#Blogtober Day 20 - The Makeup Exchanger

A very long time ago, I was contacted by a lovely lady from the MakeUpExchanger, asking me if I would like to take a look at the website and write about it, sharing my thoughts with my readers.  I am ashamed to say that I completely forgot about it, and it was only that I was replying to emails today and accidentally scrolled through to last year and found the email! For that I can only apologise!

The MakeUpExchanger is a site in which makeup lovers can sell unused, or sanitised products at a discounted rate, so that other makeup lovers can get their hands on otherwise expensive products for an affordable price. When I read the email, I thought it was an amazing idea and I straight away opened a shop on the website. I am yet to buy or sell anything from here, but I have done some research and the people that have had experience in buying and selling only have good things to say. You can find the website here and you can also follow them on Twitter here if you would like more information.

I think this is an absolutely genius idea, and I would love to know if you have used this website, or if you plan to take a look now that you've read this post!

Emily xx

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