot smaller.  This will be your snowman's head.

 With a smaller tool, add snow around your snowman and fill in any gaps at the bottom of the nail so it looks like he is sitting in snow.  Again, allow this to completely dry before you move on. To speed up this process, you could use a nail drying mist or dip your nails into freezing cold water.  As well as this, you could carefully apply a fast drying topcoat, apply a blob at the base of the nail and gently sweep over the nail to avoid smudging your design.
 Using your black polish, create small dots for his eyes and buttons down his body, and if you have enough room you could draw a little mouth.  Then with your orange, create a dot and drag slightly to create a little triangle for his carrot nose.
To finish off his body, add him some little twig arms with your black polish and a thin polish.  You could also use brown for this if you wanted it to look a little bit more realistic.

Lastly for his scarf, take a thin brush and a colour of your choice and draw a line across the base of his head and another down the side of his body in an upside down 'L' shape.  This can be a bit tricky so to make this a little easier, hold the striper still and rotate the nail to avoid shaky hands wobbling and getting nail polish all over the place!
Et Voila! There you have your cute little festive snowman nails! If you try this out, make sure you send me a picture! All social media is linked in my social media tab and also in the buttons at the bottom of each post!  Happy nailarting!
Emily xx

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