#Blogtober Day 9 - My Kiss United Spotlight on Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen that on Wednesday I was put in the Spotlight for Kiss Cosmetics, and they asked me a series of questions related to what I do as a blogger. I thought I would put it all in a blog post for you in case you missed it on Twitter, plus this version may be easier to follow than on Twitter!

You are currently taking part in #Blogtober! What’s your top tip for planning content?

My top tip would definitely be to spend some time getting inspiration and scheduling time! Investing in a diary and thinking logically about what you want to achieve is definitely an effective way!

We love your fashion posts on your blog! What’s the make up look you like to wear with your fave autumn outfit?

I love to wear some warm browns on the eyes, maybe some gold and then I opt for a deep nude in the day. I also like to add some drama with some winged liner and a dark burgundy lip on a night time!

You reviewed our KISStick in Lady in Red on your blog! Which other shade would you love to try?

I’d love to try Naked pink! It looks like the perfect dusky pink to wear all year round! It’s also quite versatile, I could create so many different day and night time looks with it!

What is the one make up product you would take on a desert island with you?

I definitely think I would take concealer! I can cover what i want and look more put together!  I would probably sneak in a mascara too because I’m a rebel!

Where does your make up inspo come from?

I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest! I also look at products and ideas come to me! I can look at an eyeshadow palette and looks pop into my head! I also love YouTube for tutorials!

You have been part of our United Group for a few months :) Which product reveal excited you the most?

I would definitely say the colour switch! It’s such a unique concept! I was really intrigued!

If you have any other questions for me, feel free to leave them in the comments and I will put together a Q&A at the end of the month!

Emily xx

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