Clothing Haul - The Final Haul (for a while anyways!)

 New Look - £8

 Market Stall (originally from Quiz I believe) - £2

 Primark - £7 (though they are a little snug so I have to exchange them for a bigger size, just won't accept that my bum is bigger than originally anticipated!)

 Market Stall - £6 (there are plenty of similar jackets to this in the likes of Select, Primark, New Look and Topshop)

New Look - £4 (in kids section so ideal for my fellow midgets)

 Primark - £8 (ignore the blue bottom, I wore this with dark jeans and the dye came out.  That was a bad move but my mum is convinced it will wash out!)

 Primark - £5
 Primark - £4

Select - £12.99 

New Look - £8

Seeing as this is a pretty photo heavy post and all of my hauls this past fortnight have been fairly rambly, I thought I would just tell you where each piece is from and give you the price.  Reviewing clothes is not really something I am very good at and all this fashion blogging is fairly new to me so I will just leave you to enjoy the pretty pictures! A lot of this is only available in store so unfortunately I am unable to link it, however I am sure you will find them easily enough in store if you are quick! If you have any of these pieces or have any style tips, then feel free to leave me a comment, tweet me or tag me in instagram photos! You could also send me pins on pinterest, I'll leave the link to my profile in my social media page for you if you want to give me a follow!

Emily xx

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