The Sunday Edit #67

Top - Primark - £5 | Skirt - New Look - £12.99 | Shoes - Next - £18

This week has been a bit of a strange one, lots of new things for me to try and get my little head around and I'm not really sure how I am feeling at the moment.  I've been a little quiet on social media this week so I've left you in the dark a bit, but hopefully this post will fill you in! 

I started college on Tuesday which I would say was pretty difficult. The first day was pretty stressful because it was straight back and into lessons where everything seemed alien to me.  By Wednesday, I knew where all of my classes were and I felt a little bit more settled. I also only have around 2-3 lessons a day and seem to have a lot of breaks which I enjoyed, just sat in the cafe trying out the cake and just chilling. Thursday was a little more stressful because the timings of my day were completely different to what I was used too, and I started using a different bus which I wasn't use d too which was also a little daunting. I again, enjoyed Thursday as much as I possibly could and I felt a lot happier.  Friday I was feeling okay up until I went to Law.  My teacher is horrible, she had wrote some really horrible things on my work and said that she wanted me to drop the A-level course and revert to B-tec.  For those of you who don't know, I want to pursue Law as a career so this really upset me.  She basically told me that I wasn't good enough, which was ridiculous because she had known me for an hour and a half and had no reason to think that. I now don't want to go back and I am dreading tomorrow because I feel like I'm not good enough and that I can't do it.  It's really just knocked my confidence and made me really hate college! I'm probably overreacting but it really bothered me.

I'm going to stop being negative now and talk about something else! I finally ordered some of the Fleur De Force lashes from FeelUnique because I couldn't find them in store anywhere, and I managed to get a purple gel liner from Lancôme in the FeelUnique sale for only £8.25! I'm having a bit of a thing for gel liners at the moment, but more to come on that in an upcoming post.  I also ordered some new boots and picked up a few bits in boots so if you would like to see them then let me know! Shopping makes me feel better, though I'm not sure my bank account would agree! I may also do a college essentials post and let you know what sort of things you will need, especially A-level maths because I would imagine most people would take that and I would say there are a lot of essential things you need to keep organised!

I think I've rambled enough now, and I can't really think of anything interesting to tell you! I hope you have all had a lovely week, and are enjoying being back at school/college/university or whatever you're doing!

Emily xx

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