#Blogtober Day 22 - What Is It Like To Be a Blogger?

So many people ask me 'What is it like to be a blogger?' and I thought that it was a great idea for a post. Being a beauty blogger is so many different things, it isn't really something you can some up in a short phrase, so next time someone asks me, I will just like them to this post!

First off, being a blogger in general is hard. It takes hard work and commitment to make something of your blog, and if you aren't putting effort and passion into it, you will get nowhere. You can't force yourself to write a post, nor can you be lazy about it. You have to put hard work in, and this will show in your content which will gain you readers who will become loyal to you, and follow you as you grow your blog. So much work goes into a post, photographing, editing photos, research, writing and then more editing. I think most people just see the finished product and don't think about what goes on behind the scenes and the process that has been used to produce this.  A lot of people say to me that I am lucky that I get products sent to me, and get a small amount of money from my blog. They see it as an easy way to make money, and think that I really don't do a lot to get what I get. I can tell you now, that this isn't in the slightest it true! I work my socks off to keep fresh content up for my readers, and making sure that each post is the best that I can make it. It is hard work, and although I love doing it, it takes commitment. I have a very busy life, I am in the middle of A-Levels, of which I am doing 4, so juggling college work with blogging makes me a very busy girl! I seem to be constantly working, and I don't usually get that much time to myself, which I don't mind but not a lot of people realise how much time goes into maintaining a blog.

As well as being tough at times, it is a very rewarding hobby. You get to talk about the things that you're passionate about with people that are equally passionate, and the response you get from that is fantastic. I am constantly inundated with lovely and sweet comments, praising my work and I feel like all of my hard work is worth it. The outcome is amazing, I've gained so many new friends and followers who are interested in what I do and want to support me in any way that they can which is very heartwarming. I love to support other bloggers the way they support me, I always follow blogs that are linked in comments because I want to be able to return the support that you all give me. I also feel greatly privileged to be noticed my big companies, who want to work with me and are kind enough to send me products to review, so that I can constantly give you the latest information on new brands and products. I am incredibly lucky to be able to work with so many brands, and being invited to so many events makes me feel special. Not many other people can say that, which makes me thankful that I am a blogger.

I suppose to sum it up, blogging is extremely hard work, but it is so rewarding and I am incredibly glad to be doing what I do. If you are also a fellow blogger, let me know what it's like to be a blogger for you. I would love to hear your opinions, and do be sure to leave your links in the comments!

Emily xx

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