The Sunday Edit #65

This week I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog which I explained all about in Friday’s post (if you haven’t read that, check it out because it’s an exciting one!).  My wifi where I am away at the moment is pretty apalling, and with all the wet weather we have been having, everyone and their mother has been trying to use it! This has made it extremely slow and almost impossible to post anything (hence why my Sunday post is going up on a Monday!).  As soon as I have been getting small bits of wifi, Ive been uploading photos like a mofo into the posts so that I can copy and paste the writing in ASAP! I have had to write up all my posts in word documents and then paste them into blogger as soon as I have wifi to post them! It’s been such a nightmare, its a shame I was ill last week because I would have had everything done in advance, but I suppose thats just life!

Anyways, I have a question for you lovely people. As you know, I will be starting college next Tuesday (I am bricking it) so that means I have bought one hell of a lot of stationary! My question is, are you interested in seeing a haul? Would that be useful to you, or would you prefer for me to stick to my usual beauty babble? Let me know because I have photos taken ready if that is something you care about! The rest of this week I will be picking up my last few bits and bobs and trying to make the most of my last week of freedom before I am completely stripped of it next week!

If you know of anything that is a must have for college, please let me know so that I can be sure to get everything I will need this week, any help will be much appreciated! I will leave you to enjoy your Monday Evening whilst I do my utmost to upload the post that I would have had up today, if not you can look out for that one tomorrow! I’m hoping it will be a useful one for all of you fellow bloggers, it is an in depth look at how I create a blog post and all the steps and preparation that I do for one blog post! It may give some of my readers that are wanting to start a blog, an insight into what goes on behind the scenes! Hopefully it will help you decide if blogging is for you before you start, and give you some ideas as to what you can do to make your life as easy as possible!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and aren’t too miserable about this bad weather!

Emily xx

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