#Blogtober Day 24 - Born Pretty Store Eyelashes*

A few days ago, I posted about the temporary tattoos from Born Pretty Store, and today I am back with another post on their products! Today I will be talking about their Fake Eyelashes* which they kindly sent me a few weeks ago.

To start off with, you pay $1.83 for 10 pairs of eyelashes which is absolutely crazy! Doing the maths, this works out about £1.19 for 10 pairs of lashes which is that same as about 12p per pair. Considering you pay around £5 for 1 pair in boots, this is ridiculously cheap. As well as that, you have my 10% off code on top of that, which makes them even cheaper than a bottle of coke. You can't really go wrong!

These lashes are quite natural looking, they look like your lashes but better if that is even a thing.  They add volume and a touch of length, finishing off any makeup look beautifully whether you are going for something subtle and natural, or something deep and dramatic.  They do have a slightly thicker band which makes them a little harder to work with, and I find that the way they're packaged makes the lash band straight. To combat this, I wrap them round a lipstick and leave them there for a while so that they curve to fit my eye. They also look great if you curl them once you have put them on.

When I wear them, they last all day without popping off when I use my eylure glue, which I think is really good for lashes with a more rigid band.

Overall, these lashes are amazing value for money, and I definitely recommend that you check out the  Born Pretty Store website! Make sure you use my coupon code* to save yourself some money!

Emily xx

*This post contains PR Samples that were sent to me for review, take a look at my disclaimer for more information on this. The coupon codes in this post are not affiliation codes, I am not making any money from this code. It is simply there for your enjoyment, and the more people that use it will allow born pretty store to send me a bunch of products in order for me to hold a giveaway. It is purely for your benefit!

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