The Sunday Edit #62

This week I have been helping with the summer school again which meant that I learnt even more money which I was extremely glad of!

This weekend I have been away in Devon with my grandparents. They have got a fancy pants caravan down here, not that it’s really a caravan, more like a ridiculously plush lodge! The kitchen is bigger than my living room at home which is pretty large, it’s slightly mental! We have been all over the place and  done one hell of a lot of shopping so I have a huge haul coming up at some point next week! I may have already posted pictures on twitter, instagram and snapchat so go and have a look at those if you haven’t already.  We have been to Paignton this morning and had lunch and we are all packed up and currently in the car on the way home.  Mobile wifi is just fabulous, it takes my mind off the fact that we are going to be stuck in traffic for about 3 hours!

I have finished work completely for 2 weeks before we go on holiday for 2 weeks so I aim to get all of my college work and blogposts written for that period so that I can have the full 2 weeks away off the internet and with no work to do that is weighing me down so I can truly enjoy it! I will continue to post sunday edit’s though just because I find them so much easier to do and require a lot less preparation and work! 

That is it for today, I’m hoping I can get a beauty haul up for you tomorrow so make sure you come back! I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Emily xx

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