Sharing The Love - March 2015

I have gotten so many new readers to my blog recently, so I thought what better time to start this series, which I am calling 'sharing the love'.  In this post, I will give all of my avid readers who constantly comment on my blog and give me lots of support, a little shout out and share some information about their blogs with you. I will be doing these monthly so that I have chance to find new people to feature!

The first person who deserves a special mention is my friend Charleigh.  We did a collab last week and I really enjoyed working with her and she is a very close friend of mine.  She is an amazingly talented aspiring makeup artist and her work is phenomenal.  She reviews her favourite products and does step-by-step tutorials of her masterpieces.  You can find her over at theglossytruth.blogspot.com and make sure you give her a follow!

Meet Dalal! She has been a reader of my blog for around a year now and we did a collaboration last spring. She is a genuinely lovely girl and her personality is portrayed throughout her blog.  She always leaves comments on my blogposts with words of encouragement and it humbles me that I have so many readers that are still around after almost a year!  Her blog is mainly based around beauty and fashion with some lifestyle thrown in now and again, similar to mine. You can find her over at monochromedaisies.blogspot.com.

Next up is a fellow Emily! Emily has been leaving comments on my blog for a couple of months now and she always writes such lovely things and seems so enthusiastic about my posts.  She is a really lovely girl and she has a really interesting blog centred mainly around beauty and lifestyle and she has recently been doing some really lovely DIY projects! She has a really lovely blog which you can find at emilysbeautythoughts.blogspot.com.
Last but not least, we have Megan! I started chatting to Megan on twitter around christmas time and we have been following each others blogs ever since! She always reads my posts and sometimes comments something lovely and seems genuinely interested in what I have to say.  I absolutely love her blog, she always has some really informative reviews and interviews other bloggers/youtubers via email which is very interesting to read.  You can find Megan over at theperksofmeg.blogspot.com.

That is it for this months 'sharing the love' post! Each of these lovely ladies have their social media linked in their blogs so make sure you check them out and give them a follow! If you would like to be featured in next month's 'sharing the love', then be sure to follow me and make sure you leave regular comments relevant to my posts and pop your blog links in as well! I always follow everyone who leaves a blog link through bloglovin' and I always have a read so make yourself known to me!  I like to be able to support some of you as a thank you for supporting me!

Emily xx

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