The sponge that changed my life! ❤

This sponge is seriously the best thing that has happened to me on the foundation application front.  The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is apparently a dupe for the famous Beauty Blender, which I was dying to try but reluctant to spend £16 on something that really is just a sponge.

This sponge applies foundation absolutely flawlessly and is so easy to use. I use the flat sponge for applying foundation, sort of bouncing it onto the skin and I use the pointy end for blending in concealer under my eyes, around my nose and on any blemishes.  I have learnt to love foundations that I originally hated but applied so nicely with this sponge, they went straight up in my estimations!

You can use it wet or dry, I prefer dry for fuller, more precise coverage and damp for a more natural, lighter look.  It makes foundations so versatile as you can choose exactly how you want it to look.  It cleans well, though it does stain so it doesn't look clean.  I tend to use shampoo to wash it as Nic Chapman had recommended and it works a treat!

For £5.99, this is an absolute bargain and I think this is definitely a must have beauty tool!  I will definitely repurchase this and I don't think I will bother with the beauty blender now.

What do you think of this sponge? Do you have any tips and tricks on how to use it?

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Emily xx

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