#Blogtober Day 1 - Introduction to #Blogtober

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Pinch Punch first of the month! After 2 whole weeks with no blogposts, I am back with something very exciting! As Mentioned in The Sunday Edit #70, I am going to be doing Blogtober this year as it is something I am yet to try.  It is going to be a huge challenge as I am so busy at the moment with college work, but I feel that if I can post every day then that will be a huge achievement.  I have also had a big surge of motivation and I'm quite willing to work hard on this to give you some hopefully good content to read throughout October!

Blogtober will consist of many different posts, from fashion to beauty, to skincare and maybe a little bit of baking thrown in there. I have plenty of ideas up my sleeve so hopefully I can turn them into a reality for you all over the course this month. I will be back tomorrow with a post that may be helpful to some, but is quite different to anything that I've ever done, so I am a little bit nervous but excited to hear your thoughts on it!

I hope you are having a fabulous day and start to the month!

Emily xx

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