#Blogtober Day 4 - The Sunday Edit #71

This week has been fairly ordinary, the only exciting thing that has happened is Blogtober! As you will have known if you've been around here the past few days, you will know that I am blogging everyday in October. I love a challenge so I thought this would be a good thing to fill up my spare time, not that I get a lot of it at college but I suppose it makes a nice change from all the college work that I've constantly got to do!

I can't believe it's October, this year has truly flown by. It's only 3 weeks until my dance show, just under 4 weeks until halloween and 2 months until my birthday! It is really quite scary that I can drive in 2 months time, I don't feel like I'm mentally mature enough to be able to drive a car, but I'm definitely going to do it. In fact, I've been looking at cars a lot recently and I've got my eye on a mint green fiat 500, though that's going to take a lot of saving, they're not cheap anymore since they've become so popular! If any of you know any good places to get them at fairly reasonable prices, or if you know of any good insurance companies, then your help would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, I hope you have all had a lovely week, and I apologise from the lateness of this post, my wifi is playing up which is not fun!

Emily xx

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