#Blogtober Day 16 - A Disappointing Product from Fuse

I've been a bit of a Debby Downer this week, posting about all the things that I don't like! This is the last one for a while, I promise! In future, I'll compile all of the disappointments into one long post, as they aren't worthy of their own posts!

I purchased this product back in August after I took my acrylics off. My nails were weak and bendy after a month of wearing acrylics, and their uneven texture meant that regular nail polish looked horrible. I was going to get gel nails done professionally, but I had heard about the DIY gel kits and people seem to get on well with them so I thought it would be a great way to save some money. My mum gets her gel nails done every 4 weeks, so when I spotted this in boots, we decided to go half so that we could both save some money.

I have been trialling it for a few months now, and after applying it in every way possible, it just doesn't work. I've also read the reviews on the boots website and other people have the same issues, stupid me should have read those before just buying it! It is supposed to have a 30 second curing system which does not work at all! No matter ho little you apply, it doesnt cure very well and when you put the cleanser on, it takes most of it off! I also found that when it did cure, the cleanser dulled the shine completely! The instructions do say that it removes the shine only temporarily, but the shine did not ever come out in the 24 hours in which the polish lasted! Within a day, it had started flaking and peeling, whole nails were coming off in one go, just by me going about my day! I didn't do anything that was likely to ruin my nails, like cleaning or washing up, I literally just wrote a few blogposts that day! It also dried my nails out like crazy, and as the gel peeled off it was taking layers of my nail with it which I kind of expected, but it was a huge disappointment!

Overall, I wasted £20 on this and I will definitely not be purchasing any products from this brand in the future! If you know of any DIY gel kits that do work effectively, then let me know because I would love to try them!!

Emily xx

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