What's In My Handbag? December 2014 | Michael Kors Selma

I may have mentioned once or twice that for my birthday, I got my much lusted after Michael Kors Selma! It is my birthday and christmas present from my Grand Parents and I couldn't be more thankful.  I knew that this was the style of bag that I wanted, but I was undecided on the colour because they have way too much choice!  After a while of contemplating, I finally opted for black because it is classic and goes with everything, and also, it will never go out of fashion so I will definitely get my moneys worth.  I think every girl should have one special handbag, and this is the one I chose! I may do a full review on the bag itself at some point because it is a lot of money and I am hoping that it would be useful for anyone who is contemplating buying this and wants to know exactly what they are getting.

This is a slightly condensed version of what is inside, I thought it was best to leave out the ridiculous amount of receipts, wrappers and general junk and focus on the 'proper' things!

I would obviously have my phone in my bag, but my camera is having some sort of hissy fit on me for some unknown reason, so I had to take the pictures on my phone! I currently have the white iPhone 4s if anyone is interested.  I love my phone and I couldn't be without it, it is so easy for me to reply to e-mails, communicate with all of you and also blog from wherever I choose and it just makes being a blogger a whole lot easier.

For when I get fed up of squinting my eyes at the small screen on my phone, I always have my iPad mini.  This is the original one and I absolutely love it.  The size means that I can easily carry it around with me and I love to be able to do everything that I can on my macbook without having to lug that around with me all the time.  It also makes computing much easier when you are out and about and can't just casually whip out your laptop.

The next thing is my Ted Baker Crystal Bow Bobble Matinee Purse.  I have had this purse for a while and I absolutely love it.  It looks so classy and pretty, and it's the perfect size to hold all of my cards and money and it has a compartment for everything.  My only complaint would be the fact that it is a finger print and dust magnet which means it looks dirty all the time which is a bit disappointing, but I still adore it.

I always carry my Nikon Coolpix L29 Camera because it is small and easy to travel with, and also takes amazing quality pictures.  It seems to be having some sort of meltdown at the minute though, no matter what batteries I put in, it keeps coming up with 'battery exhausted' and turning itself off, even though the batteries are full and the camera has been switched on for all of 5 seconds. It's very annoying so if you have any suggestions on what to do, it would be greatly appreciated.

The next thing is something I very rarely use in England and that is sunglasses.  These are Raybans but I'm not sure what style they are because I had them as a gift but I think they may be the wayfarers, although I could be wrong.  If you know what they are, do let me know, but I love how stylish and chic these look and because they are black, they look goo with anything at any time of the year.

Next up is a lifesaver for anyone that owns apple products that die on you on a daily basis.  This Portable Phone Charger is absolutely amazing.  All you do is charge it, and you can plug in any USB lead for any device on the go. Some portable chargers are huge so I am glad that we managed to find a smaller one. My dad got me this one from group on, but I have linked a similar one from ebay for you if you are interested.

Then I always have some random beauty bits because what sort of a beauty blogger would I be if I didn't? I always keep a powder and a kabuki with me because most of the time, I will need to touch up throughout the day as I get oily.  Another necessity for us oily skinned girls are blotting sheets, they are so good at keeping shine at bay and making your makeup last and you can get them for 29p in Home Bargains so whats not to like? I also have a nail file because there is nothing worse than a chipped nail that catches in everything and it makes me cringe! It's also pink and sparkly so you can file your nails in style! Sticking with the hand and nail theme, I have my Creightons Argan Hand & Nail Cream because I suffer with extremely dry hands, especially throughout the colder months. I also have a travalo with my most used perfume in so I don't have to live with the fear of a perfume explosion in my bag! Last but not least, I have my lip product of the day for touch ups, today was Mac's Plumful which is my favourite Winter shade!

That is everything that is in my bag, let me know what weird and wonderful things you have been carrying around in your bag!

Emily xx

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