#Blogtober Day 10 - Belated September Favourites

I swear I am late with my favourites posts every month! Oh well, I suppose its better late than never ay?! This month has been an extremely eventful one, so many changes have happened! Although some of it has been good, I am glad that its over and things have started to quieten down a bit now and I'm back into a proper routine.  Although I seem to have tried a lot of new things this month, not many have stood out to me as favourites so there are only a few to mention this month.

The first product is the Kiss Light Reflecting Primer from Wilkinsons.  I picked this up about a month ago for £2 and I have used it every day since then! It really smooths over your skin to give you the perfect canvas for makeup, as well as brightening the skin which looks really good under foundation. I also find that it is good at controlling oil and helps my makeup to last longer, so I would definitely recommend this for most skin types, and for £2, its certainly worth a try!

I've also been loving the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, which was recommended to me by one of my Instagram followers. It really lengthens the lashes as well as giving alot of volume, it is quite thick so if you put on too much it can clump up a bit.  It is absolutely fine if you are careful when applying it, and I haven't found that it smudges or crumbles underneath my eyes either, which is almost unheard of for any mascaras on me.

I've been loving 2 new concealers this month as well, both are budget-friendly and fabulous! For under my eyes, I have been religiously using the Essence Stay All Day 16h Concealer.  It is quite a light consistency, but the coverage is amazing! It really brightens and covers under the eyes and blends beautifully! It doesn't cake up at all, nor crease so its definitely good for those of you who struggle with this when finding the perfect concealer. I have also been loving the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Heavy Duty Concealer, as I think it is the perfect dupe for Benefit Boi-ing which as I've mentioned before, I love for covering blemishes.  I find using your finger works best with this to warm up the product and help it to melt into the skin, but the coverage is insane so it covers everything! It isn't cakey either, which is surprising for something with such a thick texture.

I will definitely be repurchasing these products, and I think this is one of my only favourites posts that have been completely budget friendly! What have you all been loving this month?

Emily xx

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