Products I've Been Trying Out - Budget Buys

Over the past month or so I've bought a few new bits and pieces to try, so I thought I would share them with you today and give you a little review of each one as I go along.  These posts have been quite popular before and I haven't done one for a while, so I hope to do them more often.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty // After hearing so many rave reviews of this product, I finally caved and purchased it.  I have to say, I am very impressed! It feels amazing on the skin, so fresh and cooling and it really wakes up my tired skin.  It also helps with soothing blemishes and exfoliating the skin leaving my skin clear and soft.  Also, it is self-preserving so you don't have to keep it in the fridge and it has a lot longer use by date! Definitely a winner from lush this time!

L'oreal Infallible Matte Foundation // I'm still on the fence about this product, loads of people love it but I have to say, I'm not a huge fan.  I purchased this in the hope that it would be somewhat comparable to my Mac Studio Fix Fluid.  It applies beautifully, but it is way too powdery when it sets, clinging to dry patches and accentuating problem areas.  No other products sit right on top, especially creams and everything looks a little patchy and odd.  The lasting power is also not brilliant! After a 6 hour school day, it had broke up around my nose and I was really shiny on my t-zone.  My skin has had so many more dry patches since using this and it as completely sucked the moisture out of it! Some days are worse than others so I don't want to say I completely loathe it, but we haven't really gotten off to a great start!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive/Combination Skin // Seeing as I have long been a fan of the original micellar water, I thought it would be rude not to try their new version for combination/sensitive skin.  Really I find this no different to the original one, apart from being slightly more drying.  I do like this one but I'm slightly disappointed that it didn't work differently for my combination skin and do a slightly better job.

Soap&Glory Super Cat Eyeliner Pen // I was in need of a new liquid liner and this was the first one I went for! I am seriously impressed, it is so easy to apply and I'm left with pretty even and neat wings each time I use this. The shape of the nib means you can create very thin lines and very thick lines which means it would suit anyone.  The formula is very pigmented and black, as well as being very long lasting! An overall fantastic product!

P.S. Love Your Nails Nail Polish Twist Pot // I had always been intrigued by these twisty pots, so when I saw this one for £1 in Primark, I couldn't resist.  This makes it so easy to remove nail polish, just a quick dip and twist and you have blank nails! I find this so much quicker than regular nail polish remover and I will definitely be stocking up on these so I have one at hand all the time!

If you have tried any of these products, let me know our thoughts! I'm always interested to see how products work differently for other people!

Have a lovely weekend!

Emily xx

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