The Battle of the Palettes - Guest Post by Ellie

Eyeshadow palettes. And then a massive heart eyes emoji. Because damn they are so beautiful. Palettes are one of the products that I love trying out and creating different looks with so today I have taken over Emily's blog to bring you my opinions on the 7 palettes I own. I'm not sure if that's a lot or not, but I think for a 14 year old it is. If you read my blog, you will know I am SUCH a rambler, I could talk and talk about makeup & fashion all day, but I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet so she doesn't hit me. Also I have done reviews of quite a few of these palettes, in which case I will link them.
Benefit World Famous Neutrals - £23.50
I'm going to be completely honest. This palette isn't the best. It is £23.50 which is a lot to pay for what is basically a quad with a couple of cream eyeshadows. The shades are very pretty but I just don't reach for them that much as they're not the most pigmented and they're kind of chalky too. Gilt-y pleasure and Kiss me I'm tipsy are such beautiful shades which had so much potential but Benefit couldn't quite get it right.
The cream eyeshadows however, are very pretty. I still don't reach for them that often but when I do they are beautiful shades, buildable and creamy and they look amazing all over the lid with winged liner for a quick look (well, not that quick if you mess up your eyeliner as much as me...). Overall, I wouldn't recommend this palette because the quality isn't that great, although the cream eyeshadows are worth look. The packaging is pretty gorgeous though. Full review here.
Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze - £3.99
Now, this is a six shade palette I would recommend. Just look at the price difference. Collection have always been a great brand with some amazing products and these palettes really stand out to me. There are different options but Nude Bronze contains bronzey toned nudes, literally. I can see myself reaching for this a lot more now autumn is approaching.
The eyeshadows feel so much more creamier than the Benefit ones, in fact I swatched 'Ochre' next to 'Gilt-y pleasure' and it is SO much more pigmented. These shadows also blend so much better and since they are only £4, what more could you ask really? Full review here.
Freedom Audacious 3 Palette - £4
Now onto another £4 palette (what a smooth transition) is my newest member of the makeup family. I heard about this from Sophdoesnails and it has such a stunning range of pink toned eyeshadows, some are a bit difficult to wear for me but some are so natural and gorgeous. The 7th shade has to be one of my favourites and the 8th kinda reminds me of YDK from Naked 2.
But seriously, this palette is so great if you are on a budget. The pigmentation is amazing, pretty much the same as the Collection one. The shades feel quite creamy although not too creamy and since there are quite a few other Pro 12 palettes from Freedom, you don't really have a choice do you? Full review here.
Urban Decay Naked 2 - £38.50
Ahh this is the most money I've ever spent on makeup but it is a very beautiful palette. The quality of the shadows is insane - they are so creamy and pigmented and not at all chalky. AND they blend out like a dream. The shades are so gorgeous and go really well together, however I feel that this palette is missing some more matte shades as there are only 3 and it needs a matte transition shade or crease shade really.
The shimmer colours are absolutely stunning and such good quality, its just the lack of matte shades means that its not a do it all palette, you will need other shadows. Although I couldn't survive with only one palette anyway. They are probably the best quality shadows I have tried, it is a lot for the price but if you're looking for some really unique shades, you will love this palette. If you can get over the fact it costs more than a pair of Topshop Jeans. Full review here.
If you want to read about the other 3 palettes and my thoughts on those, you'll have to go over to my blog as I didn't want to drown Emily's blog in my makeup ramblings. And I will be talking about which palette (if I can be decisive enough to pick one) wins the battle. Thank you so much for Em for letting me do a guest post on her blog, if you came from mine then have a read of Emily's blog, its great. And if you're one of her readers, I hope you enjoyed this post.
Ellie xoxo

Thank you so much Ellie for this wonderful post, be sure to check out her blog linked above! <3

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