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When I saw that Feel Unique were having 20% off sitewide, plus Tanya Burr products were half price, I couldn't help but make an order!

I have tried Tanya Burr individual lashes and not really got on with them, I always found them too much of a faff and they drove me nuts.  Me and strip lashes get on so much better so I thought I would try a couple of pairs seeing as they were reduced to £2.75 a pair. The first pair I picked up were the Bambi Lashes which are pretty natural, and not too much longer than my natural lashes.  I have worn these already as you can see in the picture, but I took them off as they kept sticking to my hair. I really don't like the Tanya Burr glue, it doesn't really dry and just stays really wet and sticky (gross) and the lashes stick together and to my hair. I also picked up the Date Night Lashes in the hope I could wear these for prom. I wanted to trial them first so that I can see what they're like before I make my decision.  I wore these today for my dance exam (I am writing this on Sunday even though it probably won't go up until Wednesday) and I really like them.  They are very similar to the Ardell Demi Wispies, except less wispy....if that makes any sense at all! They are really pretty and fluttery and I will definitely be purchasing some more for prom!

The last product I picked up was the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse.  I was fed up of being pale so I decided to invest in a fake tan to try and perk myself up a bit.  I have used this once since I got it, and on first impressions, its great! I actually left my tan on for 3 hours, and I was left with a medium tan which was very natural looking, not a hint of orange in sight! Once I had left it for 3 hours, I rinsed it off in the shower and I looked like I had been on exotic holiday! So many people have asked me where I went for the bank holiday weekend because it looks like a real tan! It applied evenly with no streaks or patches, apart from one on my wrist because I must have missed that bit when rubbing in.  It also doesn't smell strange for days afterwards which is always a bonus! This is definitely an essential product for the summer time if you are not a fan of natural sun tanning like myself! Hopefully I will be back with more on this product soon!

Have you made the most of Feel Unique's offers?

Emily xx

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