An Introduction to the Creightons Bronze Ambition Range*

Seeing as the winter is coming, the bronze glow that you are currently sporting is about to start fading.  Luckily, Creightons have got your back this time, and have brought out a fabulous range of extremely affordable self-tanners, to have you looking bronzed all year round!

The first one we have is the Bronze Ambition Fake Don't Bake Natural Look Tanning Cream* which has been formulated to give an even and streak free tan with easy application and a natural look. This one is almost like a body butter and smells like coconut, so it gives you a lot of hydration and nourishment, whilst giving you a gradual and natural looking tan.  I would say this would be good for those of you who are tanning beginners, and want to start off with something quite light in colour and quite easy to apply so you can develop your technique without looking like you're off to do a days work in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.  This product is £1.99 and is currently on offer for £1.39 through the link above! How crazy is that?!

Next up we have the Bronze Ambition Glow 'N' Go Instant Tan* which is very similar to one of the Rimmel Sun Shimmer products.  It is an instant tan which washes off with water, and it comes in 2 finishes, matte or shimmer.  The matte one gives more of a natural look, whilst the shimmer one gives you a beautiful glow.  These aren't particularly long lasting, but are fabulous for if you're going on a night out and area fellow sufferer of pasty leg syndrome! 

Lastly is the Bronze Ambition Bronze Me Mousse* which doesnt seem to be available online unfortunately.  It is your typical bronzing mousse, it's best applied with a mit for a streak free and even coat, and after a certain amount of time you wash it off and you develop a lovely dark tan. I find this one was the patchiest on me and the hardest to work with, so this may be aimed towards more of you experienced tanners who know all the tricks to achieve a beautiful and natural looking tan!

You can find this range in Home Bargains and B&M as well as online. These products are of fairly decent quality for the price so they are definitely worth a go!

Emily xx

*This post features PR Samples that were sent to me for review. This does not change my opinion on the products whatsoever. For more information, please look at my disclaimer above.

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