#Blogtober Day 30 - Last Minute Cat Halloween Makeup

So it is the day before Halloween which seems to have crept up on us without our knowledge. I should imagine there are a lot of people now having a last minute panic trying to find a halloween costume, but fear not, I've got you. As you all know, I have been doing my dance show all week and if you follow me on Social Media, may have known that we did a cat dance this year and I was left in charge of makeup. It is so quick and easy so I thought it would be perfect as a halloween look. We also decided on this hair look so our ears didn't fly off during the dance, which is brilliant if you can't find a pair of ears in time for halloween. You could wear this with an all black outfit and no one would know that you rushed around at the last minute trying to throw this together.

To start off, apply your base as normal and create any eye look that you desire. A winged eyeliner would look amazing to give you a cat eye, and you could even add some halloween contacts for added effect if you have them. Then take a liquid eyeliner, and fill in the tip of your nose as shown above. Once you have done this, take a line from the bottom of your nose down to the middle of your cupids bow, and then line your top lip, extending the line from the corner of your mouth. Then fill in your entire top lip, and allow to dry before you close your mouth. You could add some foundation or a nude lipstick to your bottom lip to make it less visible to create a cat mouth. Then add 3 whiskers to the apples of your cheeks.

To add some extra detail, I took a brown eyeliner pencil and drew some freckles onto the apples of my cheeks, and also drew some leopard print on to the sides of my cheeks. This was so easy to do, I just drew random C shapes and dots, the more random you are with this the more effective it will look. Alternatively, you could do dots with a matte brown eyeshadow and outline them messily using liquid liner. There you have your cat makeup!

For hair, take the top section of your hair and part into the middle. You can add texturising spray and buckbrush if you feel that you need more volume, and then twist into little buns and secure in place with hair bands and gripped. You could also finish with a little bit of hair spray to keep them in place, no ears needed!

If you decide to try out this look, make sure you send me a picture! All of my social media is linked in the social media tab at the top of my blog!

Happy Halloween! Let me know what you are getting up to tomorrow night!

Emily xx

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