Acrylic Storage from Dunelm

I thought I would post to let you know that Dunelm have started to stock small pieces of acrylic storage, the perfect companion for muji storage. I picked these up last week from part of the Dunelm 'With Love', unfortunately they are only available in store at the moment and are not yet online so they may be a little harder to get hold of for some of you, but if you can find them, then they are a worthy investment.

This range is highly affordable! The lipstick holders hold 9 lipsticks each and are £1.98 which is so much cheaper than ordering from eBay or Amazon and having to wait for them to come all the way from China or paying a fortune for postage to get them here quickly.  I picked up 2 because I have a lot of lipsticks and I like to display my high end and pretty ones, such as Mac, YSL, Chanel and Nars.

I also picked up the cotton pad cube which is both a handy, and aesthetically pleasing way of storing them.  Having a packet of cotton pads strewn on your dressing table just doesn't look pretty and it is a pain when you want to quickly grab one to fix your makeup and you have to try and fiddle with the bag to try and get one out! I believe this was £1.49 which is unbelievably cheap.

Lastly, I got the mini 2 drawer unit with the organiser on the top.  This is like a tiny version of my muji storage and is perfect for storing little things. I keep a few of my little skincare items, eyelash glue and some small products like my Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette, my Mac quad and some little sample products.  This comes with the organiser that fits on the top which is pretty handy, and the two together only cost £4.99!

Overall, this all cost me £9.96 which is one hell of a lot cheaper than ordering from Muji, so if you have a Dunelm near you I would definitely recommend checking these out! I found mine by the till, if that information is useful to anyone!

Do you know of any other cheaper muji dupes?

Emily xx

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