#Blogtober Day 12 - My Favourite Autumn Lipsticks

This is a post that I do most seasons, so I couldn't resist doing one for Autumn seeing as it is my favourite month! I love all of the deep burgundys and reds and I just can't resist a dark lip throughout the Autumn/Winter time! These are mostly drugstore, but there is one high end pick that I just couldn't leave out to make it an all budget-friendly post.

Starting off with the only nude in this line up, I love the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in the shade 'Heather Shimmer'.  It is the perfect dark mink toned nude, which I compared to a Kylie Jenner lip shade last year.  Not only is the colour beautiful for either night or day time, the formula is very glossy and moisturising so it is perfect for the colder weather if that tends to give you dry and chapped lips!

Moving to the slightly darker colours, if you want to wear a deep and bold lip without it being really bold and dark, a safer option is the Essence LongLasting Lipstick in the shade 'On the Catwalk'. It is a little bit sheer and is bold without being too much. It is definitely a good pick if you are just starting to wear makeup, or want something a little bit more subtle for a daily basis. The formula of this is impeccable as I mentioned last year here.

Next up we have a shade that I recently was sent by Kiss Cosmetics. I have a whole post on this lipstick here so if you would like to know more about it, go and have a read! I won't keep repeating myself and bore you to death!

The last drugstore one is the darkest, the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer is a very dark burgundy which looks amazing on all skintones. The pink tones make it very universal so most people will be able to pull this off if you're brave enough! The formula is quite glossy and slippy slidey, which I appreciate isn't for everyone. It is fairly long lasting, and as it fades it leaves a stain. If anyone knows of a matte shade similar to this one then please let me know!

What are your favourite lip colours for Autumn?

Emily xx

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