My New Palette Storage

I have been on a hunt for some good palette storage for a while now.  They had previously been stood precariously on the top of my muji storage and I was beginning to tire of the huge crashes every 5 minutes as one inevitably fell off.  I've had hinges broke, shadows cracked and plastic shattered so I decided enough was enough!

Enter the Heart Collection Letter Storer from Dunelm! This caught my eye on my recent trip to Dunelm and I straight away knew it would be perfect for storing my palettes where I can fit them all in and they are easy to get to. The simple white wood with the beautiful heart compliments my bedroom perfectly and looks lovely sat on my dressing table with the rest of my makeup.

If you are in need of some palette storage, letter sorters are definitely the way to go and home shops such as Dunelm have some beautiful ones! Honestly, us beauty bloggers can find a makeup-related use for any old rubbish!

How do you store your palettes/makeup?

Emily xx

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