#Blogtober Day 15 - Bold Lip Face

When going for a bold lip, I tend to follow a similar routine every time for the rest of my face.  In the autumn, I don't mind going all out with dark lips and dark eyes, but I appreciate that this isn't for everyone.  Hopefully this post will be useful for those of you who either like to go bold on the lips or the eyes and aren't brave enough to go for both!

For base products, I recommend going for something flawless so that you have a completely blank canvas before you start with the rest of the face. I find that a flawless base is the best way to wear a bold lip, that way there is nothing taking away the attention from it, and its the only thing that stands out! Stick to what you know for this, use products that you feel comfortable using and that you know give you the look that you want.

For the face, I usually do a subtle contour depending on the time of year. In the winter months when my lips are dark, I don't mind going a little heavier but if I was wearing a bright lip in the summer then I usually tone it down a little bit to make it a bit more like some bronzey definition. For blush, I like to stick with something fairly neutral so that it doesn't clash with the lips. I usually go for a nude or a peach as they go with most lip colours. If you aren't a fan of blush, you could skip this step and just use bronzer to add a little bit more colour to your cheeks which would also help to transition your contour so that it blends seamlessly. I also love a bit of highlighter, and I apply this in accordance to my lip colour of choice. What I mean by this is, if I am going for a glossy lip I'll apply more so that my overall look is shiny and dewy, whereas if I am going for a matte lip I tend to tone it down a little to keep the overall look matte if that makes any sense.

For eyes, I stick with something fairly neutral. Sometimes I'll apply a light shimmery shade over the lid and in the inner corner, and apply some definition in the crease. Sometimes I will just apply a matte cream all over the lid to cancel out any discoloration and then use a bronzer or a contour shade through the crease for a bit of definition without looking like I have anything on. I personally love to use a liquid liner when wearing a bold lip, sometimes I'll stick with a classic line, other times I love to wing it out, especially if I'm wearing a red lip. I'd have to say that red lips and winged liner is my favourite makeup look of all time, so classic! If you are wearing it in the day time and don't want to look overdone, you could smudge a bit of kohl pencil into the roots of your lashes and layer on the mascara, or just wear mascara alone! You could also add some wispy lashes for a more subtle look, or go all out with some big dramatic ones!

The possibilities are endless, let me know how you rock a bold lip!

Emily xx

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